Music City Star to mute whistle in Mt. Juliet

story from the Wilson Post (reprinted from The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet).

Special to The Wilson Post

MT. JULIET – If you’ve been cursing early commuters to Nashville since the Music City Star commuter train began its route through Mt. Juliet because of the early morning train’s wake-up whistle, you’ll get some relief soon… well, eventually.

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5 responses to “Music City Star to mute whistle in Mt. Juliet

  1. Joe Fleenor

    Butch, does this boil your blood? Seems to me like it’s government taking part in things they shouldn’t. Right?

  2. Nathan Clariday

    I am still waiting to see how much the liability insurance is going to cost. If it will cover an accident or can the individuals sue for more that what insurance will cover.

  3. Butch Huber


    I was in a commission meeting when a couple of the big wigs from the RTA or the other organization (there are actually two organizations involved in this music city star project…I believe) were talking about how inexpensively they were able to put this deal together. They were talking about how the project cost something like $40,000,000 when the last one they did was more like $260,000,000. When it was convenient for them to talk about how little they spent comparatively, they were certainly willing to do so, now that they want the city to “pitch in” yet more money, they are poor mouthing it. I have to admit that I am a little ignorant of all of the surrounding factors, but one factor that I am certain of, I don’t believe all of the people’s money should be spent on something that only “some of the people” are using. I want the government to guarantee the success of a few businesses for me, Joe, how about you? Wouldn’t it be nice to go into business and have the government guarantee you that if the public doesn’t utilize your business enough to make it a sustainable operation they will pitch in the rest until your business gets to a place where it is self-sustaining?

    That having been said, the people who live along the track are not without a right to complain.

    Joe, go back and watch the tapes of the commission meetings from the very beginning of this quiet zone issue..(after the train started to run)…you will see me going to the microphone and stating that there is a really easy way to fix this problem…”just boycott the train until they put the quiet zone in”. Nobody seemed to like that solution…but now we are looking as spending a bunch of taxpayer money to build quiet zones. The city could have very easily have forced the RTA to establish quiet zones if people were willing to play their part as citizens. We can still do it…all it takes is for those who ride the train to refuse to ride it until the RTA establishes quiet zones. But, alas, it will not happen. You and I will pay to establish quiet zones in Mt. Juliet. Does it boil my blood? Nah. My blood was already boiling over the one trillion plus we spend every year on an inadequate, flawed, miserable public school system. My blood was already boiling because we continue to play the facade of the social security trust fund and medicare/medicaid. My blood was already boiling because we spend so much on military spending (I am an ardent supporter of the military), but so little on establishing strong international trade and public relations to ensure that we don’t have a need to spend so much on defense. My blood is already boiling because we spend fortunes on pet projects like $1.3 million dollar gifts to the YMCA. This simply takes my blood from 212 degrees (or whatever temperature blood boils at) to let’s say 215. But I will say that it is nice to know that your blood is boiling…or is it?

    Joe, build a coalition to boycott the RTA until they come up with some way to fund the quiet zone. They can’t make us ride the train…or can they?

  4. Mrs. Lincoln

    Trains have whistles for a reason. With the first death or injury caused by a quiet train, that silenced whistle will become evidence of negligence.

    Should any member of my family be squashed by a quiet train, I would most absolutely be suing the city for far more than any insurance policy could possibly cover them for.

    Should any member of another person’s family be squashed by a quiet train, the city had better be praying that I am not on the jury.

    Mrs. Lincoln

  5. Lori Ruotolo

    I just saw this about a car being hit right on Chandler/Tulip Grove. Luckily, the car was empty when it was hit.

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