Candidates Forum tonight! (Thursday, Oct 2)

7:00pm at City Hall. Sponsored by the Mt. Juliet / West Wilson Chamber of Commerce.

Will be televised on Channel 3 – you can watch live IF you subscribe to Comcast or TDS cable.

Each candidate gets to make a 1 minute opening statement. They will be asked nine questions by the Chamber moderator and will each have 1 minute to respond. The order of response will rotate with each question. At the end, each candidate will get to make a 3 minute closing statement.

Scheduled to end at 8:15pm.

The Chamber has given advance notice to the candidates that questions are likely to cover areas including but not limited to:

  • Traffic Related Issues
  • Emergency Services
  • Balanced Tax Base
  • Quality of Life
  • Inter-Governmental Partnerships
  • Neighborhood and Community Safety
  • Recruitment of Jobs

– Publius



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7 responses to “Candidates Forum tonight! (Thursday, Oct 2)

  1. Looking Toward The Future

    Great forum tonight by the Mayoral and Commissioner District 1 candidates. I wish channel 3 would fix the volume in that room, it was difficult at times to hear what they were saying. Wendell and Kevin were well informed. The kid did well also against tenured politicians. What was that question that the three sidestepped, jecdb??

  2. Chris Sorey

    Joint Economic Community Development Board and something to do with the Chamber of Commerce.

  3. Butch Huber

    In the “Forum”, Linda claimed that during Mack’s tenure the city put down a little over 7 miles of asphsalt, but that during her tenure as mayor the city put down nearly 16 miles of asphalt…and she didn’t even say thanks. You see, nothing new happened from 2004 to 2008, remember, it was the era of “the great nothingness”. Nothing new, of any real value, happened from 2004 to 2008 that wasn’t put in play from 2000 to 2004 (Mack’s administration). So, if she actually was the fortunate recipient of 16 miles of asphalt, don’t you think she should have at least said “thanks” to Kevin?

    But how did they do it?

    “Do “what”, you might ask”?

    How did they hide 16 miles of asphalt? Are we about to hear the news of a new road opening that nobody knew about? During Kevin’s administration I could actually “See” the changes, in fact, I could drive on them. Folks, 16 miles is a lot of road. In fact, you could drive from downtown Nashville to Mt. Juliet on that kind of road milage.

    Is she trying to take credit for all of the roads in all of the developments, all the parking lots, and repaving of worn roads? I mean, nobody could argue that the city added a lot of road by widening Rt. 70. Didn’t that happen during the time Kevin was in office? (I am not sure on this one, I was relatively new to the city back then) The city really added a lot when you considered the widening of Mt. Juliet road. Didn’t that happen during the Mack administration? (I do know this happened during Mack’s term)

    If Linda is going to take credit for roads through neighborhoods, parking lots, and repaving, then she also needs to do the same for Kevin when she computes his milage of roads. But, of course, she would have to give him credit for being the person to put the roads around providence in play, and for setting up a lot of other developments and road projects that actually occurred during her term, and we know that she isn’t going to. You see, it’s easy to take credit for something you had nothing to do with when you end up at the right place at the right time.

    But please ask yourself, “what has she done for us lately”? Besides embarrassing us that is. What has she put in the pipe line that is going to advance this city? The answer is, “nothing”. Absolutely, “nothing”. She had her chance in the forum to list “her” accomplishments, but instead, all she did was list “Kevin’s” accomplishments and put “her” name on them. She just tried to make them “seem” like her accomplishments.

    She had the chance to outline for the citizens of Mt. Juliet what she has put in play for the future, to outline her plans, and to explain how she will implement her plan if she is elected. She failed on all three counts. In fact, she was doing all she could to steal Kevin’s thunder by doing the “me-too shuffle”. Everything Kevin brought to the table, she said “me-too”, then she would do a little dance to go with her “me-too’s”, but ask her “how” she would do what she said “me-too” to and all you would hear is the sound of crickets chirping. You would actually have to look to Kevin for the answer to questions like that…after all, it’s his plan she is talking about.

    I want to go for a drive on her 16 miles of asphalt. Those who are close to her, please find out where the 16 miles of asphalt are located, I want to take a “spin” down that road. Do I need a secret code to access it, is it like the bat cave, where there are trees and shrubs around the entrance that move to reveal the entrance as you move closer to it? Just how do you get onto her “Stealth highway”? I can actually drive on the Roads that Kevin built, I can’t even see the roads that Linda built.

    But there she goes again, as my girl Sarah (and my man Reagan) would say, playing with words. You see, her use of the word “asphalt” makes you go “hmmm?”. You see, if she meant “road” she would have said “road”. But she didn’t use the word “road”, she said “asphalt”. Because she said “asphalt” instead of “road”, she could have actually said 1,349,274 miles of asphalt, because if you spread out the asphalt thin enough, the asphalt that has been laid on parking lots, roads through neighborhoods, and repaving could stretch that far. Since she isn’t comparing apples to apples, meaning she is using the standard of “road” when she is talking about Kevin and “asphalt” when she is talking about what happened while she was the lucky person to sit in the Mayor’s chair, 1,349,274 miles of asphalt could be true. But how can you drive on a piece of asphalt thread?

