Mack and Marlowe websites

Both Kevin Mack and Wendell Marlowe have campaign websites up:

Nothing for Elam or Bradshaw yet.

– Publius



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2 responses to “Mack and Marlowe websites

  1. Plato

    Why doesn’t RadioFree do some kind of unofficial poll? I would be curious to see who everyone is favoring in the Mayor and Commissioner races. With this many players it should be interesting. The incumbants need to be packing their bags now.

  2. Wilson County School Watch

    I will not vote for Marlowe under any circumstances. He was a County Commissioner for years, and when he moved to his new house it meant he left his district.

    Marlowe continued to serve on the commission for 6 months before it was revealed that he no longer lived there and by law should have resigned when he moved.

    He was paid for his services for those 6 months. Did he repay us, the taxpayers, his ill-gotten gains for those 6 months?

    Did the good old boy network in this county prosecute him for his behavior?

    No. He has shown his terrible ethics by his behavior. His ethics are more of the same and what we need to rid our local politics of.

    How will he use the Mayor position for his own personal financial gain?

    He should pay the county back, and ask Thompson to launch an investigation. Nothing less would show a lack of character and honor on his behalf.

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