Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News, July 9, 2008

Man files suit against MJPD, officers
Choking victim alleges ‘cruel’ treatment
This story has received lots of local news attention.

Sneak peek: Work at new MJHS in full gear
[new high school is scheduled to open on August 1st. Traffic lights are up at Hwy 70 & Benders Ferry. Will the traffic plan work?]

Fab 4th: Thousands at new venue
City fireworks display (courtesy Tom Needham & friends) was at Providence this year for the first time.

City’s new administrators are facing tough tasks
“New City Attorney Jason Holleman has his hands full with several lawsuits filed against the city.”

Most unfortunate headline this week:
on page 14, “How to get quality sleep while traveling on road”

Of course the biggest news story in Mt. Juliet last week was the demolition of the Subway on Hwy 70 behind Mapco. The Subway had hung on and continued to operate, even while it became increasingly isolated and almost absorbed into the construction site. According to their agreement with the developer, they will be re-opening soon in one of the commercial spaces adjacent to the new grocery store. It’s a sign that the new Publix Grocery Store complex must be nearing completion.

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