Former MJ Police Chief Ted Floyd to run for District 1 City Commission seat

From the Lebanon Democrat

Posted: Friday, August 8, 2008 11:34 pm
August 7, 2008 — Former Mt. Juliet Police Chief Ted Floyd picked up a petition and plans to make a bid for the Mt. Juliet District 1 City Commission seat.

Tuesday morning Floyd said he will challenge incumbent Ray Justice for the position.

“After I retired as police chief, I was confronted by numerous people suggesting I run for the commission seat,” Floyd said. “When I look at my qualifications, I can’t see how anyone else can have more knowledge than me about this city.

I worked in the police department for 25 years. I’m hearing people want a change in this district and maybe in the entire commission.”

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– Publius



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20 responses to “Former MJ Police Chief Ted Floyd to run for District 1 City Commission seat

  1. Looking Toward The Future

    Is this really a change or just a repackaged version of the same old city government?

  2. Lex Luther

    If your looking for Obama, he ain’t picked up a petition yet.

  3. Looking Toward The Future

    Will he last the whole election process or is this just a stunt by Ray Justice to dilute the voter pool…

  4. Lex Luther

    I bet Ray Justice is not happy about Ted Floyd being in the race. Floyd has more experience than Ray on every level.

    He might even have more name recognition in the community.

  5. Looking Toward The Future

    The only recognition Ted has is being put into Chief slot so he can obtain a better retirement payout. Heck, some of his own men didn’t care for him. What does Ted know about the business of representing a district? Ted and Ray will be battling over votes, this will leave it open for Brent or Jonathan to step in.

  6. Lex Luther

    We will just have to agree to disagree.

    You cannot move in one day and be instantly trusted as a representative here. Ray grew up in District 1 and everybody knows him. That is why he has been elected twice. But he has made a lot of mistakes in two terms.

    Floyd knows a lot of people here too. He has lived in the district over 25 years and is well respected.

    I think Floyd will beat Ray by about 10 percentage points and the other two will compete for bronze.

  7. Man of the People!

    If Ray has a bogie in the race, it isn’t Ted.

    Police officers were very vocal about wanting Ted Floyd to be their Chief when Kenny Martin left. Didn’t look like ‘dislike’ to me.

  8. The Truth

    Why is Ed running for district 3 , People really don’t want him in offic anymore. After 10 years
    it’s time for change Ed must know this. Why would a person run when he’s not wanted.
    I’m sorry Ed but time to look for another job , take a break . You seem like a Godly man who needs a break. To tell the truth we need a break from you. (no offence)
    That’s why 8 years is the max for any president.
    Change is good even for you my friend.

  9. Paul Deyo

    As I have said before, opinions are like a certain part of the body…….

  10. The Truth

    As I have said before, opinions of opinions are like a certain part of the body……..

  11. Lex Luther

    Floyd has a pretty interesting bio. Just found this on his website:

  12. Looking Toward The Future

    Hmmm…A.A. Degree inParalegal… That is right next to basketweaving.

  13. Lex Luther

    Paralegal skills have not hurt Mae Beavers – she is Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and arguably the fourth or fifth most powerful elected official in the state !

    I wonder if she is into basketweaving?

  14. Johnny

    Maybe with a new mayor Ed would be OK. Maybe he should run for mayor (who’s better qualified).
    He knows the city better than anyone running. His planning commission experience helps him to be well rounded. And he is not a lawyer.

  15. Butch Huber

    Looking Toward The Future, you seem to have an ax to grind with Ted Floyd. Am I picking up a vibe that perhaps there is something personal going on here?

  16. Looking Toward The Future

    Hey Butch. Nope, no vibe. He just seems too similar to Ray and not enough of a difference.

  17. Butch Huber

    I don’t have a horse in the district 1 race personally. I don’t really know Ted Floyd on a personal level. In fact, he and I have probably exchanged all of about twenty words to each other over the years. I don’t know the other candidates at all (except Ray). However, I believe that that tact that needs to be taken here is like Reagan said about Republicans. Kinda like the 11th commandment “thou shall not say anything bad about a fellow republican” (I am not sure that quote is exactly accurate). If we tear down those running for Ray’s seat, he might keep it.

    No matter who takes Ray’s seat it will be an improvement. During the last election I myself said that Ray would be the better person for that seat. I didn’t want him to win, but he had a lot more knowledge of what was going on in the city than the other candidates he Ran against and I felt he would make a better commissioner in spite of his issues….I was wrong….boy, was I wrong! Unless we give someone a chance, anyone a chance, to dive into that job and do it, we will be stuck with Ray.

    If Ray had a moral compass and an ethical center he would be great, but the fact is you never know which way he is going to turn and from which angle his misdeeds are going to come from. He continually lies to and deceives the public.

    There may be similarities between Floyd and Justice (For the life of me I don’t see them, but I will grant you that there could be similarities that I simply don’t see), but I don’t believe you would have to worry about Ted lying to you or deceiving you. I also don’t think you would have to worry about Ted trying to put together a hair-brained scheme to purchase land from the county to give to the YMCA and at the same time take on the obligation to upgrade a road that is located in the county.

    If there are similarities between the two, their differences overshadow them completely as far as I am concerned.

    Looking Toward the Future, I can’t encourage you enough that if you have a favorite in this race, extol his virtues on here and don’t tear Ted down to do it. That is unless you have something concrete against Ted that we really should know about.

    If you have negative to sow, sow it in Ray’s direction. Lord knows he deserves it. Don’t let him win a split vote yet again!

    It is a shame we can’t have some kind of preliminary election between the other three candidates this year where they all agree that the losers of the preliminary election will drop out of the race so that there is no way Ray wins again.

    District 1, it is time to send Ray Justice packing.

  18. Looking Toward The Future

    Butch. Looking over my old post, maybe I was a little hard on Floyd. I just hope we don’t fall into the same old groove we have been in over the last eight years.
    Now is our time for the citizens to step up and pick the right person for the job, not just for a popularity contest.

  19. Hanley Hammond

    I will be out knocking on doors this weekend on Ted’s behalf. After Monday nights Commission meeting Ray has got to go. I can’t wait to see Ted sworn on as Commissioner District 1.

  20. Lex Luther

    Justice wants to delay the seating of the next commission so he can vote for the YMCA on second reading. This tells me a couple of things. One, he isn’t very confident he will be re-elected. Two, he knows that most people in his district are against this. Yet he persists?

    What kind of elected official tries to impose their will this way? Not one I would ever vote for.

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