Headlines from The Chronicle & The Mt. Juliet News

City Planner explains Land Use Plan
“The people of Mt. Juliet want to keep that small-town feel.” City Planner Lisa Keylon said there is a need in Mt. Juliet for “more diversified housing stock. . . As we grow, we have to consider higher density options.”

Will Mt. Juliet become a college town?
The City has sent letters to UMC and Cumberland University

Has Mayor Elam call you? Here’s how she did it
She bought the names & numbers of registered voters from the Election Commission. Mayor Elam added, “I have worked very hard to develop a campaign plan that will show my accomplishments during my term, and they are closely held plans.”

D1 candidate running an ‘uninfluenced’ race
Jonathan Brydalski said not being involved in City government previously keeps him from being currently influenced, and instead open to new ideas.

The heat is on: MJ citizens offer questions for the candidates
Bradshaw, Elam, Mack & Marlowe answer three hot questions. The responses are quite interesting. Click here to read them all.

City Moves to finalize purchase of old MJES
City Attorney Jason Holleman is trying to work out an option/lease deal, because “the city is not in the position at this time to get a bond.” The YMCA sent a “memorandum of understanding” to the City. The City has responded with a “letter of intent.” City Planner Lisa Keylon said there may be a movement to “re-examine” the Town Center District zoning that covers the site.

City officials look to expand city with a hospital, university

MJN to host candidate forum Thursday, Oct. 9
At the Charlie Daniels Park Community Center, at 6:30 pm

District 1 candidates weigh in on issues
Justice, Brydalski, and Floyd all think traffic is the number one issue

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34 responses to “Headlines from The Chronicle & The Mt. Juliet News

  1. Butch Huber

    I have to tell you folks, I had a good time last night. First I watched my man Mack outshine the rest of the pack and turn them all into followers and me-too politicians. He showed us that they (his competitors) don’t have a plan, but that they are more than willing to tap into his. I watched as he did something I never thought I would see, he had Linda stating for the public that she would support a full-time mayor (probably didn’t hurt matters that she could plainly see by a Mt. Juliet News poll that 100% of the respondents supported Kevin’s idea of a full-time mayor.) (oh, by the way, did you catch how she said she supported it for a while, but she has never said so? If you believe that one, we need to talk, I have a nice piece of property in East Tennessee that sits right on the shore, you can walk out your front door and be on the beach in about thirty seconds.) and she said that she would “Never” vote for a property tax increase without a vote from the public (also trying to tag along on Kevin’s idea of allowing the public to have the say-so regarding property tax increases. She was against home-rule before she was for it.) Wow, that would have been a great night all by itself. But the night just got better and better.

    After the city forum, I went home to watch my girl, Sarah, not only hold her own against a 30+ year national politician, but actually steal the show, capture the hearts of a nation, and show that she has the moxie and understanding necessary to do the job of Vice President. Let’s face it, they are Vice Presidential candidates, not Presidential Candidates. If the Democratic party were reversed, in other words, if Biden were running for President and Obama were running for Vice President, the dialog would be, is Sarah ready to be Vice President, and we would see for ourselves, as she systematically destroyed Obama in the debate, that she is more ready than he (I would like to see an Obama/Palin debate…he wouldn’t know what to do with a strong female candidate who didn’t shed her femininity, but remained as strong, or stronger than a man. (I guess that is what I love about her, she proves that you don’t have to be a masculine female to look strong. Feminine doesn’t spell “weak”, it spells “Feminine”. Sarah proves that a woman can look like a woman, dress like a woman, walk like a woman, and talk like a woman, yet be just as strong as any man! Being a “Lady” doesn’t make you weak, ladies, it makes you attractive. I think that is what made Margaret Thatcher such an effective leader, she didn’t take on that Masculine female character, she remained a Lady even though she had a lot of power.) But that isn’t what is going on here. (sorry, I got off track a little…okay, a lot. But aren’t you excited?) What is going on is they are trying to say that this inexperienced Mayor/Governor is not as ready for being President (when she is running for Vice President) as this even less experienced, can’t speak without a tele-prompter, Senator. Last night, I think she proved that in the short 5 weeks, 5 weeks, she has been running for national office, she has developed a better understanding of the operations of federal government, the needs of the nation, the risks and threats against this nation, and what will take for this nation forward again, than Senator Obama has learned throughout this entire campaign season (You gotta know that Obama and Palin are both being tutored as they go, Right?). (I do think that the better race would be McCain/Palin vs Biden/Obama. Even Biden doesn’t really think Obama is the right man for the job. Biden is only justifying right now. He is selling himself on the notion that the best thing to do at this point is to rally behind Obama, and rest in the fact that at least one real politician is on the ticket…Biden.)

    Suddenly, I am more excited about this election season than I have been in a very, very long time. In fact, I don’t think I have been as excited about the Presidential Race since Reagan ran for President the first time. Folks, Sarah brings America to the White House. She is the first candidate in my life time that I can say represents “me” in Washington. God, I hope they win. Isn’t it time that “Main Street America” (I am beginning to hate that slogan) is really seated at the White House? She would bring a freshness, a vitality, a new face that represents you and I and our families, to the White House. The rest of these guys on the tickets are stuffed suits. Sarah is “real”. She is you and me. She is the only person on either ticket that really represents “Main Street America”. You can’t help but like her, and neither will the congress. When she speaks you have to listen. There is nothing more engaging to a man than an attractive woman with brains, there is nothing that gives women more hope than a Lady with power and promise.

    Back to Mt. Juliet. Folks, the only person in that room last night who had a plan was Kevin Mack (during the mayoral forum, I mean.). Listen through the answers the others gave (if you recorded it) and see if you don’t agree. The only thing anyone else offered that even looked like a plan was when they were doing their “me-too shuffle”. Last night, it became increasingly clearer why this city has suffered through the “Great Nothingness” of the past 4 years…lack of real leadership. Now, when I say “Great Nothingness” I mean “Nothing New”. We have seen a lot of changes over the past four years, but if you are reasonable and fair person, you have to agree, if you know the truth, that the changes we have seen in the past four years were the result of Kevin Mack’s vision and leadership during his administration, not Linda’s. She got to cut the ribbons and wave the flags and stand and take credit for everything Kevin accomplished…and, if you are a student of human behavior, body language, and you can hear the words behind the words, you know from her own statements that she knows I am right…you just have to be able to “read between the lines” as my dad would always say. She betrays her own subconscious thoughts and emotions through the words she chooses to use when she takes credit for what Kevin put in play.

    The contrast between Marlowe and Mack was astounding. I expected a person with Marlowe’s experience on the county commission to be able to step up and steal the show, or at least give Kevin a run for his money. If Marlowe were a Kia sedan last night, Kevin was a Corvette. I haven’t asked him yet, but I bet Kevin was shocked by the contrast of what one would normally have expected from a Marlowe, and what he delivered. I am not trying to be hard, but I thought Kevin might have to give Marlowe a nudge once in awhile just to keep him awake to answer the questions. Folks, Marlowe may be a good man, I don’t know him, don’t know anything about him except what you read in the local papers, but he is not ready to be Mayor of Mt. Juliet.

    I am not even going to comment on Bradshaw, except to say “Bless his heart”.

    I am once again energized during an election season! I wasn’t excited about the national election until Sarah showed up. I have to admit, she isn’t the typical Washingtonian, but isn’t that what we have been waiting for for a very, very long time? Give her four years as Vice President, and let’s she what she can do in a heads up race against Hillary. Eventually, we are going to have a female President, let’s see who the better woman is in four years. My money is on Sarah!

    Folks, please go out and vote this year. If you haven’t been to the voting booth for a long time, or ever, get up off your sorry butt and get out there and vote. It doesn’t hurt. It isn’t scary. You don’t have to give blood or anything. They don’t charge you any money. The people who are running the polls are nice people…you’ll like them. Take the time to make your voice count. You matter. If you don’t vote, don’t bitch.

  2. Butch Huber


    I am a fair man, or at least I try to be. Mr. Brydalski asked to meet with me a few weeks back, to which I agreed. During that meeting he asked me what I thought it would take for him to win. I said, that I believed that the best thing would be for him and Floyd to get together and figure out which one would run and which one would drop out. I told him that Ray has won every race because the vote was split three ways. But I told him then, that before I would say anything to help him, or even think of helping him, he would have to separate himself from Ray in such a way that he wouldn’t want to live here if it turned out that he was in Ray’s camp and was only in the race to split the vote or to get Floyd to drop out so he too could drop out and leave only Ray. Yes, I am that suspicious of Ray. I have good reason to be.
    Actually, my suspicions were raised a little higher because Brydalski admitted that he had already had a discussion with Floyd during which he asked Floyd if he would consider dropping out.

    I have been waiting to see if he would make the separation. This week, he did. He is publicly stating that he isn’t connected to anyone else. He seems like he wants to win. He seems like he would be a good choice for District 1. But I do believe he should live here a little longer, get a better feel for Mt. Juliet. I am not saying “don’t vote for Brydalski”, I am saying that while he would probably do an okay job, I think he would do an excellent job if he had a better feel for the community that comes with living here a little longer. That having been said, if you won’t vote for Floyd, please consider Brydalski. District 1 doesn’t need a “fresh” face, it needs a “different” face. Brydalski or Floyd would be a “different” face, either will be better than Justice, but not because of what you might think. If you are only looking for someone who knows the issues, Ray Justice is your man, he surely knows the issues better than most anyone else in the city. The problem with Ray is his moral and ethical compass is broken…you never know where it is going to point or how long it will stay there. That is what disturbs me about, Ray. I, for one, would rather have someone make small, innocent mistakes out of ignorance, than have someone in office that I simply can’t trust. District one is not my district, but if it were, I would go for the known entity that isn’t Ray Justice, I would go for Floyd. But if for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Floyd, I would vote for Brydalski…he seems like a good and decent person to me.

  3. Butch Huber

    Where’s Jonathan? Folks, I am beginning to believe I was right about Brydalski. He seems to have vanished. He didn’t make the last Forum, and nothing else has been heard of the District 1 Candidate. Could it be that he was a spoiler that was just in the race to help Ray? I don’t know for sure what is going on there, perhaps we will never know, but one thing is for sure, Jonathan seems to be AWOL in this campaign. Has he dropped out without telling anyone? If he doesn’t care enough about being D1 commissioner to keep his name and his face out there then do you think he would make a good commissioner?

