Stories about the Mayoral Candidates

They probably would rather you didn’t read these, but you should:

Elam opposed to Home Rule
Story from the Lebanon Democrat, Dec 13, 2005

Jim Bradshaw opposed to Home Rule
Story from, Dec 10, 2005

County Mayor upset when Mayor Elam blasts him in public letter
Says he was never called and hasn’t received letter

Story from the Lebanon Democrat, Nov 16, 2005

Wilson County Commissioner Wendell Marlowe is resigning his seat nearly seven months after he moved from the district he represents.
Story from the Lebanon Democrat, January, 2008

Nearly half of county mayoral candidate Linda Elam’s campaign contributions ($24,970) can be tied to a Nashville development company which built a large office project in Mt. Juliet, where Elam serves as mayor and previously as planning commission chair.
After the election, Elam became an employee of CRS.

Story from the Lebanon Democrat, July, 2006

You can also click here to see a screen snapshot of the Commercial Realty Services contact page listing Linda Elam as an employee as late as July 15, 2007.



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27 responses to “Stories about the Mayoral Candidates

  1. Chris Sorey

    If you are going to go negative, at least be fair and balanced about it.

    Police called in to stop spatting GOP leaders

    Local GOP seeks to oust Mack

  2. I don’t think those are negative stories.

    Mack made some of the Republican “old guard” mad at him. They ousted him.

    Badge of honor.

    The irony is that Mayor Elam’s push-polling probably helped Mack.

  3. Chris Sorey

    Why haven’t there been any posts or even mention of the Cosby choking incident on Radio Free? Any bias there on the part of the “Publius”
    webmaster(s)? Not implying, just asking.

  4. pretty straightforward story,
    widely covered in other media (Lebanon & Nashville)

  5. Chris Sorey

    Most of what is posted on Radio Free with the possible exception of the fire thread is well covered at least by the local media. After all, the “headlines” section is just that, yet no mention of anything on that story. My opinion is this shows bias, and when you look at the MJ administration when Cosby was hired, it lends credibility to that.

  6. Larry Whitney

    I think Publius would publish the story if intervention (suppression) in the case occurred by a elected official.

    While we are posting things, how about the story about Deputy Ray Justice giving a drunk lady a ride home and then using his position as a commissioner to try to get then Chief Martin to overlook a former mayor’s kid’s drunk driving arrest?

  7. Butch Huber


    I hate to admit it, but it worked. Chris really did it. I didn’t believe he would, but it turns out I was wrong.

    Publius, how did you know that he would post those things?

    You couldn’t have set that up better. Chris played right into your hands once again. You are amazing!

    Folks, get to know the rest of the story before you believe the spin on this that Chris would like you to believe, the spin all of Mack’s opponents would like for you to believe. Besides, is this a party race, or a race for “mayor of Mt. Juliet”?

    Chris, bringing this up “before” the next forum is the best thing you could have done for Mack. Thank you.

  8. Chris Sorey

    Butch, what I was implying was that this web site is and has always been biased. Please understand everyone realizes that you go to church with both “Publius” and Mack, and that you will do and say anything to get them back into office. Honestly, as long as we have change, I don’t care who will be in the mayors seat.

    And Butch, it was Rob Shearer who was the City Manager when Cosby was hired, right?

  9. Looking Toward The Future

    Good point Larry. I heard several stories about Deputy Justice have been overlooked. It seems that the majority of comments are for the wrongdoings in the mayor’s office. Well, what about the current district one commissioner and his abuse of police authority? He has been in office too long and yet everyone seems to want to ignore his abuse. Like a wise man on the radio mentions about “The Rest Of The Story…” Heck, half theses stories over the years are even missed by the MJN.

  10. Butch Huber

    Looking toward the future:

    Dig a little deeper on RadioFree. I have been wearing Ray Justice out on Radiofree for a very long time. There is tons of information on here about him.

    Shall I list them all again?

    Perhaps Publius could drag them back out and put them under a Ray Justice file on RadioFree.


    I don’t go to church with Kevin Mack. Kevin has visited my church a few times, but my church and his church are different churches.

