Headlines from the Chronicle, August 20, 2008

Normally, August is a slow news month. Not this year.

Educators worried about budget crisis
Question: Why is a budget with an 8.23% INCREASE in the county’s property tax rate referred to as a “status quo” budget? With all of the residential and commercial construction in the county over the past five years, the property tax revenue should be up substantially, without changing the rate. With all the new retail open in the county, the sales tax revenue (50% of which is dedicated to the public school system) should be up substantially. Where has all the extra money gone? And why should the school system need an increase in the property tax rate on top of the increases in revenue they are already enjoying?

What Sellers Said
This merits an entry all its own – which we will provide. Do go read Tomi’s editorial. She’s right, Commissioner Sellers is wrong. She does not owe Commissioner Sellers a retraction. Commissioner Sellers owes her an apology.

Huge Beckwith Rd development snagged
County planning officials deferred action, requesting more information. Didn’t see that one coming!

MJ City boards need citizens for fill seats
There are vacancies on at least three boards: Traffic Commission, Board of Adjustments and Appeals (deals with building code issues), and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

City Hall goes green, encourages others
paper recycling, aluminum can recycling, “Small steps such as removing one bulb from a four building lighting fixture,” according to City Planner Lisa Keylon who is evidently heading up the city employee committee called the “Green Team.”

– Publius



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2 responses to “Headlines from the Chronicle, August 20, 2008

  1. Butch Huber

    Oh My God! I didn’t say that?!!! Mr. Sellers, did you actually say that you didn’t say that? Please tell me that you didn’t use your position as a commissioner to blast the paper in this city that has the largest circulation of any paper in Wilson County because they reported what you said.

    To the Chronicle reporter, way to stick to your guns. I am surprised that you didn’t body slam sellers even worse.

  2. 1 Voice of the Brotherhood

    Good reporting as always from The Chronilcle. Keep it up Tomi.

    Are we going to see a retraction from a retraction from a certain commissioner next week?

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