Mayor Linda Elam’s law license is suspended

according to

You can see the page with the information on her law license by clicking here.

Anyone know the details?

Anyone care to speculate on why this has not been reported in any local media?

If she’s not practicing law, what is her current occupation?

– Publius



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11 responses to “Mayor Linda Elam’s law license is suspended

  1. Lori Ruotolo

    According to the site: Administrative Suspension – not in good standing as a result of failure to pay annual attorney’s dues or failure to meet Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements. Administrative suspensions may be vacated by remedial action.

    She probably hasn’t taken any classes/seminars in new legal issues lately.

  2. Chris Sorey

    According to the site: Administrative Suspension – not in good standing as a result of failure to pay annual attorney’s dues or failure to meet Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements. Administrative suspensions may be vacated by remedial action.

    Either way, not the end of the world if she forgot to take care of something, but it doesn’t look good.

  3. Lex Luther

    The larger question is how she is now making a living? She has a history of not disclosing employment changes.

    A contract Lawyer that cannot practice law?

    Who is now paying her? For what?

  4. standandfight

    Linda Elam told MJ News an opponent has made the campaign negative by revealing her law license was suspended. Is it her opponent’s fault she failed to get it renewed? I can understand stress and grief and sympathize with her losing her mother. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But could this also mean that she is not in an emotional state to manage the affairs of the city at this time? This was an administrative oversight, but what business of the city might she be overlooking as well?

  5. Looking Toward The Future

    In that case, most of the commissioners are too emotional to be in this race as well…

  6. Chris Sorey

    Randy Robertson manages the affairs of the city. Elam has no day to day responsibility. In the city manager form of government, the mayor is not much more than an at large councilman who conducts the meetings. Other than signing a bond when needed, I’m not sure there is too much difference.

  7. Glen Linthicum

    Good Point Chris and you are absolutely correct. But sometimes I think Elam has forgotten that point!

  8. It’s now September 22nd. Law license still showing suspended at the BOPR.

  9. Marsha

    When I had a city problem about 3 months ago, she wrote back and said she was just a part-time mayor and couldn’t help. I kept the communication and hope like hell she goes away from anything to do with politics. Hope I see her behind a cash register somewhere. As a new resident of this community, I was stunned by how things work here. Or should I say…don’t work here.

  10. Betty Boop

    I drove by city hall today and saw Ed hagerty’s suits walking in. They are probably trying to finalize the Y
    deal before the new commissioner can come in. Remember what Ed said in the Chronicle, the city attorney makes the rules now.

  11. Butch Huber


    Linda is a part-time Mayor, so on that point she is right. That she can’t help is not exactly true. She should have referred you to the city manager, who should then address your concern or problem for you and advise you on how to handle it. If he doesn’t assist you, or at least put you in touch with the person who can assist you, then he is derelict in his duties as city manager and should be replaced. That is the second time Linda would come into play. If she is aware that you have been trying to resolve an issue or overcome a problem and you have not gotten the proper care from the city staff then it is incumbent upon her to sponsor a resolution to direct the city manager to help you. He is the only employee in the city that answers directly to the city commission, but answer he must.

    The city attorney works for the city manager, who like it or not, is ultimately responsible for everything that happens in daily government operations. So if the attorney gives him bad advice, like say “it’s okay not to give Butch Huber access to public documents”, and then Butch Huber turns around and sues Randy Robertson, our city manager, in Federal Court for denying him access to public documents and violating his rights under the law, Randy Robertson is still to blame and is still accountable and personally liable even though Jason, the city attorney, advised him that he was within the law to do so.”

    Folks, the YMCA is a dead deal, even if they pass it in the next meeting, it is still a dead deal. They voted to change the resolution to direct the mayor to enter into this agreement with the YMCA from a resolution to an ordinance. That’s good, because they had to on two levels. First of all, there is already an ordinance on the books that directed the city manager to purchase this land from the County and enter into a deal with the YMCA, and this new deal is different than what was outlined in that ordinance. The only way to amend an ordinance is with an ordinance, so it had to become an ordinance. Then, once it became an ordinance they amended the proposed ordinance, and since the is money involved, the ordinance automatically requires that they pass the ordinance on first reading again. That means that the next time they vote on this matter it will be first reading again, not second reading. Beyond that, the County isn’t going to accept the city’s offer. So the deal is dead on that level. But even if the County did accept the city’s offer, the only way the city can actually pay for the deal is to dip into bond funds, because there is no way that the county will release this land for only $1,050,000 unless there is a connection to the city taking responsibility for the enhancement of the reverse L portion of Curd Road, and the only way the city can do that is to illegally use bond funds. I think the SEC will have something to say about that. But then there is the next issue, Ray and Linda are both against this project in the worst sort of way, and so is Floyd. So, all they have to do is call a special meeting and nullify the ordinance and its effect because it was illegally passed. Now, even if they pass the ordinance, it doesn’t take affect for 15 days, which means that the Mayor by law cannot enter into the agreement for 15 days from the time that they pass this ordinance, which would mean that the next commission will have the opportunity to put it back on the agenda and repeal it before it is even active. But even if I am completely wrong on all counts, they can back out of this deal with the YMCA at anytime and the only thing they will be out is the preliminary costs, which I believe are like 36,000 or so, and perhaps some additional costs that the YMCA can run up on the project, but they would have to act very, very quickly. Thank you D1 voters for sending Ray packing…one bright moment in the election anyway. Now, if the YMCA runs up a large bill before they are sure that this is lock box secure, shame on them. If somehow they are able to slip one past us, and get the city on the hook for this $200,000 plus plus, we as citizens should boycott them. Additionally, Ray Justice cannot sit on the next commission meeting because it would require extending his term, which cannot be authorized by this commission before the next commission meeting. Folks, this is a dead deal no matter which way you look at it.

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