    Folks, vote for Floyd. He wants it. He is out there campaigning. Even Ray Justice seems to have given up. Floyd has served this community for decades and he is coming back once more to serve us. He will kill this YMCA deal if you vote for him. He will make sure that every possible measure is taken to keep you from having to pay an unnecessary property tax. He knows how important it is to provide you with adequate roads. He is going to make sure that you are safe, after all he was the Chief of Police of this city. He won’t stand for antics like what Linda has been doing during her administration. He knows how to prosecute people when they abuse their office. He doesn’t really need any OJT, after all, for the past 15 or 20 years he has sat in practically every city commission meeting and has observed what has been done, and how it has been done. He knows how to get things done.

    Brydalski, you tried to separate yourself from Ray, but then you disappeared. It is very apparent that you don’t want it very much. Maybe you will be more ready next time.

  4. Chris Sorey

    Let’s see, Mack was absent from the first forum hosted in Lebanon, so by your logic Butch, I guess Mack is a spoiler for Elam right?

  5. Looking Toward The Future

    Butch. I must disagree with you on this one. I have seen Jonathan out and about campaigning quite a bit lately. He has been going to several subdivisions knocking on doors asking for support. He meets with groups of people at restaurants and homes that believe in him and want to know more. He calls people (my neighbors have spoken with him). I know he doesn’t have a large fund like Ted, Ray, Kevin, or Linda but at least he is knocking on doors himself. Large funds don’t win elections, meeting and greeting people do. Why are you so hard on the kid? I haven’t seen any of the others (except Jim Bradshaw) walking the path trying to get votes.
    As far as the debate. The kid was heartbroken about it. In his defense, he told me that he wasn’t even IN TOWN that night (vacation). I don’t think he got his invitiation in time. Might want to check with the Lebanon Democrat on that one though, see what they know. I haven’t seen you write anything about Ray being on vacation last week for a commission meeting.
    I did see an ad for the kid in the Wilson Chronicle last week. Ironic that Ted had one the week after that (haven’t seen one from Ray though).
    Bottom line, the kid is trying his best to earn votes. He is the underdog (as you and others don’t give him the support he needs and deserves).

  6. Butch Huber

    Looking toward the future, if Jonathan was serious about wanting to be elected he would have been at the forum. I overheard that the reason he wasn’t at the forum was because he didn’t know what to say. If that is true, he needs to first get to know what he is doing before he tries to run for office. We already have enough people on that commission trying to figure out which end is up, we don’t need another one. Floyd has the working knowledge of this government and he understands the needs of the city. Brydalski may be a great guy, and I am glad you are so defensive of him, but that doesn’t excuse him for not being there to answer the questions and face the public.

    As far as Ray not being at the last commission meeting, I was glad he wasn’t there. Without him they couldn’t do anything stupid with the YMCA deal. His absence basically killed any chance of the YMCA deal going through under this administration. And, on top of that, I believe Ray knows his days of being a commissioner are numbered…it appears he may be giving up as well. Floyd is the right choice this election season. I know you like the “kid”, but what we need is “an old guy”.

  7. Chris Sorey

    Again, using your logic Butch, since Mack was absent from the first forum, evidently he does not want to be mayor. Or was it that he did not know what to say? I just want to point out that this is an absurd train of thought.

  8. Bobby Franklin

    I think we can rule out “Mack not knowing what to say”.

    The other candidates are certainly listening and now repeating his ideas.

    But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  9. Butch Huber


    The first forum was not a Mt. Juliet forum, it was a weird forum held in Lebanon. I hardly believe that it was a forum geared toward what we are going to vote for here in Mt. Juliet. When did we see anyone running for county government or Lebanon Government at a forum here in Mt. Juliet? The reality is, our candidates probably should protest on our behalf. That forum did nothing but legitimize Lebanon as “the important city” in Wilson County.

    But, thanks for playing Chris. I was going to address Mack’s absence from the first forum with my post, but I knew you would chime in and give me a better shot at getting people to pay closer attention to what has actually occurred.

    I don’t recognize the first forum as being legitimate when it comes to who we will elect in Mt. Juliet.

    What is absurd is that you can’t recognize that those of us who live in Mt. Juliet deserve to be treated with respect…of course, you are a “county” politician, so that is a Mt. Juliet thing you wouldn’t understand.

    And I echo Bobby, Mack is the only Mayoral Candidate saying anything. The rest are running as hard as they can to find something of their own to run on. Linda has to lie, make things up, and take credit for what Kevin made happen. Marlowe doesn’t have anything to offer. And Jim is running on perfect attendance at all regularly called commission meetings held at city hall.

    Who offers anything of substance other than Mack? The rest are lost and wondering around trying to find something of value to offer up to the public. Whenever Mack speaks you hear plan, substance, strategy, tactics, intelligence, know-how, knowledge, understanding, and concern.

  10. Chris Sorey

    Butch, I sincerely hope that even though you seem to speak for Mack, or at least feel the need to speak for him, that he does not share your views on Lebanon and the rest of the county. We need someone who will work with everyone.

    Just an FYI, the first forum was in Lebanon, and was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. The Wilson County Chamber of Commerce, and it was covered by the MJ news as well as its parent company, the Lebanon Democrat.

  11. Larry Whitney


    The City of Lebanon and the County Government have always treated West Wilson (to include Mt Juliet) with disdain and I’ve been here a long time and have lived on both sides of the county.

    Fox will be running for County Mayor in 2010, he has stated as much, and he is as anti-Mt Juliet as they come, although I am sure he will mute that for purposes of getting elected and staying in the public funds trough. In fact his recent ad in the Lebanon Democrat about the Bible Park was paid for with personal funds and sounded like a county-wide election ad. He is starting early with the campaign.

    If he is County Mayor we had better watch out…. His actions over the last 20 years will be a better indicator of his disdain for us than his election campaign words.

    Has Thief Marlowe repaid the County yet for illegally receiving pay for his 6 months of illegal representation of his former district?

  12. Butch Huber


    I don’t speak for Mack, I speak for me. I support Mack for Mayor of Mt. Juliet. Yes, we do need a mayor that will work with everyone, but we also need a Wilson County that is reciprocal as well. I had forgotten that the Chamber held that forum, but since you bring it up, why then wasn’t there a duplicate style meeting here in Mt. Juliet? Mt. Juliet is now the largest city in the county and deserves the distinction of being recognized as such. If there is to only be one of a type of such meeting, shouldn’t it be held here instead of Lebanon?

    The Chamber is hardly unbiased in this election as well, Chris. I heard from a business person here in Mt. Juliet that “Chamber Boys” were down there in the Providence area bad mouthing Mack, saying that if he were left to his own we would be in the horse and buggy age and calling him a “S.O.B”. This is the organization that is allowed to have a forum at city hall and then the West Wilson County Republicans (or Wilson County Republicans, I can’t remember which) are not allowed to hold their meeting at city hall? Randy Robertson, our fearless leader, supposedly was going to allow the meeting and then notified the organization that they would not be able to use the meeting room at city hall because they were biased or some such thing. Linda ended up not going to the Republican forum that was held at the Library…I wonder if she had anything to do with why the City Manager changed his mind about letting them have the meeting at city hall where it could be televised? The chamber is biased. The chamber is supporting Marlowe for Mayor. But not only is the Chamber supporting Marlowe, they apparently are attacking Mack. Why? Because Mack got rid of the property tax and the chamber supports a property tax. Consider who the chamber is supporting now, consider that they are pro-property tax, and then consider where Marlowe’s paycheck comes from and how those funds are received and then decide for yourself whether or not Marlowe is in favor of property taxes. (Yes, Chris, I realize that the money he is paid with is “county” property taxes, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t predisposed to a perception of the value and virtue of a property tax. In otherwords, it wouldn’t take much for him to be persuaded to raise the property tax rates.)

    Chris, Mack needs to be able to work “with” everyone, but the Mayor of Mt. Juliet needs to work “for” Mt. Juliet. Forums held for Mayoral Candidates should be held in Mt. Juliet. They should no more be running up to Lebanon and participating in a forum then Obama and McCain should be running off to Canada or Mexico for a debate. The President of the United States needs to be able to work “with” the rest of the world, but he needs to work “for” the citizens of the United States. It would be a slap in the face for them to hold their debates in Canada or Mexico.

    I guess you just don’t realize the symbolism of our local city politicians going to Lebanon for a forum, especially their first forum. I don’t know why exactly Mack wasn’t there at that forum, I really haven’t asked him. However, if you look at how his absence was covered in the paper and how Brydalski’s absence was covered when he missed the Lebanon Democrat/Mt. Juliet News forum held right here in Mt. Juliet you will see the bias in the papers as well.

    Again, Chris, you still avoid the question. Who do you support for Mayor? You tip-toe around that and just stick your nose in here and there and take cheap shots from time to time from the shadows.

    Meanwhile, you are a county commissioner, you know that Marlowe accepted 7 months pay that he was not entitled to receive, and you do nothing about it. Marlowe, if he hasn’t already been investigated, should be investigated for what he did. Chris, he took money that didn’t belong to him. He may be the nicest guy in the world, but he took something he wasn’t entitled to…that’s stealing no matter how you cut it. Chris, this is simple stuff that even a child could understand. It’s like when you were a kid and watched those old time shows on television where a child steals something, his mom or dad find out about it, and they make him take it back and make things right. Marlowe has now had the opportunity to make things right. His having taken money illegally has been made public, and he does nothing to make things right. I believe the only thing that was done was to see if he cast the deciding vote on any issue during those 7 months, as if that is the only thing that matters.
    What does Marlowe have to do with all of this? I will tell you. I let the reader know who I support. I don’t hide behind the shadows like you do. And since you won’t reveal your candidate, I have to do some deducing for the reader. There are really only four options for Mayor of Mt. Juliet. Mack, Marlowe, Elam and Bradshaw. You don’t seem to support Mack, in fact, you seem to be against Mack. I don’t believe you could seriously consider Bradshaw for obvious reasons. That leaves Elam and Marlowe. You couldn’t hardly vote for Elam after what she has done to your friends and after the fact that she is ignoring you regarding the fire code issue. SO, that leaves Marlowe. Now, you and the other county commissioners have a duty and responsibility to deal with the fact that Marlowe illegally remained in his office for 7 months, taking pay for that position, voting on matters before the commission, and nothing has been done about it. This is a serious issue that you are completely ignoring. Chris, as long as you ignore this issue and done force him to make it right and look the other way you have no credibility with me. This is selective enforcement of the law. I question whether or not Marlowe would even be allowed to run for office again if someone were to investigate his actions and find that he is guilty. Of course, you will find a way to justify not doing anything about it.

