The story Linda Elam wants you to forget

Mayor working for MJ retail developer, still hasn’t told city staff
New employer was major contributor in county mayor campaign

$24,970 (out of a total of $51,334) was contributed by Ken Powers, Commercial Realty Services, and related entities. The Mayor began working for CRS in September of 2006, and continued working for them until shortly after an ethics complaint was filed against her in April of 2007.

She was censured by the City Commission for her attempt to use her position as Mayor on behalf of her employer.

Click here to read the full story from the archives.

– Publius


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  1. Butch Huber

    Most of those reading this post probably haven’t gone back and read the depositions in the investigation into Hatton Wright’s complaint against the mayor, so I will point out a few things regarding this issue.

    The mayor went to work for the developer without telling the public, this we probably all know by now. But what most people don’t know is that the city manager had asked the mayor who she was working for more than once during the timeframe from when she went to work for CRS and the time when the story was printed in the Chronicle. According to the testimony in the depositions, each time City Manager Rob Shearer asked the Mayor for the identity of her employer she refused to answer him. Now, it was probably a more casual interaction than an interrogation when Rob was asking her who she was working for, however, I am sure that he didn’t suspect what was about to unfold either. In other words, I am sure that had Rob known that the Mayor was working for a developer, he would have had his guard up more, his antenna more finely tuned, and his eye’s more keenly peeled for any act of impropriety. It would have made more sense to Rob when Mayor Elam called Bobby Franklin trying to get him to remove a condition on CRS property. It would have made more sense to him when Bobby Franklin came to him seeking help with Mayor Elam over this issue.

    The mayor elected not to let you and I know the identity of her employer. Please ask yourself the following question; “How could it have possibly benefited her to conceal the identity of her employer from the public”? What I mean to say is; “If she didn’t have something up her sleeve, if she wasn’t planning something improper, if she wasn’t trying to act incognito, if she wasn’t trying to slip a fast one by us, if she wasn’t trying to do something underhanded, if she wasn’t trying to circumvent convention and law, if she wasn’t trying to use her office improperly, what benefit was it to her to make such an effort to conceal the identity of her employer”?

    Folks, I believe in second chances, and third chances and even fourth chances, people aren’t perfect, we all make mistakes, we all do things that aren’t exactly right. However, I believe that second, third and fourth chances come after a humble acknowledgement that the actions and deeds that necessitate the need for a second, third, and fourth chance were wrong and unacceptable. This is not the case with Mayor Elam. Everyone I heard from regarding this issue, to a person, agreed that what the Mayor had done was wrong and unacceptable….that is, everyone except the Mayor. When the proceedings were over the mayor stated “the witch hunt is over”. She refused to humble herself then and she refuses to humble herself now. She still thinks that her behavior then was acceptable. She saw nothing wrong with what she had done, but she saw everything wrong with what Vice Mayor Hagerty had done when he signed a piece of paper that he was asked to sign (A piece of paper that carried no legal authority and that Vice Mayor Hagerty did nothing to hide or conceal from anyone.) Mr. Hagerty was wrong for signing the piece of paper, but the piece of paper had no authority or weight, just like the letter the Mayor had signed promising then Chief Martin his job back if he didn’t like his new position.

    I look at a person’s trajectory when they do wrong. What I mean is, most, but not all, instances of impropriety that we see are but a snapshot taken at a moment in time, but a person of ill character, especially one who won’t humble himself or herself when found out, should have their actions looked at like a motion picture, a video. You see, if you look at all of their actions you can develop a true picture of what the future will, or probably will, look like if nothing is done to stop it.

    Mayor Elam masqueraded as a conservative until she was elected Mayor of Mt. Juliet, then when she made her bid for County Executive, she made a hard left turn, a turn from which she has never recovered. She is a left wing liberal who was wearing the clothing of a conservative because that was what it would take to get elected in conservative West Wilson County.

    Mayor Elam used her position as Mayor improperly in the case mentioned here, but this issue is only one of many, many instances when the mayor improperly and/or illegally used her office, power, and influence.

    I will leave you with this thought, 6 people go into a room with the Mayor where she lobbies them to provide illegal building permits to a developer who promised to donate $100,000 to a ladder truck fund (a ladder truck that would directly benefit her employer more than any other person in this city), 5 of the 6 people deliver damaging testimony against her in an investigation, those five people are no longer employed with the city (not one of the five wanted to leave the city government). But what of the one who did not return damaging testimony? Oh, he is now employed with the city at a higher level than before he went into that room and at a higher salary than the man who vacated the position he now holds! Had the mayor had her way that man would be making even more money than the current city manager, a city manager who also is earning more than his predecessor! (that’s gotta hurt, doesn’t it, Randy?)

    Do you want 4 more years of the same kind of politics in Mt. Juliet? Tell your friends and neighbors about this website. Get them tuning in. Let’s drag the truth out in the light of day and let’s take a real and candid look at who has been running this government. Let’s send a loud and clear message to this government that; “we the people” are sick and tired of politics by ambush, underhanded tactics, backstabbing, and back-room meetings! Let’s send the message that if someone wants to represent us they must do so properly, out in the open, and above board!

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