Headlines from The Chronicle and The Mt. Juliet News, Oct 8 2008

YMCA lease could be done by the end of Oct.
Inside: Long term lease for YMCA could be signed by end of month

YMCA has sent draft of master development agreement to the City
“Wilson County Attorney Mike Jennings is drafting a purchase agreement for the property that would have to be approved by both the city and county commissions.”
“Holleman said the property has a price tag of $1,050,000.”
“. . . the city commission could be signing off on it by the end of this month or early November.”
[Want to bet?]

Political signs slashed in MJ
McCain/Palin sign slashed in broad daylight on Lebanon Road

YMCA, property tax hot topics at mayoral forum
All of the candidates now opposed to the deal, but Mack charges “this whole debacle is the result of her efforts to do some city-funded aquatic or YMCA program.”

County fire fighters’ chili cook-off informs on public safety and upcoming election
Firefighters say there is not enough man power in Mt. Juliet

New Land Use Plan could bring new look to face of MJ
[That’s what we’re afraid of. . .]
City Planner Lisa Keylon: “Businesses have some obligation to step up and pay for part of the roads, water and sewer.”
[And who has the obligation to pay for the rest?]

MJ candidates reveal priorities at forum
– District 1

Justice calls for a full-time paid fire department, says it was “almost criminal” that the city didn’t have its own fire department . . . and 70 police officers, just like Lebanon! Justice further claimed his work with the county toward building the “Reverse L Connector” to the new high school was evidence that cooperation between the city and the county already existed. [How’s that “Reverse L” construction going, by the way?]
Brydalski says he’s not a policeman or a politician, but a businessman. Floyd said it’s time to settle down as a team, and I have the maturity for the job.

Candidates for Mt. Juliet Mayor speak out on issues at chamber forum
[does anyone else find it odd that coverage of the D1 race is on the front page and coverage of the Mayor’s race is on page 5? What’s up with that?]
Marlowe says he can bring order to chaos, “I can build relationships.”
Mack highlighted his service as a veteran, an engineer, former commissioner and mayor
Elam claimed she had “something to do” with changing the face of the city
Bradshaw said he had perfect attendance.
Mack let everyone know what he thought of the new Land Use Plan. He ripped it up.
Elam was the only candidate to support the Town Center Plan.
Mack said the Town Center concept was a ‘colossal failure’ and had stifled development.
All of them said they were opposed to the City giving the YMCA the old MJES site. Mack blamed Elam for focusing on building the YMCA an aquatic center.

Too bad some type of compromise couldn’t have been reached over signs
The realtors aren’t happy. [And of course, the politicians exempted themselves during this year’s campaign]

Breaking news:
Wilson can expect population explosion

[Say is isn’t so! Really? Do ya think? Hello! McFly!]

In a related story:
Fewer apple trees mean fewer apples for everyone

And finally
Meaning of ‘quintessential’
[text of the story does not mention the word ‘quintessential,’ but it does define ‘ambition’]

Really… we’re not making these headlines up.



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30 responses to “Headlines from The Chronicle and The Mt. Juliet News, Oct 8 2008

  1. Butch Huber

    To the county commission:

    I have tried very hard to get this commission and the city attorney to admit that you are not offering this property to them for $1,050,000, but that your offer was rather for $2,000,000, with $950,000 coming as a credit toward the county’s obligation on Curd Road. They are so ignorant that they just can’t (or won’t) see the truth. I have let them know that I have spoken to the majority of you and that you confirmed that the asking price for that land was $2,000,000. They refuse to accept that as truth. They think you are giving them a discount of $950,000 (or at least that is what they keep telling themselves).

    Apparently though, Mike Jennings is working on a deal to propose to you through which you will be selling this land to the city for $1,050,000. I have checked with the county board of education and found out that that land was appraised years ago at $2.8 million. I found out that the county government spent $289,000 to get rid of the school building because the building was detracting from the value of the land. Now, that appraisal was while the land was in the center of the Mayor’s darling town overlay district or village over lay district (I can’t keep them straight). So, presumably, if the restrictions of the overlay district are removed, as it appears may happen with the next commission, the value of the land should sky rocket. It could go to perhaps as much as $4,000,000. If I had $1,100,000 to invest in real estate right now I would make you an offer!