    If you are going to engage in the discourse, at least have the courtesy and integrity to state who you are supporting.

  13. legal beagle

    It does appear Marlowe violated TCA-5-5-102. I see no penalty description but any legislation that would have failed without his vote is probably now invalid.

    He probably also violated his oath of office. One would assume that a requirement to uphold state and local law is a part of every County oath.

    You would think Marlowe had to be familiar this section of TCA because it is (c) (1) that allows him to be both an employee and commissioner in the first place.

    5-5-102. Membership. —
    (a) (1) The county legislative body shall be composed of not less than nine (9) nor more than twenty-five (25) members.
    (2) There shall be at least nine (9) districts in the county legislative body in any county designated as a Class 2 county before January 1, 1999, as established by § 8-24-101.
    (b) Members shall reside within and be qualified voters of the districts that they represent.
    (c) (1) Notwithstanding any provision of the law to the contrary, any county employee, otherwise qualified to serve as a member of the county legislative body, shall not be disqualified from such legislative office by reason of being a county employee.

  14. Butch Huber

    Legal Beagle:

    I believe that by continuing to serve on the commission after having moved from his district, Marlowe received a benefit. He was in violation of the law by accepting that benefit. He may well then be guilty of official misconduct. If found guilty of official misconduct, he would not be able to serve in an elected office for ten years. I believe this issue needs to be rectified before he is given another shot at an elected office. According to TCA 5-5-102 (b), the moment he changed his residence to a different district he was no longer qualified for the position of County Commissioner and he could not fulfill his oath of office, which affirms that he is qualified to fill that office.

    This is serious stuff.

  15. legal beagle

    The County Mayor should direct the County Attorney to seek reimbursement for the salary improperly paid to Mr. Marlowe. The County Commission should vote to compel that action if not taken.

    Criminal prosecution is up to the Attorney General but only Republicans get investigated in Wilson County for things like this.

  16. Butch Huber

    I believe the county commission can conduct its own investigation. Upon evidence of public corruption they can ask the TBI to investigate. The TBI has original jurisdiction on matters of public corruption. If they find substantial evidence of public corruption and there isn’t a subsequent prosecution it would be a political nightmare for the District Attorney General. The TBI may ignore a citizen, but I doubt they would ignore the county commission…especially if Mae Beavers and Susan Lynn got involved.

    Again, I don’t have anything against Marlowe on a personal level except that he allows himself to hide behind the excuse that they asked him to stay. If they asked him to steal money, would he do that as well? Taking a paycheck you are not entitled to is stealing, there is no other way around it.

  17. Chris Sorey

    That’s pretty good Butch. I take your argument, which was that Brydalski didn’t show up to a forum so he must have given up, and point out that Mack didn’t show up to a forum as well, and in turn you say I have no credibility with you because I was voted onto the County Commission 6 months after Marlowe resigned. Wow, what a stretch. Point is, you can’t seem to figure out that even your Mack is human, and Brydalski doesn’t need to get your vote, because you are not in his district. Don’t expect to see him knock on your door or ask for your support. In fact, your support might not be good for a candidate.

    Write out the symbolism for me, so that we can all see just how bad it is for a candidate to drive to Lebanon, and meet in a central place with the candidates from Watertown in attendance as well. Can you do that for me there Butch?

    Can anyone tell me how they or MJ have suffered due to the actions of Lebanon or Wilson County?
    I’ll sit back and see where this goes.

  18. 1 Voice of the Brotherhood

    Why does Wilson County provide the City of Lebanon with an 4 man Engine, Two Ambulances, 2 Tankers, and a Rescue Truck even though Lebanon does have it own fire department. even though the population served in West Wilson is larger

    Does Mt. Juliet have the same number of representatives on all of the County Committees?

    Has a Mt. Juliet representative ever been asked to sit in on discussions about tax inequities between Lebanon and the County, that notes Mt. Juliet being provided on Lebanons dime

    Is the county seat required to be in the city with the largest population?

    What town is always first in line consulted on major issues that effect the county?

    Are tax dollars paid by Mt. Juliet residents being used to pay for the Lebanon Special School District

    How can the Berlin Wall being removed and the cities from the East and West get along, instead of us vs them.

    Are any of the new fire engines purchased by WEMA going to Station 3, even though the contract says there is supposed to be 2 engines stationed in the city limits which there isn’t and does the Gladeville pay more in property taxes to be given a new truck

    How’s that for a couple of questions..

  19. Butch Huber

    Chris sent me the following e-mail:

    Feel free to take as much time as you want, but please take time to answer my post when I asked how MJ or any individuals have been harmed by Lebanon or the county.

    If you want any credibility, go ahead and name the person who you heard say Brydalski didn’t go to the forum because he didn’t know what to say. You can’t or won’t name that person, because I believe you made it up.

    For what it is worth, I don’t owe you anything, nor do I feel the need to tell you who I plan to vote for. I have not endorsed anyone, nor would it matter if I did. I sincerely hope that you are in good spirits on Nov. 5th, and realize that the sun will come up no matter who wins. I say this in complete honesty, and only because you have spoken publicly about your illness, and it appears that you are ready to blow any day now. Feel free to post this as well, nothing here that you couldn’t show to your mother.

    Chris, you are a ridiculous dude and you aren’t worth the time of day that it takes to respond to you.

  20. Bobby Franklin


    I do not know why Mack missed the Lebanon forum. Maybe he was out of town or something. I doubt that it was any protest.

    I do know that Mack has a record of leading Mt. Juliet toward working with the county. The county has not always cooperated but many times has.

    The biggest example is the Beckwith Road Interchange. The decision to build that Interchange prior to building the Central Pike Interchange happened while Mack was Mayor. The decision was made long before Providence Marketplace was on the radar screen.

    Two compelling arguments were made by Mack to lead the Commission to vote to build that Interchange first. One, it would benefit the most people in Wilson County. Two, we needed both Interchanges and building the Central Pike one first could stop the Beckwith Road Interchange from ever being built. Interchanges are tough to get in Tennessee.

    Hindsight is always 20 / 20 but in this case so was foresight. It was the right thing to do. The Central Pike Interchange will have to be built and Mt. Juliet will wind up with three Interchanges instead of two. No small feat in this day and age of road building.

    Mt. Juliet approached both the County and Lebanon Commissions and asked for 250,000-dollars of participation. Mt. Juliet had already invested a million. We were turned down. So Mt. Juliet built the front door to Lebanon and Gladeville instead of the front door to Mt. Juliet. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. Mack knew it and made it happen.

    The County did work with Mt. Juliet to construct the road built between East Division and Curd Road. The City designed it and purchased the right-of-way and the County constructed the road.

    The Mt. Juliet / Wilson County Development Board also worked well together to build the infrastructure for Husky Lumber and the new S & S Industry Building.

    I am not supporting Mack for any other reason than I think he will make the best leader. Often time we forget that the Mayor is leader of the Commission. For me it has been between Marlowe and Mack. I could never vote to loan power to someone who has abused it so that rules out Elam. I like Bradshaw but don’t think he can lead this Commission.

    Marlowe might learn the job in a year or two but Mack already knows it and has been effective.

  21. Butch Huber

    Folks, as long as Marlowe continues to keep the money he illegally took from acting as a county commissioner when he was no longer qualified he is continuing the violation. Some think that because they arrived at the scene late they are absolved of any responsibility to do anything about it. That is no different than a change of command at the chief of police level meaning that all crimes up to that point are no longer a criminal act. Randy Robertson suffers from the same affliction. He thinks that the crimes that were committed before he came to Mt. Juliet are not something he has a responsibility to do anything about…I beg to differ. This stick you head in the sand/draw a line in the sand attitude is unacceptable.

    In this campaign, Marlowe is running for the office of Mayor of Mt. Juliet. He accepted money that didn’t belong to him. That is the cold hard fact. He is acting like he “chose” to leave office when a couple of other commissioners had a problem with him being on the commission, but it appears that there is more to the story. I think it is time for the truth to come out about his actions and a reckoning, don’t you?

    Marlowe needs to really think about his actions. He is the principle of a school. He is supposed to be a role model. He went against the ACLU when they tried to stop parents from praying at the school, and now he is refusing to right this wrong? Marlowe, it’s simple, give the money back, admit that you were wrong, and ask for forgiveness. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you, I just want to see that you recognize there is a right and a wrong and that in this case you were wrong. It isn’t hard to ask forgiveness, if you are willing to also give it freely. That’s the biggest problem we face. Politicians are going to mess up, just like the rest of us, except politicians don’t get prosecuted like the rest of us. They are above the law. Everyone knows that, and I have proven it over the past year and a half. Mr. Justice thinks that people of influence are above the law, don’t you Ray.

  22. Chris Sorey

    Sean, the WEMA headquarters is in Downtown Lebanon, which is a central area in the county. It has been there forever. They respond to all areas, not just where the population density is higher. Hopefully, we can build a new WEMA headquarters that will be just outside the city limits, in a central location that will expand the ISO rating in the near future. Lebanon has more medical calls than MJ, so there is a need for a second ambulance. Nothing to brag about there.

    Does MJ have the same number of reps on all of the county committees? Not sure. Doesn’t really matter, because the districts are drawn according to population, not city limits. Committees are chosen a few different ways, depending on the committee. Some are voted on, and some are appointed. I just pulled up the web site, and for the most part, they are spread out. The committee you would be interested in, has 4 members from this side of your wall, and only three from the other.

    The discussions between Leb and WC were before my time, so I do not know who was involved. Doesn’t matter to me either. I think Lebanon is overtaxed as well. They need to rethink the scenario, because I DO NOT believe MJ is under taxed, I just think Lebanon is overtaxed. That is something the Lebanon council will have to fix. They need to lower taxes, and the LSSD would be a good place to start.