    Do I want Mack back in office? You bet.

    Do I want Rob back in office? If he wants the job…”yes”. He didn’t do anything wrong to deserve the way that he was treated by the mayor and the commission should have not accepted his resignation and they should have launched an investigation against Linda immediately. Wrongs should be righted in my opinion, but that will be up to the next commission to decide. My goal right now is to help Kevin get back in office by telling the truth.

    Perhaps Rob was in office when Cosby was hired, however, this issue occurred when Rob was gone from office. If Cosby was a known problem why didn’t Randy Robertson, the Mayor’s prize pupil, fire him? Insinuating that this is somehow Rob’s fault is just like you, Chris.

    As far as this site being biased, when you are not being nasty haven’t you always had the opportunity to post on here? Even when you were at your nastiest, and Publius would send me posts you had sent in before they were published, I would say let it go, I want people to know who these players are and what they are about. The only time you actually would get moderated is when I started swinging back harder than Publius could allow, it was actually “me” who was being moderated more so than you.

    The other candidates and their followers could post on here all they want, and I encouraged them to. Publius wouldn’t moderate them as long as they are not launching personal attacks, like the attacks you have made about me. The people who post on here may be biased, but the fact that people from the other camp aren’t posting on here is their fault, not Publius’ fault, Kevin’s fault, or my fault.

    Ray was posting on here all the time for a while, but then he figured out that he can’t win a debate with me and he went away.

    I even think Hagerty has posted on here a time or two. This is an open blog, anyone can post on here if they so choose. The big qualifier is that private citizens are not open targets for personal attacks.

  11. Butch Huber

    Folks, I as I have said before, Ray Justice knows the issues, or at least his handlers do, I just find him to be very hard to trust. His past behavior is the biggest issue I have with Ray. Every time he tries to do something that seems like it would be a good thing, I have to wait for the other shoe to drop. There is just no way I would vote for him if I were in his district. I believe he has too many ties to people who want to make money from the outcome of his votes. I have personally heard him say that as long as it means that Rob Shearer is no longer in office he is okay with the fact that the manner in which they forced him out of office was illegal. I would testify to that in a court of law.

    If you want, I will be glad to dredge up issue after issue about what I know of that he has done. But you really don’t need it. All you really have to do is ask yourself, “do I want to give the YMCA a $2,000,000 gift”? If you do, vote for Ray, if you don’t, vote for Floyd.

    If that doesn’t move you to choose than nothing else I say will make much different. The YMCA issue is stealing money from the public and giving it to a non-profit. On equal scale, it would be like the federal government giving the YMCA about $300,000,000,000 or more! What would the public say if the Federal Government did such a thing? Bush would be run out of Washington on a rail if he even suggested such a thing. Linda’s even worse, she wanted $20,000,000! That would be like the federal government giving the YMCA about $26,000,000,000,000! That’s 26 trillion! This is how insane things have gotten in Mt. Juliet!

  12. Chris Sorey

    Butch, anyone who hires a cop who has two lawsuits pending in the same county isn’t exactly making a good decision now are they? Have you been able to discover the difference between “may” and “shall” yet?

    You guys talk about the old guard every now and then. A lot of folks who have been here a long time think they were replaced by the backscratchers, and the current administration is left overs from both.

  13. Butch Huber

    Chris, does that mean you are coming out of the closet? Isn’t Ray your guy in this race? I have been straight forward, Mack is my guy for Mayor. Why hide in the shadows and throw stones, why not let it be known who you support? Stone throwing from the side-lines is lacking of class.

    Hey Chris, thank you. I guess by that same token you feel it wouldn’t be prudent for someone to vote for a mayor who has a lawsuit or two against her.

    Chris, you are wrong about your interpretation of the use of the word “may” in this case. The word may in the context of that paragraph is saying that you have to choose between the options offered. In other words, you may do this, or you may do that, but you have to do one or the other.

  14. Chris Sorey

    I have supported Brydalski from day one because his views are in line with what I would like to see for Mt Juliet. Roads and sidewalks are a top priority, he doesn’t believe in giving land to the Y, fire protection, etc.