    It is only a matter of time before there is enough momentum within this city to force the removal of the overlay district restrictions so that land can be used for commercial development. It is too valuable a piece of land to allow to be used for a YMCA.

    However, if for some reason you decide to sell this land to the city for $1,050,000 I will encourage it at this point, because even if the city were to give two thirds of it to the YMCA, the city will still be left with $1,050,000 worth of land in its possession to use for its purposes. (The down side is that the county and the city will lose a valuable attraction to out of county sales taxes that could be generated through people who might ride the rail to shop at the town center shopping district.)

    I don’t think that the county is in the business of giving away as much as $4 million dollars of land for only $1 million, but we will see. I am sure that the rest of the county will be up in arms over this deal if you do it, but the YMCA will be happy, and after all, isn’t that all that matters?

  2. Truth

    Why is the city attorney and the city manager pushing the Y so hard. What will they make on this deal. I smell something. Maybe it’s time for an audit.
    Also I have heard the city has hired out side attorney’s for the 4 maybe 5 lawsuits coming. Who pays for this? Butch could you research this, thanks.

  3. Butch Huber


    Unfortunately, the iron curtain has fallen over Mt. Juliet. They violate laws and harm people, do back room deals and conduct business illegally, and then they watch each other back and ensure that you and I never know what happened.

    Let’s let this deal go through if they are so damned determined to do it, the next commission can reverse it and we end up with 12 acres of the most prime real estate in Mt. Juliet for $1,050,000 and we can tell the YMCA “sorry”, but the last commission can’t obligate this commission, no deal.

    If there has been a back room handshake deal developed in connection with this land purchase deal with the county, you know, over the reverse L enhancement issue, the next commission could tell the county “sorry, no deal” too.

    Hey, I am all for this deal now, let’s do it. The way these guys have developed this deal it is now a very good deal for the city. The next commission could then do away with the mayor’s town center overlay district restrictions, the value of the land would sky rocket, the city could sell it to a developer, and then use the cash to buy whatever facilities it needs or build roads. The county would still be on the hood for the Reverse L, and life will be good in Mt. Juliet.

    Truth, with the way that things have been going around here, I am quite certain an investigation is on its way. I believe Randy’s and Jason’s days with Mt. Juliet are coming to a swift end.

    Then, we can see whose rights have been violated and whose haven’t. The Truth shall set you free!

  4. Madi

    Mr. Huber, I am fairly new to the city, I live at the Southside of MJ. Can you or anyone reflect on the talks of lawsuits? You seem to obtain alot of useful information with local gov. I’m a concerned citizen since the question has come about; Who will pay for such?

  5. Larry Whitney

    McCain/Palin signs slashed in broad daylight? So begins the Stalinistic behavior by the self-proclaimed “tolerant” liberals.

  6. Butch Huber


    I am working on it for you, but it is a long post, and I mean “long”.

  7. Chris Sorey

    For those keeping score at home, The Y land deal was all but killed in committee last night at the county level. It will be appraised again and listed on the market. If the zoning is so prohibitive that the land will not bring what it should, we will park a landfill convenience center on it until the zoning is changed.

  8. Butch Huber

    That is a great idea!

  9. Lex Luther

    Thank goodness there is some common sense left at the County Commission.

  10. Larry Whitney

    Put a landfill convenience center on it and then Generalissimo Elam can call us “The Landfill Between the Lakes”.

  11. Chris Sorey

    Ed Hagerty asked me before the MJ commission meeting started about my comment above on the old MJE property. I told him that I was joking about placing a landfill convenience center on the property. Ed, you knew it was a joke when you spoke about it but if it makes you feel better, it hasn’t been ruled out as an option. A very unlikely, distant, last option, but still an option.