    No, the county seat is not required to be in the city with the largest population, and can you imagine the cost associated with moving everything to the MJ side? That’s a ridiculous notion.

    Yes, the LSSD gets money from the county property tax and uses it for LSSD. At the same time, Lebanon has a lot more sales tax than MJ, even with Providence. Which is fair? I think it is fair when you stop looking at city limits and start looking at the big picture, which is the county. I do not support a special school district, but at this time, not much I can do about that. Do you think Grundy County pays as much in sales tax to the state as Davidson? There was a big court case a while back on school funding from the state, and they all deserve the same, no matter what the population is. Why, it is the same state, just as we are all in the same county.

    You know as well as I do that one of the new quad cab engines will be placed at Station 3. The contract also says that MJ would provide volunteers, which that program is not up and running yet, is it? The new trucks will be here before the volunteers will be ready, so where is the gripe? There isn’t another truck to place there right now. Gladeville will not pay more in property taxes even if they get a new engine, because it is a county service, and the entire county benefits from the service. You drive all over the county, so no matter where your home is, you need emergency services. Gladeville is also the second closest to the south end of MJ, or Providence.

    The wall, well, it is more apparent on this site than it is in any County Commission meeting. I honestly believe that it is a bigger deal in a few minds than it ever is when decisions are being made. After all, our kids are in a brand new high school.

  23. Chris Sorey

    Bobby, I in no way damaged Mack, nor was I trying to discredit him. I was merely pointing out that Butch has and continues to make accusations, and they have no merit. The only way to show him how absurd his rants were was to use the facts that I put out there. Butch accused someone of something that his candidate was guilty of, and at the end of the day, those forums will not pull that many votes one way or another.

    No matter who was mayor, or becomes the next mayor, the growth was coming to the area due to the location, and will continue.

