The City of Mt. Juliet really doesn’t want citizens to request public records

Several months ago, in July, Butch Huber (aka Citizen Butch) made a request to the City of Mt. Juliet for the public records related to the city’s employee health insurance contracts.

Citizen Butch wanted to review the proposals that the City had received and read the correspondence (email and written) between the City and insurance agents and providers in April, May, & June of 2008.

What followed is a tortured saga that will make you laugh in some places, and want to scream in others.

The saga has gone on for some time, so the account is necessarily lengthy.

But it’s a story worth reading.

And it raises the question, “What is it the City, or more specifically, the City Manager, doesn’t want the citizens to read?”

There’s a permanent page devoted to this here at RFMJ. Click here, or click on Open Records2 in the menu bar at the top of the page.

– Publius


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