    Now, how about maybe taking some action on the fire codes issue and stop listening to Robertson’s spin. He has stretched the truth on that subject so far it is about to break. The documents I gave you and the others came from the city files, and there are plenty more where it came from. I chose that particular home because it was signed off 4 days before Robertson says the TBI was notified. They were never officially notified, and with the track record city hall has, I doubt that there ever will be anything done. After all, the census director took money and was fired but no prosecution.
    Look at the facts.

  12. Butch Huber


    I like the slant about the landfill center, it had big bad ugly sharp teeth to it. The city would never let that happen, they would back down before it got that far and let the county realize its gain on that property.

    This YMCA deal is now dead unless Ray Justice gets re-elected, even if the county was stupid enough to do this deal with the city. This commission cannot complete this deal, no matter how hard they try…it would be illegal and reversible if they did. Now, I know that the city commission doesn’t care if what they do is legal or not, but the county commission isn’t going to get themselves tangled up in all of this….are they?

    What a waste of time this commission has committed on this project.

    Hey Ed….ROADS!

    Hey Linda…..ROADS!

    Hey Jim…..ROADS!

    Hey Will….ROADS!

    Hey Ray….ROADS!

    Let the YMCA deal with their own problems!

    I like the idea of a hospital here, but how about letting those who can afford to donate money donate their money and then let the medical industry pay their own way? Hummm, perhaps we will need a government hospital to care for the city employees when we can’t afford the cost of the self-insurance program Randy has given us! Maybe I need to rethink this!

    Ray, are you really going to say that property around here is going to go up 20% because of the YMCA? Really? Wow!

  13. Madi

    Thank you Mr.Huber for following up on the question of the suits; I’m quite interested to see what caliber of issues that the city has bestowed upon them or what the reason’s are for more unnessary spending. (As you know, these are OUR tax dollars they are freely spending)

    As I read your post of the city’s budget in error and read the problems with fire service, the “Y” and the mayor’s deceit,commisssioners,city officials, management, I wonder why they hide behind a coat of paint.

    To place flags all over the city, one would think on the outside, this was a beautiful place to live.(Which it is) To be fair in saying, I think it’s time for a new government that can accomplish and resolve all these goal’s, honestly with integrity!

    Another topic that concerns me, is the fire problem in the homes of providence; why are they not getting to the bottom of the issue?

    I realize you don’t have all the answers, but you seem to be the person that trys gets to the root of the problems as well as other concerned citizens.

  14. Butch Huber


    Chris Sorey went before the commission last night to address the fire code issue in Providence and to point out that the problem is that there are people “looking the other way” regarding this issue. Just as they ignore me, they seem to be ignoring him. However, Chris is a little different than me, he is an elected official. It shouldn’t be this way, but government has more of a tendency to stand up and take notice when an elected official starts causing a stir than they do when a citizen steps in. I don’t suspect that ignoring Chris will get them anywhere. Chris and I butt heads on this site quite a bit, but you should know that Chris has done a lot of research on this issue. The city is most likely taking a posture that it is so as to hopefully avoid further implicating itself in any potential lawsuits by the homeowners of providence. They seem to posture themselves a lot these days. The posture that I would like to see them take is a bent over posture with their rear-ends sticking way up high so that we can kick their behinds right out of this government.

    I suggest that you ask Chris to update you on the fire code issues, as he knows way more about it than I. I will say that, based on what I think I heard Chris saying last night, the problem is continuing even after the news broke on this issue.
    Madi, you wrote:
    “As I read your post of the city’s budget in error and read the problems with fire service, the “Y” and the mayor’s deceit,commisssioners,city officials, management, I wonder why they hide behind a coat of paint.”

