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The persistent refusal of the City of Mt. Juliet to abide by the Tennessee Open Records law as well as the City Commission’s blithe persistence in refusing to deal with their laughable “ethics” code have both been commented on at Radio Free Mt. Juliet.

Both issues are important enough to merit their own permanent reference pages, so they have been added into the menu bar at the top of the site.

Ethics2 contains information about the Commissions “ethics” code.

Open Records contains information about the hostility of the Commission and City Manager to Open Records requests.

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4 responses to “New Permanent Pages

  1. Butch Huber

    I will soon be firing off a letter to the commission that proves beyond any doubt that the city manager has failed to comply with state law regarding public information. My letter will also further prove that the city’s policy regarding charges for copies isn’t legal. The question is, will the commission stand up and do the right thing and fix the things that are going on or will they allow business as usual to continue? I am going to try to get the letter to the commission posted on Radiofreemj, but beware, it is about 45 pages long. In that letter I have included the e-mail correspondence that has transpired between myself, the city manager, the city attorney and the city human resources director. I have included the law regarding public records and other items that strengthen my position on this topic. Now, it certainly would be easier for me to go to city hall and pay the $56 Mr. Robertson is trying so hard to force me to pay, but then I would be ignoring the fact that they are trampling on my rights, wouldn’t I?

  2. Lori Ruotolo

    Correct Butch. What about the citizens who don’t have money to pay for public records? Are they denied the right to public information?

  3. Butch Huber

    You know Lori, that is a very good question. It seems that the legislature is concerned with keeping costs as low as possible so that people are not inhibited from accessing public records. In fact, I believe that the only thing that we are supposed to pay for is the actual cost (meaning paper and ink) of making copies.

    Mind you, the city doesn’t “have” to charge these fees, they are simply “allowed” to assess a reasonably fee that covers the “actual” cost.

    You can determine what people value based on where they spend their time and where the spend there money. The same can be said about politicians, except for a couple changes. You can see what politicians value based on where they spend their time and where they spend “our” money. It is clear to me that this more interested in the YMCA than they are citizen’s rights. Instead of spending so much time trying to make this deal go through and so much money on this purchase, the city should spend its time and focus its resources toward ensuring that roads are built, homes are protected, and citizen’s rights are upheld.

    Perhaps, if they wouldn’t have gotten rid of the public records custodian they wouldn’t have such a time dealing with public records requests.

  4. Looking Toward The Future

    Throw all the bums out and get brand new people in there. This city needs new blood in office and to get rid of the worn “good old boy” reputation. We are loosing business because of the bad rap the commission has developed. We need to run our city like a corporation.

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