    No matter who wins any of the local elections, we have good candidates. I told Ray a few months back that I was supporting Brydalski. Ray and I speak every now and then, and we disagree on a lot of the issues. The difference is, that even though we disagree, it is a pleasant conversation. I spoke with Ted Floyd as well, and I think he is a good candidate.

    I would like to see Brydalski win, but I can work with any of the three.

  15. Butch Huber

    But what about Mayor? Chris, who is your candidate for mayor?

  16. Butch Huber

    SHE WAS AGAINST IT BEFORE SHE IS FOR IT! Remember that folks, Linda Elam was against home-rule before she was “against” home-rule before she is “For” it. She tried to kill it before it had a chance to get started. She made sure that it was put off until after the November, 2004 election so that it couldn’t possibly be put on the Referenda. She tried to bury it in committee. I think she voted against it when they were voting whether or not to put it on the 2006 referenda. She was against it.

    Now, the prospect of a property tax increase is in the making, and there is talk of a new fire department in Mt. Juliet, so she is suddenly “for” it. I submit to you that she is now for it for different reasons than the reasons of those who championed home-rule in the first place (Like Kevin Mack). I submit to you that her reason for liking home-rule on these issues is because she wants to be able to side-step having to make such a tough, and potentially political fatal decision herself. I submit to you that Kevin is in favor of home-rule today and he was in favor of it yesterday, and the reason he wants you to vote on it is because he thinks you should have a voice in what happens in and around your community and with your money. They may be saying the same things right now, but they are saying it for different reasons. If you keep your eye on a persons heart you will notice their words and actions seem to follow it.

  17. Butch Huber

    Oh, what fun!

    Mayor Elam came out swinging at Kevin Mack and Wendell Marlowe at the meeting last night. I believe there were no less than 4 times she attacked Kevin, only to return to her corner wishing she hadn’t have gotten up off of the stool in the first place. She should have known better, Kevin has the truth on his side. Facts are like weapons that you can use to beat someone about the head neck and shoulders. She came out swinging with a handful of false or misleading rhetoric and was beaten back down by Kevin with a handful of truth. It wasn’t enough for her to take on Kevin, she did a drive-by on some of us in the audience and she took a couple swipes at Marlowe as well.
    Its going to be interesting to see how all of this is written up in the papers, but I was there and I saw the bout. Kevin, once again, soundly trounced her with his deft use of truth! She would lead with her left hand of deception and Kevin would counter with a right hand of truth. Round after round. I have to admit, I am enjoying this because Linda is having to face the music for all of her mischief right in front of the public, just like she embarrassed and humiliated Hatton Wright in a public meeting. But the difference is, Hatton Wright was found not guilty of what he was accused of and Linda is guilty of what she has done and has gotten away with it because Jim Bradshaw didn’t have the courage or the integrity as a leader to investigate her. This race would look a lot different if they had done the right thing and investigated her properly, because, in my opinion, she wouldn’t have stayed in office and wouldn’t have been allowed by law to return to any elected government office for 10 years.

    Kevin took a couple shots from left field last night (Not from Linda), and it is going to be interesting to see if he returns volley or just ignores them. Based on what I have seen so far, they better hope he doesn’t decide to return volley, he might just knock them clean out of the race. I mean, Kevin has so much truth on his side, especially about Ray Justice and Linda Elam, that you would think that they would have the smarts not to throw the first punch. I mean, if you find yourself in a fight, by all means, swing with what you’ve got, but don’t pick a fight with someone who is armed with missiles and bombs when all you have are sling shots and pea shooters, that’s not courage, its insanity! Are you crazy? Linda, Ray, what the hell are you thinking? Did you not pay attention in the first forum? Do you not remember the four years you served on the same commission with him? Do you not remember how he got the right things done in spite of you?

    In the last forum, Kevin answered the questions with substance and truth and everyone fell behind him. Were you not watching? Didn’t you know that if you were to take swipes at him you would bring back a bloody stump? Ray, Kevin gave you a pass last night, because you were like the kid who takes a shot at a guy when his is fighting someone else (not surprising), but do you think he won’t remember that shot?