    When you are in a group that knows your dirty little secrets, but you know theirs as well, the best thing anyone in that group can do is keep their mouths shut. Once one starts blabbing it won’t stop, the others will start right in blabbing also and the blabbing will continue until there is nothing left to tell. Randy Robertson is looking out for where he thinks his bread is buttered. The city attorney is protecting the city from those who the mayor and others have harmed. The commission can’t seem to make it through a meeting without referencing those who are trying to do the city harm. However, they don’t put a mirror up in front of their faces, because they are the ones doing the harm, not us. We are simply trying to set things right.

    Madi, on Sunday night I had a bit of a revelation. You see, I have always thought that when people did immoral things to me, or that injured me, or that frustrated me, that they knew what they were doing was wrong and they chose to do it anyway, like it was a personal attack on me. While in many cases, if not most cases, this is true, I found other possibilites….moral stupidity and moral ignorance. Moral stupidity would be where one does not possess the intelligence or acumen necessary to associate things in their minds. For instance, if you disciple a child for trying to pull an electric cord from the wall, the child should in time recognize that it’s not okay for him to pull “any cord from any outlet” and that the issue isn’t with just that one outlet and that one cord. Over time, the child, you would hope, would learn that the problem isn’t the outlet or the cord at all, but rather the electricity that is involved that is the danger, and hopefully he will associate that electricity is dangerous and he would then refrain from sticking his finger into a light socket or a toaster. The other thing that you would hope that the child would learn is that if it isn’t a good idea for him to play with electric, it probably isn’t a good idea to shock others either. Association is a major part of developing wisdom. When it comes to moral issues, I find that there are people in this world who seem to leave a wake of destruction behind them. They hurt whomever they please whenever they please and think nothing about it, they simply keep right on hurting and causing damage. They don’t take responsibility for the damage they cause, however, when the same things they do to others are done to them, they want the other guy to take responsibility (they guy is a bad person when he does it, but its okay for me to do it!). They don’t associate that if it is not okay for others to do something unto them, it is not okay to do it to others. Now, bring in absolutes, and the equation becomes much harder for the morally stupid to cypher. It sounds like you are a person who accepts moral absolutes, so trying to figure out why the morally stupid do what they do will be as much of an increasingly frustrating proposition for you as it has been for me..you can’t fix stupid.

    Moral ignorance is a horse of a different color though. We may all have a certain level of moral ignorance, some more than others, and not even know we are ignorant, in fact, if we know what we are doing is wrong and we are doing it anyway, we are then being morally stupid, not morally ignorant. Moral ignorance is simply not knowing what you are doing is wrong. You can cause a lot of damage to others, and yourself, by being morally ignorant, but there is no intention to do harm. I guess to me, the intention of the heart is a big factor in how I deal with things. If someone harms me, but they didn’t realize they were harming me, it is much easier for me to recover from it, however, if they intended to do harm, now I have to forgive them for it, which requires overcoming my will. I have gotten much better at forgiveness in my life, and I think this revelation is going to make it even easier.
    Moral ignorance is a problem that is created by not being brought up properly, not being taught right from wrong. People who are morally ignorant typically learn that something is wrong when the wrong is done to them. They can perpetrate their wrongs on others all their lives, and not realize that what they are doing is wrong unless someone confronts them and forces them to learn. However, let the same wrongs happen to them and they figure it out very quickly.

    Now, it is possible, and even probable, that a person, once they are 25 or 30, if they haven’t learned wrong from right by then, they are both morally ignorant and morally stupid. Now, I am merely speaking of societal norms, without bringing religion into the mix up until now.

    Once you factor religion into the equation you have made it infinitely more difficult in some respects while making it infinitely easier in others. Knowing the right way to act is a major part of the equation, walking in the right way is another. But by having absolutes you develop a foundation from which you can build the rest of who you are to become. Without absolutes, you are like dust in the wind, you blow one way today and another tomorrow. There are no concrete terms for people like that, just what makes them feel good today. Never mind the destruction that their behavior leaves behind, they are happy. It is easier in the respect that now you have a clear set of guidelines to live by, it is harder because you constantly have to reconcile yourself with those guidelines and bring yourself in order, which, I don’t know about yours, but my flesh doesn’t want to do what is right.