  24. Butch Huber
    Here is some light reading for those in D1. This is a transcript from a taped conversation between Ray Justice and then Chief Kenny Martin. You decide. 1 Highlighted sections on pages 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 14, 19, 23, 28 2 45, and 46 3 4 5 6 7 _________________________________________________________ 8 9 10 TRANSCRIPTION OF TAPED CONVERSATION 11 BETWEEN TWO INDIVIDUALS 12 13 14 _________________________________________________________ 15 16 17 CORRECTED 18 19 20 21 _________________________________________________________ 22 ELITE REPORTING SERVICES BETTY CURRY MINTON, RPR, CSR (LA) 23 P.O. Box 292382 Nashville, Tennessee 37229 24 (615)595-0073 25 Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 1 1 RAY JUSTICE: If one of the officers pulled 2 Judge Gwinn over, and said, “Oh, God, it’s the judge.” 3 CHIEF MARTIN: Uh-huh. 4 RAY JUSTICE: And he’s had too much to drink. 5 You know, I’m just going to carry him to his house — I am 6 not going to put him in that kind of predicament 7 regardless — yeah, guess what, it just came down to who 8 he was. It sure did. 9 CHIEF MARTIN: Okay. 10 RAY JUSTICE: If it sounds like I’m saying 11 “play politics,” I guess that’s what it is. That’s just a 12 matter of somebody who has done a service for the city, 13 who is not a bad person, who’s screwed up one time. 14 CHIEF MARTIN: Uh-huh. 15 RAY JUSTICE: And you think they deserve that 16 break. And then you’re not allowing the officer to be 17 able to say I’m going to give him a break. He has to 18 absolutely go through the system first. Do you follow me? 19 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, I follow you. I don’t 20 think that’s the right thing to do. If I’m intoxicated 21 that I should be treated any different than anybody else 22 no matter who I am or what I’ve given to the community. 23 RAY JUSTICE: Well, guess what, you would be. 24 Let’s jump into the real world real quick. 25 CHIEF MARTIN: That may be the way the real Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 2 1 world is but it’s not the way it should be. What that 2 gets you into though is a situation like that. I’ll give 3 you an example. The situation that’s going on right now 4 in — I’m not sure which county it’s in. It’s up there 5 around Clarksville. What is that Montgomery County? 6 RAY JUSTICE: Uh-huh. 7 CHIEF MARTIN: I think so. The sheriff up 8 there. There was a city council person who was arrested 9 the other night. He called in. She got arrested. It 10 didn’t matter what she was doing. She got arrested and it 11 was the right thing to do. But he called in and said oh, 12 you know, let her go on her own bond. But there was a 13 fireman that had been arrested at the same check point 14 that night and he had to make bond and the whole deal. 15 And he’s facing a huge amount of criticism for that right 16 now. 17 So those are the kind of situations that I look 18 at. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t do stuff like that. 19 That’s not taking discretion out. If an officer feels 20 like, hey, this guy is good enough to drive on home. I 21 feel pretty good about it. They can still do that. But 22 when you say no, you can’t drive. You’re going to have to 23 leave your car here and I’m going to take you, you know, 24 take you home and take your right away from you. That 25 very person that you helped out, could go home and could Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 3 1 come back to be your worst enemy. Or it could get back 2 out or could make issue about it the next day and you’re 3 standing there with egg on your face going, yeah, I did 4 take them home. And you’ve got a hundred other people 5 that you arrested last year going, yeah, but you didn’t do 6 that for me. 7 RAY JUSTICE: Well, I understand what you’re 8 saying but there are certain people that I — you know, 9 and it’s going to be an extreme circumstance. 10 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, if it’s an extreme 11 circumstance then the discretion is still there, you know. 12 Of course, I don’t know what an extreme circumstance would 13 mean necessarily, but if you’re saying — 14 RAY JUSTICE: Well, a Judge Gwinn, for 15 instance. 16 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, if it’s Judge Gwinn and 17 he’s out here drinking and driving, he shouldn’t be 18 treated any differently than anybody else. And I know 19 that’s happened and it happens but it don’t make it right 20 for me to say hey, guys, you know, if it’s somebody 21 special, don’t arrest him. I would never do that. 22 RAY JUSTICE: Well, no. But I guess, the 23 best thing to do is not to address it at all. Some things 24 are better left alone and said, you know, you did what you 25 felt was the right thing at the time. And you probably Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 4 1 did the right thing. 2 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah. But that’s why you’ve 3 got to have polices and procedures in place so that when 4 you don’t, it won’t be that easy just to say well, you 5 thought that was the right thing to do because somebody is 6 going to be on the carpet for it and has to answer to it. 7 RAY JUSTICE: Well, you see this is what gets 8 us into for instance Metro right now and, you know, Wesley 9 can say what he wants to but I’ve done heard it from too 10 many. If a Mt. Juliet officer gets pulled over in 11 Metro — 12 CHIEF MARTIN: Uh-huh. 13 RAY JUSTICE: — his butt is in jail. No 14 questions asked. A Lebanon officer gets pulled over in 15 Metro, he’s not going to be charged. A Wilson County 16 officer gets pulled over in Metro, they’re not going to be 17 charged. 18 CHIEF MARTIN: Why would we be charged and 19 them not be charged? 20 RAY JUSTICE: Because of the lack of 21 discretion on the part of the officer. Because they know 22 that if they get pulled over in Mt. Juliet, they’re 23 getting nailed. That’s the — that’s the word over there. 24 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, that should be the word 25 everywhere, I mean, if you’re drinking and driving. Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 5 1 Because if not, you get what you call a professional 2 courtesy situation going or a double standard and people 3 will eat you alive. So that you can’t do that. 4 RAY JUSTICE: Well, we’re just going to have 5 to agree to disagree on this one because I believe there 6 has to be a professional courtesy. You know, that’s just 7 like speeding. Metro police officers will tell you right 8 now, if you’re in Mt. Juliet and you’ve got a ticket, 9 don’t even bother. 10 CHIEF MARTIN: But in these type of 11 situations, but for somebody that was raised old school 12 like myself, and I’m sure you were as well. My dad is 13 just regular old people. My family is just regular old 14 people. Didn’t know anybody. So say that — hang on just 15 a second — hello. 16 (Interruption by call.) 17 RAY JUSTICE: What were you saying there? 18 CHIEF MARTIN: No, but — I done forgot where 19 I — where I was headed now. But somebody — so basically 20 what precedent that sets is saying who do we consider 21 somebody and who do we consider nobody? 22 RAY JUSTICE: Again, professional courtesy. 23 CHIEF MARTIN: The nobodies end up getting 24 charged with stuff. While, you know, the somebodies get 25 away with everything and that’s just not right. And I Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 6 1 hope you see my heart on it. It’s not a case about — and 2 that’s the whole point of being in law enforcement when 3 you put on the badge is to do the right thing. 4 Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have — if 5 somebody stops you for speeding or something and says 6 well, it’s Ray. I’m going to let him go or sees you going 7 down the road. That’s their choice to make. There hasn’t 8 been any discretion taken out of that. But when you take 9 somebody’s right away from them. You stop them and say, 10 okay, I’m not allowing you the right to drive. 11 And I’ve been burned on these situations before 12 where you try to play nice guy and all of a sudden the 13 next day, you’re somebody’s worst enemy because today you 14 didn’t do anything yesterday or situations where the 15 person gets back out and gets himself hurt or hurts 16 somebody else. Ultimately, at the end of the day, I have 17 got to explain that as the officer. Well, I thought I was 18 doing the right thing helping. Yeah, but did you do that 19 for all of the other people. 20 It’s like a ticket, you know. You’re out here 21 writing fifty tickets a month and then out of those fifty 22 tickets, there are ten people who came to you because they 23 knew somebody or had a buddy and said, oh, hey, can you 24 help me with that or do this or that. Yeah, for you I 25 will because it’s professional courtesy. I mean, can you Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 7 1 see how something like that can come back to get you? 2 RAY JUSTICE: Yeah, I see what you’re saying. 3 Like I said, it’s been done for probably hundreds of years 4 and, you know, I just think what’s happening we’re letting 5 lawyers get involved too much. You and I both know that 6 if a Metro police officer is going down the road and he’s 7 had too much to drink, you know, me and the county, I’m 8 going to do everything I can do to get his butt at the 9 house. 10 Now, I had a girl pull out of the Country Pub the 11 other night and her fiancee is Gary Chumley — works for 12 Metro and she had had too much to drink at a party. And 13 — she had had too much to drink at a party. Well, I go 14 do the field sobriety test and I’m getting ready to hook 15 her up. And that’s when she tells me who her fiancee is 16 and it just so happened he was working. And I called him 17 up and he came out and got her and took her home. Now, 18 would I have done that if he wouldn’t have been a police 19 officer? No, I sure would not have. But there’s a 20 courtesy that I feel, you know, that we owe each other. 21 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, but I mean, about the 22 courtesy thing, there’s a similar situation like that in 23 Nashville, one officer saying well, if it’s a Titan’s 24 player, call me and I’ll take them home and another 25 officer saying well, they should be treated like everybody Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 8 1 else. 2 RAY JUSTICE: Well, Shawn Taylor out there 3 who is also the one who started the crap about Mr. Juliet 4 because his wife got a ticket. He’s the same officer who 5 arrested Steve McNair. Now, this all comes down to he 6 just wanted to bring attention to himself. That’s all 7 that was. That was wrong too. Not necessarily wrong for 8 doing it but wrong for the reason he did it. 9 CHIEF MARTIN: I mean, you know I love you to 10 death. I’m just old fashion and a stickler about doing 11 the right thing. Because it seems like when you do the 12 right thing and everybody knows you do the right thing, 13 it’s like the time I had to arrest the trooper for 14 domestic assault. If somebody comes to my house and I’ve 15 arrested — I’ve assaulted my wife and it’s a legitimate 16 assault, the only thing I know to tell them — they better 17 arrest me because I’ve done wrong. But nothing should 18 condone me doing any different than anybody else. 19 RAY JUSTICE: Can you hold? 20 CHIEF MARTIN: Sure. 21 RAY JUSTICE: Yeah. 22 CHIEF MARTIN: Okay. 23 RAY JUSTICE: Right now, my turn. No, I 24 mean, I understand what you’re saying. I just believe, 25 you know, there’s a law there. And you know that law’s Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 9 1 there. Once we start ignoring it — and I mean, there’s 2 nothing left. We’ll have people turning on each other 3 right and left, you know. 4 CHIEF MARTIN: I’m saying people — I know 5 without a doubt, the new Chief at Metro. Of course, I’ve 6 talked to them enough to know. If I went down to Metro, I 7 doubt there would be much professional courtesy. And if 8 I’m speeding in Metro, which I wouldn’t disrespect them by 9 doing so, because I know they’re out there doing the right 10 things. Right is right and wrong is wrong. To get into 11 — I mean, where does it stop? I mean, is it just police 12 officers or is it fire fighters, is it nurses, is it local 13 contractors? I mean, before you know it everybody is 14 stopping. 15 You know, You’ll run into a situation where Ray 16 Justice arrested somebody last week for DUI but then this 17 week his best buddy finds out that you had stopped him — 18 because he knew him better than the other guy, he took him 19 home, or let somebody come get him. And that guy is going 20 to be furious. So when you always do right and people 21 know that you do right, I wouldn’t have a problem. If I 22 go to Metro and they arrest me because I’m drinking and 23 driving then I should not have been drinking and driving. 24 RAY JUSTICE: Like I said, I mean, 25 I understand where you’re coming from. I just disagree. Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 10 1 I believe there’s — you know, I mean that’s just so 2 dangerous. Now, we’ve got — and by the way, I will tell 3 you. Metro police officers, regardless Chief Serpas says 4 it or whatever, it doesn’t make any difference, you know, 5 for the most part if it’s a police officer, they’re going 6 to do everything in their power not to arrest that person. 7 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, well, if they do that, 8 you have to have a policy in place. Say you have a policy 9 in place and an officer does something, they feel it’s the 10 right thing to do. They’re not really taking their option 11 away from them. They choose to do it, if they’re going to 12 do it, like you say, they’ve got every — they’re going to 13 do everything in their power to do it. So say they do it. 14 Well, at least, then the administrators, the one that put 15 those things in place are going to be covered if an 16 officer goes outside of that policy. That may set the 17 officer out but they put themselves in that position to 18 make that decision. 19 RAY JUSTICE: Well, I guess, the problem 20 comes in though, and I’ll tell you what I heard. Okay. 21 And it was — for instance, this person would get 22 arrested. I don’t understand why this person got arrested 23 when they were, like, literally a half a block from their 24 house. If they’re a half a block from their house, you 25 know, and you can justify — I say justify, when I say Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 11 1 that, I mean, you can say you know they’re a half a block 2 from their house, you know. This person is sick. You 3 know, there were some extenuating circumstances. But, you 4 know, this person was sick and a half a block from their 5 house. I could probably call somebody to come pick this 6 person up. 7 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, when you say sick, you 8 mean needing medical treatment or just sick from alcohol? 9 RAY JUSTICE: Well, I don’t know what they 10 were sick from. I’m going to say probably not from the 11 alcohol. 