Fire Code Violations in Mt. Juliet

NC5 Investigation Uncovers Safety Violations In New Homes

MT. JULIET, Tenn. – When a fire strikes minutes and seconds count. If your home isn’t built properly, your safety could be at risk.
Through an investigation, NewsChannel 5 uncovered evidence of new homes in Wilson County built in violation of fire codes.
Mount Juliet city officials and police are also investigating how violations were undetected in the Providence community, one of the fastest-growing Midstate neighborhoods.

Click here for the rest of the story.

Channel 5 says they will have a follow-up story on tonight with “secret audio tapes.”

Channel 4, and Fox17 have also posted stories:

Some Firewalls Don’t Meet City’s Standards
Mount Juliet Codes Inspectors To Check Newer Subdivisions

WSMV-News Channel 4 story here.

Mt. Juliet Fire Code Concerns- Erika Lathon

Fox17 story here.

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One response to “Fire Code Violations in Mt. Juliet

  1. Butch Huber

    I listened to the tape of Marlin Keel talking to public works department. I understand his emotion…however, I am disappointed. People who work for the government have every right to take issues to the press if they feel it necessary. The underlying thing to remember here is that if the government wasn’t doing anything wrong, it wouldn’t have to worry about people going to the press. Organizations are going to make mistakes, people are going to screw up, and not every instance of mistakes needs to go to the press, however, it appears that this issue, like so many other issues, was brought to the attention of this government and was not attended to until the press got involved.

    Folks, I don’t know how you feel, but I believe most people feel the way that I feel, and that is that the people who work for government are “our” employees, and that the leadership of government are the caretakers of those people while they are at work. Marlin, I am told, is a good man…however, he is on tape threatening city employees. That is intolerable. As angry as it makes me when I feel betrayed by someone who works with me, I can’t condone a government employee’s threats against other government employees when they exercise their rights under the law.
    Long-time readers of Radiofree will remember when I said that “the kind of thing that has been going on will get worse before it gets better”. Folks, its not over. The leadership of this government set the tone for the entire government. Mayor Elam specifically set the tone for this sort of issue when she called a meeting to try to persuade city employees to issue illegal building permits to Pulte Homes and when she tried to get Bobby Franklin to remove a requirement off of her employer’s project. Like I have said so many times, when the head is out of order, the whole body is out of order. While this issue is important, the bigger issue is what has been going on at the top of this government.

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