    Many of my friends debate whether this commission is in conspiracy or incompetent. I take the position that it is an incompetent conspiracy, and I think I am winning the debate. The fortunate thing that works in my favor is that this commission keeps talking! They open their mouths and prove themselves to be fools! But are they morally ignorant, morally stupid, or both?

  15. Truth

    This is a cut and paste from before it seemed appropriate for now. Hope the author doesn’t mind.

    Ooowaah This is Major Colonel Randy Pinoche

    I would like to congratulate myself with this stupendous award for the building of this great ship, the Titanic. Thanks to the housekeeper Linda Lamb for such hard work, and again, great choice in sheep’s clothing, as it suits you so well.
    You all believed in me when no one else did, and for that, I will just have to give myself “yes” another award and a bonus. How about $20,000? You know, why don’t we all take a raise. Just look at how wonderful we are.

    Now to get down to business, we have got to stop all these public peons from digging in our files.”Slow em down, raise the price”. Gary Brando has almost finished his shredding and Jelly Johnson will be rewriting and backdating them just as soon as she finishes her GED. Now don’t you think she’s due for a raise, and maybe another award. I just LOVE awards. I know you all have heard that Ace Hollow-man is daring more and more people to sue the city. And I agree because we all realize that it is not our money we’re spending so we can waste as much as we please. And of course, the more we spend the bigger the budget will be next year. Or we’ll just have to find a new finance director.

    And don’t you worry about the next commissioners that might replace you, because we will continue with the awards and all the money gifts so things will stay just the same as they are right now. It’s so easy to buy people. “I got your back”.

    And lastly good news, Marty Kill and Aimless Rookie are receiving the biggest award for their fine fine acting job, you would almost think they really did care about the city, “congratulations!”

    I wish I could go on and on about myself but I hear Butch coming, and he’s looking for the TRUTH. And that folks is something we know nothing about.
    Got to run.

  16. Madi


    It is very encouraging to see a citizen of MJ stand up before the city officials who wrote the ordinances to require additional safety to our community. Thank you.

    It is unfortunate they have selective enforcement to abide by. Mr. Huber has written that you had done research on this. As I viewed Channel 5, I noticed they were using a sample sheet of plastic to show the burn, I wondered if this may be different being that wall board has paper on it and paper burns faster.

    Has the city defined the rating on the spray to assure without a doubt that this is a 25 min.spray? If so, have they come to the agreement against their own code requirements they have written, that the 1 hour requirement is no longer needed, only 25 minutes?
    I really don’t understand how this will help an above garage ceiling if it burned, along with a gas fuel fed waterheater in the garage as mine. To me, these homes should be corrected the original way with, the special board that should have been installed to begin with. You had stated in the meeting that you had proof that this was intentional? Why do you think this is not being addressed? Mis-leading the citizens and producing a quick fix is not the answer on $200K plus homes like mine when lives are at stake. I called the city to talk to someone about this, they transferred me to the building department and no one answered. They should pray that my house does not go up in flames as well as others who have this problem. We all should get what we paid for.

    Thank you, Madi

  17. Johnny

    Public works has just hired another ex-policeman for an inspectors job that makes two. Either have any experience as inspectors maybe its because they can carry a gun. Why with all the mistakes the city has made would they hire people with no experience? And put the public at risk, I guess it’s who you know that gets you hired. A city Manager hired with a bad track record I guess says it all. That’s why people should only serve two terms after that they become gods(in there own mind). Shame on what this city has become. I think most of you would do better maybe in the food service industry. (Do you want that with fries?)

  18. Chris Sorey

    I can’t say nor have I said that it was intentional, but I can say that it was NOT overlooked. My statement to the commission was that it appears someone is looking the other way.

  19. Madi

    Mr Sorey,

    Thank you for clearing that up

  20. Johnny

    I think what the city doesn’t realize is that there are people that are working there as we speak that keep leaking out the truth. Their crowbar is holding the door of the city open and letting light shine in on all the mischief.
    And this is what the people of this community have decided, to keep searching for the truth until the admission of wrong doing has come forth. This will be the continued approach. It takes a real grownup to admit when they are wrong so we will to treat you as the juveniles that you are until that happens.