    Kevin gave you straight forward, honest, substantive answers to questions that need to be answered (in spite of the Chamber of Commerce’s effort to covertly focus the “forum” on property taxes). Linda gave you smoke and mirrors. Where was her substance? Where was her plan? She simply has no plan, nor does she have substance. Folks, if you are thinking of re-electing Linda, I want you to do something for me. I want you to take a hammer out on your back deck, put your thumb on the top railing, and beat it with the hammer as hard as you can about ten times. When you finish, I want you to take the time until that pain goes away to contemplate what you are about to do. While you think about it, think the following thought; “that pain, which will go away in a short while, say a month or so, will be the kind of pain this city will suffer throughout the next administration and beyond if I vote “Elam”. If you still are determined to vote Elam then have at it, vote your conscience on November 5th.

  4. Bobby Franklin

    Linda Elam will be able to take credit for a new Land Use Plan (if adopted) that quadruples residential density in Mt. Juliet.

  5. Truth

    Hey everyone Linda will not be re-elected. You must know that.
    I just want to know if the new mayor will get ride of Randy Robertson , Jill Johnson, and Jason Holeman, they have all lied and broken the law. “If not what is the point in voting for someone new?”

  6. Butch Huber

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men” — Plato

    “Ignorance, the root and stem of every evil.” Plato, Republic I, 347

    I just received in the mail a campaign piece from Linda Elam. I am going to respond to it, but before I do, I need to address another issue. I have been told that Linda was in an accident. I was told that she was putting out signs and was run over by her own car. She apparently had to be taken by ambulance to be looked at, but I was told there were no serious injuries. I vehemently disagree with her politics, and character, but I don’t wish her any personal injury. Please pray for her recovery from the damages caused by this accident.

    Back to her campaign piece.

    It says that she “oversaw the development of the Providence marketplace” and “recruited the soon-to-be completed Paddocks Place shopping centers”.

    Okay, first of all, the mayor really doesn’t “oversee” a development…the city manager does. The mayor’s job is not to “oversee a development” and if a mayor is overseeing a development the mayor is exceeding her authority. She claims to have “recruited” the soon-to-be completed Paddocks Place shopping centers. I believe that is categorically untrue. Folks, there was such a demand for that property that I thought for a while the government was going to kill the son of the woman who owned the property if he didn’t get out of the way of the sale of that property to the development company that was trying to buy it. I believe Linda happened to be in the trajectory of development that was coming to this city and is now trying to take credit for it. For those of you who do not know, the mayor “negotiated on behalf of the city” in for approval of the permit and approval of this project. In fact, she so blundered those negotiations that the project nearly didn’t happen. She set the wheels in motion for the city to steal 8 acres of land from that developer, and in my opinion, could well have gotten this city sued for a very large sum of money. She didn’t make paddocks happen, she almost killed it!

    The pieces says that she “started or completed many desperately needed local road projects, including the Beckwith Road and Mt. Juliet Road Interchanges with Interstate 40. Again folks, until someone can show me evidence to the contrary, I am going to believe what my eyes and ears have proven to me, and that is that Kevin Mack, Rob Shearer, Bobby Franklin, and Mae Beavers made those projects happen, not Linda. Ask her how she made it happen. Ask her to explain the process of how they came about. Then check her answers for facts. Let her know before she answers you that you are going to check the facts and report on them. Then watch as she starts to do the me-too shuffle. Facts are facts, it was Kevin who put this city on the trajectory it has been on, it is Kevin who had the plan, and it was Kevin, Rob, Bobby, and Mae who made it happen. Linda just happened to be able to share the ride.

    It says that she successfully fought to maintain full-time fire service in Mt. Juliet. Have you ever heard her negotiation tactics? Read the letter she sent to the county, if you were ever wanting to piss off the county commission, her letter is a prime example of how to do it. I say that the county continued to provide fire protection to Mt. Juliet because it was in their best interests to do so, both financially and politically. Linda nearly lost fire protection for us by being so arrogant in the way that she handled the issue.

    It says that she maintained a Zero percent property tax and a surplus budget every year.

    First, who was it that gave us a zero precent property tax? Kevin! Who kept that throughout his term in office? Kevin. Who made zero percent property tax such a big deal that the next commission wouldn’t even consider increasing it? Kevin. Who is coming back to ensure that you have a say in the process if there is a future need for an increase in property taxes? Kevin. Linda wanted to build a $20,000,000 aquatics center and then hand the keys to the YCMA. Ask Linda where in the hell she was going to come up with the $20,000,000. Remember, that is twice the bond that they floated to build the eastern connector road. That is a lot of money!

    Don’t believe the lies and deception. Kevin is the real deal, the rest are doing the “me-too Shuffle”.

  7. Butch Huber

    oh, and I forgot to mention, “Who gave us surplus budgets?” Folks, that isn’t what the mayor did, that is what Rob Shearer did. Rob Shearer is the budget wizard, not Elam. Randy Robertson turned in a budget with errors as large as $4,000,000 in the budget workbook and Linda not only didn’t catch it, she argued that the city manager was right and I was wrong…turned out I was right. If she missed a $4,000,000 error, do you really think she had anything to do with the budget? Randy Robertson almost spent us down to were we had zero dollars in the reserve fund, Rob had millions, I will say that again, Millions in reserve funds each year and the commission continued to take more and more out of the general fund to pay down projects. Each year, by some number wizardry, Rob would pull the proverbial financial Rabbit out of the hat and post true-to-life surpluses. Rob did that for us, not Linda. Again, don’t believe the lies and deception.

    Tell your friends and neighbors about this site so they can hear the truth.

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