12 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, I guess, if you could, 13 you know, document or if you had to articulate, if 14 somebody said why did you let this person go home, it 15 would be like a ticket that I might be able to — for 16 example, your house burns down and I wrote you four 17 tickets. You come to court next month, you know, even 18 though I wrote other people four tickets too, they’re not 19 in the same situation. I wouldn’t have a problem standing 20 in front of the judge and saying, Judge, Mr. Ray Justice’s 21 house burned down. He’s lost everything he owns. If you 22 don’t have a problem with it, I’d like to ask that these 23 citations be dismissed. I know you could probably justify 24 and articulate that. 25 And I think the officer should know if they can Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 12 1 justify and articulate something. I don’t think the 2 selling point would be if they were a half of a mile from 3 home if that’s the case or a block. Because then the DUI 4 person — and you’ve had this happen to you — just keeps 5 on driving. Well, he got in his driveway. He didn’t run. 6 He just didn’t know I was behind him because they’re so 7 intoxicated. Since he’s in his driveway, I’m going to let 8 him go on in. If you could articulate, I don’t think 9 anybody would give you a hard time here. If you said 10 well, the guy was sick and he had been drinking but he was 11 sick. You’re writing that in your report and you feel 12 good about it. I don’t think anybody is going to have a 13 problem with that. 14 That doesn’t take the discretion out of being 15 compassionate. You know, being compassionate because 16 somebody is special or knows somebody or is a police 17 officer or whatever, you can’t articulate it. You know 18 that old saying what would Jesus do. Well, if you can say 19 it publicly, I wouldn’t have a problem at all. And said 20 yes, sir, he has been drinking, you know, unfortunately he 21 fell and struck his head or had the flu or was sick and I 22 didn’t feel like it would be doing anybody good for him to 23 be sitting up there at the Sheriff’s Department — the 24 best place for him is probably at the hospital. There’s 25 discretion there. There’s nothing wrong with Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 13 1 compassionate and using common sense. 2 RAY JUSTICE: I don’t think the officers 3 realize that there’s that kind of discretion. Because, 4 again, this particular case, and like I said, I’ll be the 5 first one to tell you if it’s a police officer or — you 6 know Kevin Mack — if he’s driving down the road and he’s 7 drinking, I’m going to make sure Kevin gets home. I’m not 8 going to arrest Kevin. He and I have had our 9 disagreements and our differences. I’m not going to do 10 that to him. Now, does he deserve it? Yeah, he deserves 11 it. But at the same time, think about what just happened 12 to him. Think about the humility that he’s going through. 13 Is that not just as big a lesson to him? 14 CHIEF MARTIN: Oh, yeah, I mean, but that’s 15 the same to the lady that works up there at the Waffle 16 House, who’s trying to do a job. It’s going to be just as 17 bad for her because she probably doesn’t have the 18 resources as somebody else who makes more money or has a 19 bigger job and it’s going to cost her the same humiliation 20 in the community. That’s what I’m trying to look at is 21 for the average Joe out here. 22 RAY JUSTICE: Well, my understanding — I’m 23 for the average Joe, too. The guy out here makes $150,000 24 a year and owns a business downtown, if he’s out here and 25 he’s drinking and driving, chances are he’s going to get Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 14 1 arrested. If there’s anyway at all when he comes to court 2 that I feel like he has learned his lesson, I’ll go to the 3 DA and I’ll even make a comment to the DA if there’s 4 anything we can do. I don’t have a problem. 5 I did that on a guy here not long ago. The guy 6 didn’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out 7 of. It had nothing to do with how much money he made. It 8 was whether or not I felt like that he actually had 9 screwed up one time or not, you know. I absolutely feel 10 good about the officer discretion part. And I just 11 believe when you take the discretion out of the hands of 12 the police officers, you’ve got robots. 13 CHIEF MARTIN: You’re going to have 14 discretion but discretion that most anybody ever utilized 15 before — and I think you probably know it as well as 16 anybody if you knew somebody, you could get out of it; or 17 if you just wanted — if you got stopped and it was just 18 easier for them just to — let somebody come get them and 19 what we ended up doing is sitting on the side of the road 20 for 45 minutes to an hour. But you had already committed, 21 yeah, sure, come on after this guy. I’ll sit here and 22 wait. We’d end up tying up an officer sitting on the side 23 of the road waiting for somebody to come get a drunk 24 person. We were doing more than that. We were actually 25 prosecuting people for drinking and driving, going out Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 15 1 here risking people’s lives. 2 RAY JUSTICE: Well, again, I don’t 3 necessarily agree with that at all, but. 4 CHIEF MARTIN: You mean with the way it was 5 being done? 6 RAY JUSTICE: I don’t believe — no, I don’t 7 believe sitting there thirty minutes or forty-five 8 minutes. 9 CHIEF MARTIN: Oh, yeah, that’s what they do. 10 You can see two officers sitting there and watch the 11 time-date generator and it ended up being an hour at 12 times. They always told you ten minutes. I’m coming out 13 of Antioch. I can be there in ten minutes. Well, once 14 you’ve committed. 15 RAY JUSTICE: Well, you know what coming out 16 of Antioch, it’s a little bit difficult. I mean, 17 someplace local, a local come gets you, we’ll talk, but. 18 CHIEF MARTIN: But I think you see my heart. 19 I do understand what you’re saying. But, of course, it’s 20 not that black and white. When you start allowing that, I 21 think you’re opening yourself up — if you always do right 22 and do the right thing. The officer feels they were not 23 intoxicated and he feels goods about letting them drive on 24 home. That’s fine. But when you’ve taken somebody’s 25 right away and said I’m not going to let you drive. You Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 16 1 have got to have somebody come get you. 2 It’s one thing if you have a diabetic situation or 3 you’re sick cause you can articulate they weren’t 4 intoxicated. They haven’t broken any laws. They were 5 just not in the condition to drive. They were ill, having 6 an asthma attack or something. I can articulate that all 7 day long and feel good about it. 8 But if I said, well, I let this guy go because 9 he’s a policeman, you know, that’s my honest reason unless 10 I’m going to lie in court, or I let this guy go because he 11 was a good ole’ boy or a buddy of mine, but I didn’t all 12 these others. Then I feel like I’ve got to look at all of 13 these other people that I’ve done the other to in the face 14 and I can’t feel good about me as a police officer doing 15 that. Not that anybody — if somebody else feels good 16 about that themselves, that’s okay. But that’s the main 17 reason for it, not to mention the liability issues that go 18 along with it. 19 RAY JUSTICE: Well, I understand, I guess, 20 anyway — 21 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, I know it’s probably 22 coming from somebody that’s complained to you or one of 23 the officers because there wouldn’t be any reason for it 24 coming up, but — 25 RAY JUSTICE: No, it wasn’t one of the Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 17 1 officers that complained to me. It was somebody who’s 2 talked to you even. 3 CHIEF MARTIN: You’re talking about one of 4 officers that’s talked to me? 5 RAY JUSTICE: No. 6 CHIEF MARTIN: Or somebody of stature or 7 something? 8 RAY JUSTICE: Somebody here in the city 9 talked to you. 10 CHIEF MARTIN: City — works for the city, 11 Mr. Juliet? 12 RAY JUSTICE: No, they live here in the city 13 of used to live here in the city. 14 CHIEF MARTIN: I’m not sure. I talk to 15 people all the time. Nobody has called me and said 16 anything to me recently, hey, could you let somebody go on 17 a DUI. 18 RAY JUSTICE: Ed Binkley? 19 CHIEF MARTIN: He didn’t call me and say 20 could you let somebody go on a DUI? 21 RAY JUSTICE: What did he say? 22 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, that would be between he 23 and I. I don’t want to (inaudible). 24 RAY JUSTICE: But I mean, as far as — I 25 mean, I understand but he — did he ask for help, I guess? Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 18 1 CHIEF MARTIN: No. I don’t know who said 2 that. He was — in no shape, form, or fashion did any 3 such thing. 4 RAY JUSTICE: All right. But — anytime we 5 can help somebody like Ed Binkley, who’s given their life 6 for the City of Mt. Juliet, keep him out of jail. People 7 deserve breaks. I mean, even if it was me, like I said, 8 you won’t find anybody more harsher on DUI’s than me. 9 It’s just not they are not out there. 10 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, let me ask you this 11 question. Say a situation comes up or somebody gets 12 arrested, say like on a Friday night. Say, you’re the one 13 that can make the decision and you’re sitting in the 14 catbird’s seat and you find out about it the next day or 15 say Monday, what would you do in a situation like that, 16 hypothetically? What do you do once somebody has been 17 already been arrested, for example? Steven McNair has 18 already been arrested, and you can help him out, for 19 example. 20 RAY JUSTICE: If I can help that person out? 21 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah. I mean, what do you do? 22 What is the parameters? How do you do it? 23 RAY JUSTICE: Basically, you know, I’ll go to 24 the officer and say, you know if there is something that 25 you feel like you’re comfortable doing, you know, to help. Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 19 1 Now, I don’t want you to think that policy in this 2 department is going to stand in your way as far as 3 allowing somebody a break or allowing you discretion to 4 give somebody a break. I mean, that’s all that amounts 5 to. What is a speeding ticket? What’s it considered a 6 Class C misdemeanor? 7 CHIEF MARTIN: Uh-huh. 8 RAY JUSTICE: Okay. What is a DUI, Class D? 9 CHIEF MARTIN: Even solicitation of 10 cancelling a citation according to TCA is a violation. 11 RAY JUSTICE: I know that. We both know 12 that. That’s not what I’m suggesting at all. All I’m 13 saying is I don’t want you to think our policy is so 14 harsh, you know, that if the opportunity presents itself, 15 that you cannot allow somebody some leeway or maybe even 16 giving somebody a break, you know, as opposed to — you’ve 17 got to handcuff them — you’ve got to take them to jail. 18 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, but where does that stop 19 through, I mean? Is this thing — well, you’ve got 20 marijuana — 21 RAY JUSTICE: But you’ve got to understand, 22 you know. We do have policies. We have procedures for a 23 reason. You know, we follow those as far as you can 24 follow them. If you feel comfortable in allowing the 25 person the opportunity to do that. All right. If you Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 20 1 don’t feel comfortable — you feel like the person is 2 going — if somebody that’s going to — well, the way you 3 explain it, it comes back and bites you in the butt is 4 what it amounts to. 5 CHIEF MARTIN: No, I just think a lot of it 6 has to do with if you can look in the mirror or not and 7 feel good about what you’re doing. And each person has a 8 different feel about that. But if you’re doing right by 9 everybody and trying to treat everybody the same, which 10 you need to try to make an effort because everybody 11 ultimately is — they all deserve the same rights. 12 RAY JUSTICE: Well, sure. 13 CHIEF MARTIN: That’s just a given 14 RAY JUSTICE: Well, I’ll give you a real good 15 example. They laugh up there at the jail about me, Kim 16 Roberts especially, because I’m so nice to people. 17 CHIEF MARTIN: No, that should be — that 18 should be a given. Just because someone has committed a 19 crime, even if it’s harsh. 20 RAY JUSTICE: Doesn’t make them a bad 21 person. It means they screwed up. 22 CHIEF MARTIN: They messed up. But as a 23 police officer, you’re entrusted to do the right thing 24 24/7, no matter what. And that’s sort of the dilemma that 25 we’re in. It doesn’t mean that you as Ray Justice see Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 21 1 someone speeding down the road, you go, well, hey, that’s 2 Kenny Martin. You decide not to stop him. That’s 3 something you decide upon on your own. But nobody gets 4 hurt in the end because the person continues down the 5 road. 6 But now, you as Ray Justice see Kenny Martin 7 driving and drinking down the road and you go well, good 8 grief, if I stop him, you’ve messed up. I’m going to have 9 to arrest him. Because that’s the right thing to do if 10 I’m drinking and driving because we shouldn’t be treated 11 with a double standard any different than anybody else. 12 But if you turn a blind eye and say, well, if we stop him 13 — never mind, I’ll just take my chances and keep my 14 fingers crossed and maybe he’ll make it. You’re not even 15 doing me justice because I could get myself killed or get 16 somebody else killed. 17 So that’s one of those things to me. I know it’s 18 a personal thing that people can’t understand. And I know 19 I could probably spend the whole day trying to explain it 20 to you and explain my heart. You know me as a person. 21 RAY JUSTICE: Right 22 CHIEF MARTIN: And you know how I feel about 23 stuff. But it’s a situation of trying to do the right 24 thing. And in law enforcement I feel like we’re held to a 25 higher standard. And I just want to do everything that I Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 22 1 can to make sure we’re doing that. 2 That’s what I tell folks, if you get Kenny Martin, 3 I wouldn’t be tickled about it, I wouldn’t love it, don’t 4 want to go to jail, but I know a way to fix that, don’t 5 drink and drive. If I don’t drink and drive, I should 6 never have to worry about that happening. 7 RAY JUSTICE: Well, like I said there is a 8 double standard. You and I both know it has always 9 existed. But there’s also a standard that allows — and 10 it’s a lawful standard that allows police officers the 11 discretion whether or not to arrest or to not arrest. And 12 you know, I’d really have to question that policy. It 13 really takes that discretion out. Let me give you another 14 example. Okay. Because if I understand, of course, this 15 is my understanding. I may be completely wrong on this. 16 All right. Correct me if I am. If you go up on a 17 domestic, okay. 18 CHIEF MARTIN: Uh-huh. 19 RAY JUSTICE: And say a person and I’ll tell 20 you how we did with the Sheriff’s Department after I get 21 through. Say, the person you walked up to this person and 22 he’s trying to walk back into his door, you know, to go 23 back in to get his car keys. He’s not drunk, okay. They 24 just had an argument basically. And he walks back into 25 the house and he’s walking back into the house, the wife Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 23 1 is standing beside the door and she tries to shove the 2 door. She tries to stand in his way and he puts his hand 3 out and says move out of my way. I’ve got to go into the 4 house. Now, he has just laid hands on her. All right. 5 CHIEF MARTIN: I guess, if he actually put 6 his hand on her, yes. 7 RAY JUSTICE: If he put his hand on her. 8 Wasn’t hard, he didn’t shove her or hit her or anything 9 like that. But in doing so, say, there’s a tear in the 10 carpet and she kind of stepped backward a little bit and 11 scratches her arm on the window seal. He goes on in and 12 he gets his car keys. He goes back out and he gets in the 13 car and about that time the sheriff’s car pulls up. Okay. 14 Now, my understanding is Mt. Juliet police officers pulled 15 up and she has got a scratch on her arm. Did he do 16 anything overt to make that happen? No, that was simply 17 an accident. 18 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, you can articulate that 19 in your report. You wouldn’t make an arrest. That’s a 20 common sense thing, too. But the state laws is what we go 21 by. The state law says if you can determine that there is 22 a primary aggressor, that person shall be arrested. 