Kevin Mack has released a new campaign flyer

It’s available on his website:

Mack Campaign flyer

– Publius



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7 responses to “Kevin Mack has released a new campaign flyer

  1. Butch Huber

    The best thing that can happen for Kevin, and the worst thing that can happen for the others running for mayor is that the truth be told. If we are dealing with truths and facts, the logical choice for Mayor will be, and is, Kevin. Just tell the truth…but tell it!

    People need to make up their own mind about who they want to vote for in this Mayor’s race, but if they are armed with the truth I am confident that they will choose Mack.

  2. Chris Sorey

    I have to disagree. The best thing that can happen for Mack is for him to make his contact info available. I had someone ask me for it a little while ago, and we checked his site. Nothing.

  3. Butch Huber

    I anticipate that Mayor Elam is going to try to claim that she is responsible for all of the growth that has occurred in Mt. Juliet over the past several years. When she does, please keep in mind how things get done here in the real world. Practically every good thing that has occurred in this city for the past four years is a result of what was put in play by Kevin. I simply can’t think of a good thing that has been accomplished during this current administration.

    Some might point to the animal control facility, but when you know the rest of the story you might feel differently. The county was offering to handle animal control for the city for $50 per animal. The city refused to pay from what I remember. So, instead, they decided to build a facility here for about $1,000,000! Folks, doesn’t that mean that we could have taken care of about 20,000 animals for what it cost to put the animal control facility in Mt. Juliet? How much brain power was put into that project rather than cooperating with the county and sharing the costs? How many years would it take to break even? Meanwhile, roads go unbuilt! Is that the kind of leadership you want in Mt. Juliet?

    I don’t think there is a chance the people will re-elect Linda…or elect Jim for Mayor, but I want to make sure that you know the kind of things that they elected to spend their time on during the last four years. A dog pound and a $2,000,000 gift ($20,000,000 if linda had her way) to the YMCA.

    Think about that tomorrow as you sit in traffic.

    I think the race is between Marlowe and Mack. The difference there is that Mack is the one who brought the growth to Mt. Juliet. Along with that growth came sales taxes that help to offset your expenses here in Mt. Juliet. I don’t know much about Marlowe, but I did witness what Mack has done for this city first hand. Marlowe served as a county commissioner, but he has never served as mayor…there is a difference. Now is not the time to take chances on the unknown, the untried. Now is the time to bet on a sure thing, Kevin is the only sure thing you can bet on in this race for Mayor. Let Kevin put Mt. Juliet back on the right track, as we all know that he can, and let Marlowe run for full-time Mayor in 2012.

    Times may be getting very tough over the next few years, do you really want to risk a property tax? The best way to avoid a property tax is Kevin Mack.

  4. Paul Deyo

    Butch, I think the standoff between Lebanon and Mt. Juliet on animal control was precipitated by a dog owned by a Mt. Juliet resident being mauled at the Lebanon facility. The ensuing fallout led to Lebanon canceling the agreement to provide space for animals picked up in Mt. Juliet.

    Whether or not the administration here was involved, I don’t know. I understand Mt. Juliet closed the firing range here to Lebanon’s police officers as a reaction but that may be as far as it went on this end.

  5. Butch Huber


    I believe you are right, but I don’t think that was the end of the story. The county was willing, as I remember, to continue to provide services for $50 per animal. Or is it Lebanon that was providing the service? Either way, the city opted, rather than pay the $50, to build a building, and pay for ongoing expenses, rather than just pay the $50. Then, the city did cancel services at the firing range.

    It is time for the city of Mt. Juliet, the city of Lebanon, the city of Watertown, and Wilson County Government to work together in a truly cooperative effort to build Wilson County into something we will all be proud of when it is finished building out. If something isn’t done to bridge the chasm that divides us, there are going to be people who are harmed in the process, either by fire, accident, or loss of value of property or through unrealized gain.

  6. Butch Huber

    Can someone please tell me why this current administration seems to want to fix things that aren’t broken and break things that work? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME “WHY” WE NEED TO CHANGE THE LAND USE PLAN?

  7. Bobby Franklin

    The entities that benefit from greater residential density are regaining control of the planning process.

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