  21. Looking Toward The Future

    I watched this last Commission meeting on Channel 3 this week and something struck me as strange. I don’t remember who the person was and couldn’t hear that well (channel 3 volume is terrible). They mentioned that we are still going through with a “quiet zone” for the train crossing. I have heard this talk before but thought nothing of it until recently when the budget crisis developed. WHY are we paying for a quiet zone (I believe in the neighborhood of $300,000)??? Weren’t the train tracks here well before houses were built? Didn’t people know BEFORE they moved in that a train track was nearby? The Music City Star currently only operates through Mt Juliet between 6:05am – 6:12pm (12 stops with an extra one Friday night at 9:57pm).

  22. Lex Luther

    I am trying to figure out the number of people it takes to persuade this commission to do something stupid. Probably less that 1% of the population is adversely affected by the train horn while 9% said they would join a new YMCA. Given those numbers we should be able to draw a “pandering graph” of diminishing taxpayer return.

    That way we could determine how many non-issues we are away from raising taxes or going broke.

    Any mathematicians out there willing to take a stab at this?

  23. Butch Huber

    I love the train, I think it is great that we have it here, but I do have some compassion for those who live along the track.

    I live in a neighborhood along the track, but I don’t think the whistle has ever waken anyone in my family. I am back away from the track far enough that we can’t really hear it much, and when I do hear it I just love it. I remember when trains were much more common and I loved to hear them then, the whistles just take me back in time to some of the happier moments of my youth.

    That having been said, the talk about “didn’t they know that the track was there before they moved in?” really doesn’t quite cover it all. Those people were told, as I was, that there are hardly ever trains going down that track. Besides, I have lived in my home for 10+ years and the whistle is a recent thing. The game changed in other words. The game may or may not have changed regardless of anything this commission would have done, but the donations and commitments this city has made toward the tracks was on the premise that the RTA would create a quiet zone. They got their money and their commitment and then didn’t follow through with installing the quiet zone. The commission is powerless in enforcing the quiet zone on the RTA, so the only way that this government can solve this situation is to pay for the quiet zone themselves. To not be concerned for those who lives are disrupted by the trains would not be unlike what you would be going through if the airlines changed flight patterns and 747’s started landing at the airport and started flying low above your house as they came in for a landing at 6:05 am. Those people who live along the track would say “didn’t you know there was a sky above your house when you moved in?” I am sure you would want government to do something about that, right? Wouldn’t the game have changed for you?

    There is a solution to the problem without the government having to become involved in this issue. If every citizen in Mt. Juliet would stop using the excuse that “they knew there was a track beside their home when they moved in” and start locking arms to force the RTA to fix this situation in the face of a boycott, they would find a way to fix it. They have built this rail at bargain bottom prices, even bragging about how inexpensively they were able to get the rail in place, perhaps they are being too cheap. Quiet Zones are not unrealistic when you consider the damage that the whistle does to the value of those homes along the track. If the city is going to enjoy the benefits of the commuter rail then we need to be willing to support those most adversely affected by it, whether by standing beside them against the RTA or by being willing to pay out of pocket to fix the situation.

    I am much more in favor of making the RTA pay the bill for this quiet zone than using tax dollars, but this is a little different than the YMCA issue. I don’t know that the city of Mt. Juliet had the authority to stop the Commuter Rail or not, but I don’t believe they had any authority regarding it. However, they did contribute money toward the rail and we still support it with tax money. As long as government is supporting the rail they should support those adversely affected by it. The rail project is already a done deal, so no matter whether we could of stopped it or not, we didn’t stop it and we elected as a city to support it. Now that it is here we need to do the right thing and fix the problems that it has caused. Have some compassion for the people who live in those houses like you would want it if all of a sudden 747’s were flying through your living room at 6:05 am. The game changed in Mt. Juliet, please keep that in mind as you contemplate this issue.

