Have the developers picked a new candidate for mayor?

Marlowe for Mayor sign located on the Mt. Juliet Crossings development property across from Providence.

– Publius



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10 responses to “Have the developers picked a new candidate for mayor?

  1. Man of the People!

    Always avoid the candidate with the most expensive campaign.

  2. Paul Deyo

    In the most recent Chronicle (MJ educators face county leaders), Wendell Marlowe is extensively quoted. He reveals salary and budget increases including a 51 percent increase for the County Finance Director, 66.9 percent for jail wages, and 20 percent plus for other county departmental administrators. He then turns around and says he supported and voted for this with the statement “Was all that necessary? Absolutely!”

    While speaking against the school budget being the last department to weigh in, a position where I agree with him completely, he is supporting every county increase that gets less scrutiny. We already have too many County Commissioners (Fred Weston and Heather Scott are notable exceptions) who have their homes in Mt. Juliet and their hearts in Lebanon. Do we want such a person as Mayor too?

  3. Butch Huber

    Wow, Paul!

    Off the fence in onto the field! Way to go!

    Jesus didn’t like the lukewarm: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

    I like you hot, Paul! Roar! A

  4. Lex Luther

    Marlowe always had a Bob Rochelle sign in his front yard back when Rochelle was running for office.

    Thats all I need to know about Wendell Marlowe.

  5. Butch Huber

    Wow, Mr. Marlowe, sounds like you have a bit of separating to do also!

  6. Larry Whitney

    For the newbies to the City, Bob Rochelle was a long time State Senator who led the charge to put in a State Income Tax with Gov. Sundquist. When State Rep (and anti-Income Tax proponent) Mae Beavers decided to run against Rochelle, it got interesting. Eventually Bob dropped out claiming health reasons (probably mental stress over polls showing he would lose). 4 years later Bob Rochelle was healthy and ran again as an anti-Tax candidate. The voters saw right through his lies, and Beavers easily defeated him.

    If Marlowe supported Rochelle, watch out. Rochelle never met a tax he did not like or support. Thanks for the info Lex. I didn’t like Marlowe for illegally collecting County Commission pay for 6 months after he moved out of his district, now I really don’t like him.

  7. Larry Whitney

    One other thing about Marlowe as County Commission. He never recused himself from a vote on pay raises for the teachers. As County Commissioner he used his elected position to vote himself a pay raise for his day job.

    Apparently ethics is not in his vocabulary either.

    How will he use the Mayoral office to enrich himself?

  8. Thank you Gentlemen…I’m one of those “new to town” folks and as a transplant from California I am glad I don’t have to pay State income tax anymore….nor do I ever want to have to again! What I know of Mack he was the ex Mayor and seems to be interested in growing our City in a responsible fashion…..what I know of Bradshaw is that he seems to be the lone voice of reason on the current board. Anything else you learned Gents can tell me about either one would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Butch Huber


    I am going to be as fair and balanced as I can be. I am going to limit my post to the contrast between Kevin and Jim. I am going to caution you in advance that I am a friend of Kevin Mack, I support him, and I want him to win. I will also tell you that I am quite disturbed with Jim Bradshaw because he voted to illegally dismiss a complaint that I filed about a year ago. Had he not voted to dismiss my complaint the city would have had to fully investigate everything that this city has been up to, the city would have had a political enema, and we would be back on track toward progress and, perhaps, there would be respect for the Mt. Juliet board of commissioners. Ray voted to investigate, Ed voted to investigate, Will voted not to investigate so that he could protect Linda, and Jim voted not to investigate, not because there wasn’t any merit to what I was complaining about, but because to him it was “time” to stop the complaints. In other words, it didn’t matter to Jim that my complaint was full of truth, he just wanted to stop the complaints. Let me help that set in…it is like a judge voting to dismiss on the basis that the public was tired of hearing about crime.

    Just thought you should know the truth about where I am coming from before I begin.

    As far as the people sitting on the commission right now are concerned, Jim, in my opinion, is the most honest. Honest, but “usually” wrong. Now, he isn’t always “wrong” because he doesn’t agree with the right thing. Sometimes, he agrees with the right thing, but he disagrees with components of the right thing and doesn’t have the skill to negotiate what he does want.

    A major issue in Mt. Juliet government is politicians trying to throw their weight around in the day-to-day operations of government. The form of government we have here in Mt. Juliet is a city manager-commission form, under which the city manager is the administrative head of government and the commission passes resolutions and ordinances. It is kind of like the president and congress with a twist, in Mt. Juliet, the city manager works directly for the commission and they have the ability to fire him at any time they please, for cause or without cause. They appoint the city manager rather than him being elected by the voters, but once in office, he runs the day to day according to law, ordinance, resolution, regulation and policy. Commissioners seem to think that they have the right to act outside a commission meeting (which they don’t) and direct the daily operations of government. Of the five people currently sitting on the commission, Bradshaw, in my estimation, interferes with government less than everyone except perhaps Will Sellers. That having been said, I believe they all get way too involved in the day to day.

    The biggest problem with a Bradshaw administration is that nothing would get done. Bradshaw doesn’t know how to negotiate to get things done. He is the lone hold out on so many ordinances and resolutions that is has become a bit of a satire. While you have to admire his will to stand alone, you have to also question how well he could lead when he doesn’t have the ability to reach consensus or influence others.

    Kevin, on the other hand, gets things done. At the end of the day, he finds a way to move the ball down the field and move the chains. He wins exactly that way. He sets up play after play, watches the opposition (which isn’t always the other commissioners), plans a strategy, develops his tactics, and executes each play with intention of getting another set of downs, but the end zone is always on his mind. He has the ability to force others to do the right thing, even if they don’t want to. Kevin knows how to use his office the way it was intended. Steve, trust me when I tell you, this city went from a sleepy little town on the edge of Nashville to one of the fastest growing cities in the state because Kevin had the vision, the will to carry it out, the courage to stand against a lot of people who wanted to get in his way and tear him down, and the savvy to win people over to his side of the table.

    For credibility’s sake, I would love to throw in something negative about Kevin, I just don’t have anything. There will probably be a few who will take pot shots at him after reading my post, however, I, or people even more knowledgeable about the facts than I, will also come back and tell you the rest of the story. Their negatives are usually, once properly told, actually positives when dealing with Kevin. (I don’t actually agree with the city’s parking ordinance, and I believe that was the concession Kevin was able to reach in that issue. I guess you could call that a negative.)

    All of that having been said, the difference is that Kevin gets the right things done and Bradshaw doesn’t get much of anything done.

  10. Thank you Butch being open and honest. The parking ordinance, was that something to do with parking vehicles on residential streets? I believe my neighbor mentioned something along the lines of, “at least this mayor lets me park on the street…the last mayor ticketed us for doing so.” Considering I live on the corner of Stoner Creek Ct and Belinda Parkway and said neighbor was parking a small pickup on the street, I thought this a bit petty…..but having lived in neighborhoods where the parking was sooo bad on the street, I can see why. Mind you I have ample parking in my driveway for numerous cars, but occassionally we have company that parks in the street. From what I read on Kevin’s site he treats the City like it’s a business; a good thing if you ask me. I like Jim, but yes he does seem to be a bit lost at times. Although I must say, he’s the only Council member I run into at the Grocery, etc. He’s a personalble guy, but we need decisive action in this town. We need the attitude to go away. I still can’t believe our own Mayor says things like “We don’t want Mount Juliet to be known for Providence”. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Again, thank you for your reply and any others that come after. And thank you for this blog Publius.

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