23 That’s why they don’t encourage you to try to arrest both 24 parties, if you’re uncertain. It’s all about 25 articulation. Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 24 1 If you can articulate in your report why you 2 didn’t arrest somebody. You can say it was an accident. 3 She was closing the door at the same time he was coming in 4 and when he pushed the door open and she fell back and she 5 scratched her elbow. No arrest made because there was no 6 actual intentional assault. 7 RAY JUSTICE: Well, it can also be 8 articulated that he was the primary aggressor. 9 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, if the officer writes it 10 that way. I mean, from the way you’re explaining it to 11 me. It doesn’t sound like he’s the primary aggressor. It 12 sounds like to me he was trying to come back in and get 13 his keys. She’s closing the door. He pushes the door 14 open. Now, if he intentionally said yeah, I pushed her to 15 get her out of the way, she was trying to close the door 16 on me or was trying to close the door, and I pushed it 17 open and knocked her down. And if it’s done in such a way 18 that it was an intentional thing. If it was an accident, 19 it was an accident. 20 RAY JUSTICE: Well, again there may be some 21 explaining to do there, Lucy. Because I don’t know that 22 some Mt. Juliet officers would say, you know what, you’re 23 going to jail, dude. 24 CHIEF MARTIN: And they might. That can 25 happen in any situation. That can happen with the Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 25 1 Sheriff’s Department, Lebanon, Watertown, Metro. A lot of 2 it is about interpretation, and how the officer interprets 3 it. You know the laws are there. But you know like I do, 4 laws are gray. They’re very vague at times. So a lot of 5 officers — what one may consider someone to be a primary 6 aggressor. But that officer is going to have to attest to 7 that in court and prove their case. Much less to do that 8 when they get to the judicial commissioner. 9 So everything you do is about articulation. I can 10 articulate a report if I went somewhere and it was very 11 evident that something was a total accident. I mean, I 12 could call any situation something the way that you write 13 it. But it is, what it is. If I’m standing beside Debbie 14 and we’re in the kitchen cooking and I’m cooking spaghetti 15 and it splatters, it splatters on her, you know, and she 16 gets burned, and the neighbors hear her scream and they 17 call and say hey, I think there’s a domestic. But if 18 Debbie chooses when the police get there to say “hey, he 19 threw hot spaghetti on me intentionally” and she acts like 20 she’s the complainant and victim, well, it depends on if 21 the person is telling the truth or not. She says, no, we 22 were just both cooking spaghetti. We were both standing 23 here. He lifted the lid and it splattered. That’s an 24 accident. 25 RAY JUSTICE: Well, again, it’s Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 26 1 discretionary. 2 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, they have discretion. 3 Discretion is to determine whether or not someone is too 4 intoxicated to drive or not. If they are, they’ll say, 5 well, I’m not going to allow you to drive home and they’ve 6 taken the right away from them. They’ve actually placed 7 them under arrest even though they didn’t place cuffs on 8 them. They have that discretion to determine whether or 9 not they feel like that person is capable of driving and 10 they’re okay. You can articulate that later with your 11 hand held high in a court of law with your hand on the 12 Bible but I felt like he was fine to drive home. I ran 13 him through all of the tests. He did the field sobriety 14 test. I felt comfortable they were okay. 15 But you couldn’t do that if you said, no, I didn’t 16 feel like it so I called his buddy to let him come to give 17 him a break. There’s nothing wrong with trying to give 18 somebody a break. But the end result can be deadly. A 19 lot of times, it leads to domestics once that person gets 20 home or they get back out and drive. 21 RAY JUSTICE: Okay. 22 CHIEF MARTIN: I just ask the question is 23 that fair to all the other people that get hauled off to 24 jail especially when you get into favoritism and start 25 using other things as a deciding factor. You decide that Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 27 1 ahead of time, it’s one thing. But if you decide it after 2 the fact, that’s something else. 3 RAY JUSTICE: Like I said, I think we’re 4 going to have to agree to disagree. I believe, you know, 5 to give them a break, from time to time; and it all 6 depends on the circumstances, whatever, you know. And I 7 can’t sit here and tell you what the situations might — 8 well, I can too. That police officer coming and getting 9 his fiancee the other night. You know this is the guy 10 that does the same thing for a living. He’s the same guy 11 that gets out here and puts his vest on and the gun belt 12 — he gets shot at and beat up and stuff thrown at him and 13 cussed and spit on, just like I do. He’s probably — for 14 what he does, he’s just as underpaid as I am. I just 15 believe that person deserves some opportunity, you know, 16 maybe just one chance, maybe just one shot. But if that’s 17 favoritism toward police officers then I reckon. I don’t 18 know there’s anything that I can do to change my mindset 19 on that. 20 CHIEF MARTIN: No, I mean, I understand your 21 heart. I don’t criticize you for it. I mean, that’s all 22 I ask is for folks not to criticize the way — I’m trying 23 to be as honest and as fair as I can be and do the right 24 thing. And that’s just something that weighs heavy on my 25 heart. It doesn’t mean if you don’t that you’re anything Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 28 1 less than I am. I’m just saying that’s just my personal 2 belief. And I don’t want to be crucified for it or hung 3 from the highest flagpole for the fact that I believe if I 4 can do right, I’m going to do right. 5 In the simple fix — just like with the citation, 6 I know that if Kenny Martin doesn’t want a speeding 7 citation especially when I’m going down Briley Parkway by 8 Opryland now, Chief Serpas has given me a very clear 9 warning and anybody else that goes through there. If the 10 officer stops and chooses not to write a citation, that’s 11 something they did. By me continuing on, unless I 12 continue to drive like an idiot, I shouldn’t be a danger 13 to anybody. 14 But if that officer wants to risk his career and 15 his department’s fate by saying well, I tell you want I’ll 16 use my judgment here. I’m going to go ahead and let you 17 drive and you’ve been drinking, that’s one thing. Or take 18 a chance and say I tell you what, I’ll let somebody come 19 get you. You know, if they come get you, that can also be 20 something that is very detrimental. Because the person 21 can go right down the road and those situations have 22 actually happened. You know those situations that have 23 happened as well where the person goes “They ain’t going 24 to tell me I can’t drive.” 25 But you know that’s why they’ve got these holding Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 29 1 periods and cooling off times and all for domestic 2 situations because it was far too many times where 3 somebody went up and let somebody on their own 4 recognizance and they went right back home and it 5 escalated into something worse or somebody got killed. 6 RAY JUSTICE: Well — 7 CHIEF MARTIN: That’s just my heart. I’m 8 always disappointed when you make these kind of calls to 9 me because you and I are so close. It’s like — 10 RAY JUSTICE: This is not me. This is just 11 saying, guess what Kenny, me and you are friends and we 12 disagree. 13 CHIEF MARTIN: I know somebody must have 14 called you or you wouldn’t have called unless somebody 15 called you or said something to you. For someone to call 16 and say after the fact, especially someone that’s been 17 arrested, “can you help them out.” I always say and will 18 always say that’s between the arresting officer and the 19 district attorney’s office and the judge. It has nothing 20 do with me. And in no shape, form or fashion am I ever 21 going to say anything to an officer. That’s the kind of 22 support that I try to give the officers that nobody ever 23 mentions. 24 RAY JUSTICE: And nobody knows about it 25 because you don’t say anything. Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 30 1 CHIEF MARTIN: Well, you can’t go around 2 talking about it. It’s not about getting praised or 3 anything. But their support and doing the right thing to 4 me when you take all of the questions out of it because 5 sure enough I’ve been called before in the middle of the 6 night where somebody says well, I’ve got such and such 7 stopped. 8 I’ll give you an example. There was a young man 9 that got stopped from Public Works and he was intoxicated 10 (inaudible). I thought the young man was a great young 11 man. Didn’t have anything in the world against him. But 12 here’s an officer that’s out there on the side of the road 13 in the cold trying to do the right thing. And says, you 14 know, what do we do, chief. Well, I said, you know, 15 that’s your call. You’re there. Is the person too 16 intoxicated to drive? Yes. Well, what would you normally 17 do? Well, I would normally arrest him. Well, then that’s 18 what you need to do. You’re not going to get me in a 19 situation well, who is he. Well, let’s do this then 20 because that is just not the right thing. 21 My heart won’t let me do that. It may cost me 22 something one day and it can even cost me my job and I 23 told them when they hired me, I said, “if doing the right 24 thing and trying to do right as much as I can is the wrong 25 thing then I am not the person for the job.” Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 31 1 RAY JUSTICE: Well — 2 CHIEF MARTIN: I’m trying — 3 RAY JUSTICE: I don’t think anybody — I 4 don’t think anybody can threaten your job for something 5 like that. 6 CHIEF MARTIN: No, no, no, no, I’m not 7 saying that’s what it is. I’m just saying if it came down 8 to that, if they asked me tomorrow and said, you know, 9 that’s just the way the system has got to be. You’ve got 10 to try to work within it. I wouldn’t feel like I would be 11 the person for it. I’m not saying anybody is threatening 12 my job. Don’t take it that way. Gosh, that has come up 13 before. That’s not it at all. Don’t take it that way. 14 I’m just saying I want them to understand that if this is 15 going to be some kind of major issue that I feel from that 16 my heart as the chief, I feel like that’s the right thing 17 to do then they’ve got the wrong person for the job. 18 Because it’s not that I don’t believe in 19 compassion and cutting people breaks. You know, the 20 breaks are that everybody should know the rules. And you 21 know if you cross the line and you break them, then you’re 22 going to be held accountable. If I go in today and I walk 23 into Cracker Barrel and just because I’m Kenny Martin, the 24 chief, and I decide to get up and leave and not pay, well, 25 if they would prosecute the average Joe, then they Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 32 1 probably ought to prosecute me if I did something I 2 shouldn’t have done. Or if I stick two rockers in the 3 back of my truck, and say “I’ll pay for them later.” I’m 4 the Chief of Police, I ought to be able to take these. 5 That’s the Chief of Police, somebody should cut him a 6 break, no. 7 RAY JUSTICE: That’s not what I’m talking 8 about. I’m talking about — okay. Let me give you 9 another example. Okay. Somebody like — and I’m not even 10 going to put myself in that position because I don’t drink 11 but say for instance — 12 CHIEF MARTIN: Let me give you an example. 13 RAY JUSTICE: Okay. 14 CHIEF MARTIN: Maybe this will make it 15 easier. I’m going down the road. I’m drinking and 16 driving. Bless my poor heart. Man, I’m the Chief of 17 Police. Gosh, it’s just going to ruin my career. It’s 18 going to cost everything. But I runoff through your yard, 19 run into your garage and hit your car, the police show up, 20 the neighbors are all looking. What do you do? Nobody 21 got hurt, but you show up and low and behold it’s the 22 chief of police there. You say hey, guys, hold on a 23 second. Now I’m not being sarcastic. I’m just making an 24 analogy. Hey, guys, it’s the Chief of Police. He didn’t 25 mean to. You can imagine the pressures this guy is under. Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 33 1 Nobody got hurt. My car got tore up but I’m okay. We’re 2 going to work this out. We’re just going to take him 3 home. Would you do that? 4 Or well this, Kenny Martin pulls up in Valley 5 Center parking lot. There’s fifty people standing out 6 there coming out of the grocery store. Everybody sees 7 that I’m drunk, can’t hardly stand up, wobbling around, 8 flopping around. They see that you pulled me over. I 9 got out of the car drunk. And it’s not about public 10 perception. It’s just about right and wrong. How do you 11 think the fifty people are going to feel? Well, that’s 12 the Chief of Police he deserves a break, let him go, take 13 him on home. Or you think he’s going to do right as he 14 would by anybody. Do you see the way I look at it? 15 RAY JUSTICE: Yeah, and I see there are ways 16 of handling that, you know. You’re not going to make 17 everybody happy with that particular scenario. 18 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah. 19 RAY JUSTICE: But I can see ways, me 20 personally, where that could be worked out, too. 21 CHIEF MARTIN: And I see what you’re saying. 22 And I’m not saying that I necessarily don’t agree with 23 what you’re saying. I’m just saying my heart won’t let me 24 do that. 25 RAY JUSTICE: And if it were Kenny Martin out Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 34 1 there. 2 CHIEF MARTIN: If I get out there, there’s a 3 problem. There’s something wrong. Something has snapped 4 in me and something has gone sideways in my life. 5 RAY JUSTICE: Well — I’ll give you another 6 example. 7 CHIEF MARTIN: Okay. 8 RAY JUSTICE: Kenny Martin is driving down 9 the road and he’s had one beer. Kenny, I’m going to have 10 to tell you one beer for you, would probably put you at 11 about .04 or .05. Would you agree with that? 12 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, I’m not sure of the 13 exact level. I’m sure it would detect me at some check 14 point, but not necessarily to the .08. 15 RAY JUSTICE: No, you probably wouldn’t be 16 considered .08. 17 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, if I got stopped. And 18 say somebody did arrest me and said well, because you’ve 19 been drinking. I’d probably be the first one to say I 20 want to take the test and when we get up there I want to 21 take the breath and I’ll take the blood. I’ll take any 22 test you want me to. Because I know it’s going to come 23 back because I know exactly what I had to drink. 24 RAY JUSTICE: Well, what if in your opinion 25 you said I’ve had two beers. I’m 170 pounds, six foot Elite Reporting Services * (615)595-0073 35 1 one, you know, there’s no way that I am impaired, to the 2 point that you think I am impaired. It’s just not there. 3 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah, I mean, I still would 4 take the test because two beers probably wouldn’t put me 5 at .08. It would probably take closer to three or four. 6 RAY JUSTICE: Okay. Say you came back at 7 .08. 8 CHIEF MARTIN: Yeah. 9 RAY JUSTICE: Or even .07 or .08, right in 10 there, okay. First, of all I’m going to think, man, 11 dad-gum it. I didn’t want to hook him
  25. Butch Huber