    Hint: Trying to fight Kevin is not working. He is armed to the teeth with truth about what you have done to harm this city. I am only telling you this in a sense of fair play and sportsmanship. Attack Kevin at your own peril.

  18. Johnny

    You know Mack will lose this race if he doesn’t put more into it. Elam has called my house and my business numerous times with taped messages. She has sent large four color printout to my mailbox more than once.
    If we don’t want her back in office we have to step it up guys. Not everyone reads rfmj. The same thing happened before and Will got elected.

  19. Looking Toward The Future

    Elections are not won on mailers and printouts. I know I don’t read that stuff that comes in the mail, it goes right in the trash. Most politicians around here think more is better (look at Linda’s and Ray’s signs all over the place). Deeper pockets are not always the winner of the race.

  20. Johnny

    Lets hope so.

  21. Paul Deyo

    I am staying out of commenting on these races in large part. After Chris missed the point completely on my last comment on the D1 race, making false accusations and a big deal out of my using a screen name (while he was using one), it seemed pointless to take sides in a district where I no longer reside. His comments on the mayor’s race are not unexpected.

    On the mayoral race just two observations. There are no mysteries here, at least to those who follow local politics. The candidate advertising himself as “New Leadership” hasn’t shown me a whole lot of potential for “New” or “Leadership”. I think it will look alot like 1999, and we won’t be partying.

    Secondly, I urge everyone who didn’t see the debates live to look at the available footage here. I think all of the candidates represented themselves and are good people. The question is what will they be like as our mayor.

  22. Butch Huber

    It’s going to be important to discover who is funding whom in this race. Remember, the last time Linda ran for office we found out that about half of her money came from one builder and people surrounding that builder. Later we found that she had even secretly gone to work for that builder. What we really don’t know is “when” she went to work for that builder and what kind of deals, if any, she worked out to get the builder’s financial support.

    Ray has been working for years trying to get into the good ol’ boy network around here, we have seen him try to buy the old MJES site only to swap it for a rock on York Road. Its going to be interesting to find out who is funding his race as well.

    Follow the money trails and you can watch the votes fall in line.

  23. Looking Toward The Future

    OK Butch. You mention “Follow The Money Trails”. How do we check up on Ray and the others to see exactly where the money comes from?

  24. Butch Huber

    Check with the election commission. I believe they had to report their donations that are over $100 last Friday. There is another date in the future when they have to do the same. Donations under $100 or less don’t have to be reported. (At least I think that is how it works) Its all public record, and from what I can tell, the iron curtain has only fallen over Mt. Juliet so far, so you should be able to obtain the records.

  25. Looking Toward The Future

    Anyone hear that Ray has a boat detail business? I wonder if he declares that salary…

  26. Nathan Clariday

    It showed local candidates about a month ago, now it doesn’t. I don’t know if it has been moved but you can look up state and federal officials.

  27. Butch Huber


    I continue to run into people who have never heard of RadioFreeMJ. They have no clue who to vote for in this election. What I find is that after only a few seconds of mapping out the differences between the candidates, (and I do state the facts), they are ready to vote for Mack. I have never seen such quick decision-making in my life when it comes to picking a candidate.

    I know it is hard to remember all of the issues, but just send your friends, family, and people you meet to this website and let them decide.

    If you are reading this post, and you care what happens to your city, take the time to e-mail the web address to Radiofree to the people you know who live in Mt. Juliet (at least that many. There are posts on here that a lot of people would like to read, so you may want to consider sending it to your entire list, but at least send it to those who you know live in Mt. Juliet. On top of that, try to tell at least 10 people about this site between now and November 1st.

    Early voting starts today if I am not mistaken. While one of you are taking the time to vote, if you would be so kind as to go to the election commission and get a report of who is supporting the candidates in this race I would appreciate it. Please send that post to Publius so we can all see it.

    Thank you very much.

    Remember, if you don’t help your friends understand the issues, they will vote Linda back into office.

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