    P.S. when the issue of the RTA not installing quiet zones was brought up in a commission and the RTA let them know that they wouldn’t be paying to install them after all I stepped up to the microphone immediately and told the commission and the RTA that I had a solution, boycott the train until they fix the situation. To me it is very simple. It was simple then, it is simple now. Force the RTA to find the cash to fix the problem or lose ridership in Mt. Juliet. I bet you they will fix it and quick.

  24. Larry Whitney


    While I agree with your assessment that the game has changed, I disagree with the suggestion to boycott the train until RTA fixes it.

    If we boycott the train in Mt Juliet, the RTA can simply discontinue stopping in Mt Juliet. They can stop in Lebanon, Martha Leeville, Hermitage and Donelson. There has never been a story in the Lebanon Democrat where Lebanon or Martha Leeville residents have called for a quiet zone. I don’t think those residents will boycott RTA to help Mt Juliet. The riders who come down from Gallatin and get on at Martha Leeville sure don’t care about Mt Juliet’s crying. If RTA discontinued the Mt Juliet stop, they will still zip through Mt Juliet on their way to Hermitage and we will still have the “noise”.

    Apparently this whiny attitude about needing a quiet zone is a phenomenon here in Mt Juliet.

    My solution? Shut up and deal with it.

    Now, can anyone build me a $300,000 fence so I don’t have to hear my neighbor’s daughter giggling with her boyfriend?

  25. Butch Huber


    The RTA is hurting financially right now. They need all of the riders they can get. They also don’t want the negative publicity that will come with fighting the citizens of Mt. Juliet. I believe that the city commission affirmed with them that they would see to it that there was a quiet zone before they voted to help fund the commuter rail project. It appears to me that the RTA went back on its word. Should we as a community let that happen?

    We may be the only ones whining about the whistle, but that could be because we were the only ones that made the decision to fund it based on getting a quiet zone. However, I bet the rest of the cities along the track would like a quiet zone.

    Larry, the other game changer that I didn’t mention was that the law regarding signaling has changed over the years. This rule requiring so many blows of the whistle for such a long time is relatively new. This new law is a game changer for the railroad system in Tennessee, if not across the country. I love the train, I think it is wonderful to have it available. However, I don’t ride the train. I don’t want to have to pay for the train if I don’t ride the train. The people who should be paying for the quiet zone are the people who ride the train through higher fares. I mean, isn’t the train going to pass on the expense to the only people they can, the passengers, if the we force them to fulfill their word? If they don’t install the quiet zone the city is going to, and then we all once again get to pay for something only a few people use. Lex was right about the correlation between the YMCA and the Commuter Rail in that respect.

    Larry, I suspect you use the rail…just a hunch. If you do, than you are actually part of the problem. Most of the people I hear complaining about the people who are complaining about the train whistle quiet zone issue are those who ride the train. On a personal note, I could care less if they install a quiet zone because I love the whistle when I hear it and it doesn’t bother me when I am sleeping because I don’t even seem to hear it. But because I am empathetic for those who live too close to the track not to be bothered by the whistle I can’t take the position that “didn’t you know there was a track there when you moved in?” as being the correct answer.

    Larry, the game changed here in Mt. Juliet in many ways over the past several years. Increased train traffic is certainly one change, but laws regarding the Whistles changed as well. I realize the whistle law is aimed at saving lives, and it is probably a good law, but that law has affected the lives of many people that would not have otherwise been affected. Perhaps this is a state issue. Perhaps this is a local government issue. Perhaps this is a community issue. But what it isn’t is an issue that we should turn our backs on those whose lives have been adversely affected by this change that they couldn’t stop and that their elected officials had the foresight to negotiate a solution for, but were powerless to enforce. This is an example of private industry negatively affecting the citizens using tax payer money to do it!