    Chris, the only thing you are showing is how childish you are.

  26. Shawn Donovan


    I post under my own name, not another name. So why are you referencing me in the post?

  27. 1 Voice of the Brotherhood

    Thanks for all the good replys Chris and like Shawn posts before, I’m not him. .

    Like the volunteers I’ll believe it when I see the crew cab sitting in the fire hall.

    Since your a Commissioner, what is the call volume for medical calls in Lebanon at Station 1 (excluding Station 8’s district) vs Station 3

  28. Chris Sorey

    Butch, You’re right. I am being a little childish, posting on the internet like a high school kid, trying to convince someone who is hopeless. I give up. Not on this, on you.

  29. Butch Huber

    Great Chris, I am glad you are giving up. Does that mean you will go back to playing jacks now?

  30. Larry Whitney

    Ok, here is a compromise.

    If Marlowe gives his ill-gotten gains from those 6 to 7 months of pay he was not eligible to recieve, to charity I will quit calling him a thief, a horrible role model as a principal, and a chump.

    As long as that charity is not his election campaign funds I will be happy.

    How about it Thief Marlowe?

    On another note, why does the State make things illegal and then not have a penalty? Why? Oh yeah, it’s called a good old fashioned hand slapping when caught with their hands in the cookie jar…

  31. Chris Sorey

    I added the number of med runs for Lebanon, and it was 239 for the month of September in 5 districts. I stopped counting after that. In my district, 2, we had a total of 9 med runs.

    We are approaching the need for a second ambulance here in MJ, and Lebanon is approaching the need for a third ambulance.

    Butch, when I called you about 3 weeks ago, you had little to say. You hide behind a keyboard, and make assumptions that are ridiculous at best. Evidently, you are unable to use logic when I point out the weaknesses in your posts. What else is there to say? I have no desire to waste anymore time on you. I sincerely hope that when the election is over, that you are able to deal with the outcome, no matter who is the winner, in a way that is, well, stable. Might be a stretch. Good luck on that.

  32. Looking Toward The Future

    I heard tonight that the city commission is going to try and pass along a proposal to take on the YMCA land through a memo this Monday. I’m confused, didn’t the county actually take this offer off the table? Isn’t it now available to the highest bidder (probably much higher than the city wants to pay)? If the city goes ahead with the current plan, they would lock into an agreement with the YMCA that states if they back out the city would then owe the YMCA $210,000. Doesn’t sound like Ted or Ray is saving any money. If we as a city get stuck in this deal and then the next commission realizes it was a bad idea and stops it, the city would then owe the YMCA the $210,000. Does this seem right or have I not been told all the details. How can the current commission lock in deals for the next NEW city commission? Does anyone have any insight on this?

  33. Chris Sorey

    I don’t think they can commit a future commission but the deal is on the calendar at the city website. Page 33 of the PDF file is what you are speaking of, and yes, it is what you have heard except that it is only 200k. The city manager is the sponsor.

    I can’t say it any more clearly, the county would love to sell the land. MJ money spends the same as any other money, but at the end of the day, MJ doesn’t have any money. There has been a lot of interest in the land again, and the city knows that the vote was taken on the county level to list it again. MJ knows that they have no special consideration, but has decided not to worry about the fact that they have no dollars to pay with, and are in the process of having a lease approved in an effort to move ahead. At this time, they can not even take out another bond, but they are doing everything in their power to spend even more money.

    I honestly believe that governments role is to provide a fair level playing field, and MJ doesn’t understand that. They are about to knock the veteranarians out of business with the new animal shelter and the spay and neuter program that we will be subsidizing, and now we have Summit coming to the MJE / Y property. Elam is on the Sumitt board of Trustees and there is no way that they will get the certificate of need to build anything there other than a few doctor’s office type buildings. We have that in MJ, and any doc that wants to set up shop can do so. It is called free enterprise, and there is plenty of office space available. If Summit comes to MJ, they won’t provide anything that isn’t already available, and if the city leases the land to them in a deal such as what they are giving to the Y, no property taxes either.

  34. Butch Huber

    The city has directed the city manager by way of Ordinance to purchase the Old MJES site under specific and strict guidelines. The city has never made such an offer to the county. The deal offered to the city by the County Resolution passed back in December of last year has long expired. In fact, it expired before the city even directed the city manager to make an offer on the land. They would have concluded this deal a long time ago had I not gotten so involved and started blowing the whistle to the SEC, TBI and FBI. Not that those entities have done anything, I don’t know if they did or if they didn’t, but the city was aware that if they illegally used bond funds (which they would have had to have done to conclude this deal) the SEC would be fully made aware of their play. This set up a scenario where they had to really dig in and ensure that they were doing things right. Turns out that they couldn’t do what they were trying to do, so now they are trying to conclude some other screwball plan. They city cannot amend an ordinance except with another ordinance. That means that they have to vote to amend the original ordinance directing the city manager to purchase this land in two regular meetings of the city commission. Seeing as they don’t have two regular meetings left before the election, they have no way to conclude this deal legally. If the deal is concluded under illegal conditions, the YMCA will have a heck of a time trying to get any money out of the city. Besides, is this how the YMCA wants to come to Mt. Juliet? Is this how they do business?

    Aren’t there other fitness centers around Mt. Juliet? Shouldn’t the YMCA be aware that the best way for them to come to Mt. Juliet isn’t to smack the hands of the people they intend to serve?

    The deal they are trying to do with the YMCA is contingent on the city being able to arrange this silly lease with the county, which it won’t be able to do, so there is little risk here. The risk would be if the county were willing to enter into this deal with the city and then the city didn’t conclude the deal…then we would have money at risk. This is nothing by a Ray Justice, Ed Hagerty, and Will Sellers ploy to try to force the next commission’s hands. The way that this was constructed, it would mean that the next commission would have to be willing to give up $200,000 (or $210,000) of already spent money not to conclude the terms of the deal. It would be a bitter pill to swallow, but one they would have to choke down none-the-less, it is best not to throw good money after bad.

    However, if the county were willing to actually go through with this deal, the city would do well to purchase it at $1,050,000 (where the hell they would get the money I don’t have any idea) and then put in on the open market themselves and tell the YMCA to take a hike. The YMCA doesn’t have a leg to stand on because they could be tied up forever in this project and the city could make this a public relations nightmare for them if they tried to force the city.

    The County isn’t going to do this deal with the city. They are going to offer this land on the open market, we are going to get Mack and Floyd into office (or Brydalski if he is still running) and they will eventually win the day and get this town center overlay district deal removed, the county will experience a very substantial increase in value in that property over the next couple years, and all will be well. The YMCA will talk to Dr. Kaelin, they will conclude a deal, and we will see a YMCA at Beckwith Road.

    In time, we will have nice shops there on the Old MJES site. We may one day see a Mt. Juliet hospital around the Beckwith Road area, but that will be about 5 to 10 years from now. Eventually, we will have adequate fire protection in Mt. Juliet. One day, the County will likely move its offices along 109 somewhere to be in between Mt. Juliet and Lebanon. Somewhere around 109 and Route 40 would be a great place for the county offices. They may have branch offices here in Mt. Juliet and in Lebanon where we can take care of the majority of the things we need to take care of as Citizens of Wilson County without having to go to the main office.

    Remember, Linda was the one who started this YMCA issue, Ray, Jim, and Will concocted this Old MJES debacle, and Jim has been pushing for a public swimming pool. Meanwhile, they have completely taken their eyes off of roads. They are killing our momentum here in Mt. Juliet by playing games with these issues. Now, with retail down, we will have less revenue coming in than we could have had if they would have done something rather than waste time.

    I agree that they are going to do harm to vets in the area, they are already suffering from Petsmart and other issues.

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