    Trust me, if the RTA had to pass up the citizens of Mt. Juliet every week and they had to deal with the media attention that came from it every week, they would fix the situation. Those who ride the train could find another way to work for a couple weeks while this got settled.


    I was in a commission meeting where the RTA we patting themselves on the back for what a frugal job they had done on the RTA commuter rail project. They spoke of another similar project that cost them something like $240,000,000 or so, and then they talked about how our rail only cost them somewhere in the neighborhood of like $37,000,000 dollars. (My numbers may be off, I can’t remember the exact figures, but the disparity was huge to say the least). They saved 10’s, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars on this project and they can’t be honorable enough to fulfill their promise to Mt. Juliet?

    Forget whether you support those adversely affected by the train, or whether or not you or your family members use the train, and focus on the fact that the commission got the RTA’s word that they would develop Mt. Juliet as a quiet zone, they agreed to do it, and the city then gave them money in response to that condition. We are on the hook for a certain amount of money with this train as a city, which means you and I, largely because they agreed to develop this quiet zone. Shouldn’t they be held accountable?

    The daughter will get older and move away…the goal of the commuter train is to stay for good.

  26. Butch Huber

    I have been corrected. It appears that the RTA never actually agreed to develop the quiet zone. In fact, it appears that they said that they couldn’t build the quiet zone and that they wouldn’t build the quiet zone. However, I still feel the same. The RTA should pay for the quiet zone. If I were to want to build an industrial plant right next to someone’s home and interrupt their lives I believe I would have some problems.

    When the airport went in in Nashville some of the homes were upgraded to help with noise and glass breakage problems. I don’t know who paid that bill, but I do know that upgrades were done, I have spoken to some of the people who live in those homes.

    I just don’t agree with changing the game on citizens and not taking the available measures to make it right.

  27. Lex Luther

    I have to agree with Mr. Whitney on this.

    The railroad track was here long before any of the present complaining residents moved here. I bet the old steam engine trains made more noise than the Star does.

    Just because traffic decreased on the rail for years doesn’t give people the right to expect that forever. It certainly doesn’t give people the right to expect everyone’s tax dollars to quiet it now either. Should taxpayers relocate Stoners Creek because some people built too close to it?

    Now that Mt. Juliet Road is 5 lane, traffic is louder than when it was a gravel road. Should taxpayers fund a noise suppression wall for those who border Mt. Juliet Road?

  28. Looking Toward The Future

    I agree with Lex on this one.

  29. Butch Huber

    You guys agree while it isn’t your home that is disrupted. I wonder if you would still agree if the game changed for you though. It’s okay for us to disagree, but I encourage you to look at things from the perspective of the people living in those homes. Lex, don’t people who build and buy houses in a flood plane have to sign a form about it or something? Where was the loud train whistle form? I never signed one.

    Remember, the game changed on these people. I believe the tracks were in terrible shape before the commuter train was developed. They spent 32,000,000 dollars upgrading the track. If they can spend 32,000,000 dollars to upgrade the tracks they can spend another 300,000 dollars building a quiet zone so that citizens aren’t bothered by the train. This project cost about 1/8th what the standard costs come to for such a project, they can build the quiet zone.

  30. Lex Luther

    The rail does disrupt my home. But I knew where the tracks were before I bought this house. I guess I feel guilty asking all taxpayers to fund something that benefits so few – even though I am one of the few.

    I also have a hard time with people whose ideology seems to only apply to everyone else.

    For example, most of the developers, realtors, and chamber of commerce types in Mt. Juliet are fiscal conservatives. They rail against higher taxes at the federal, state, and county level. But most of those same people are in favor of Mt. Juliet raising property taxes.

    Why? – Because they want the taxpayers to subsidize the cost of growth. Why? – Because many make they’re living off development property and could reduce costs if the public would subsidize the infrastructure required in building those developments.

    Those people are funding the candidate in the Mt. Juliet Mayoral election that they think will transfer the cost of growth to the taxpayers.

    I cannot be a part of such hypocrisy and will listen to the train. I will also not vote for that candidate.

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