Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News, July 2, 2008

Fire devours Mt. Juliet attic
house fire in Triple Crown – WEMA said three engines and a tanker worked the fire for nearly an hour and a half.

Marlowe to run for MJ mayor
“I have more support to run for mayor than commissioner.”

Garrett takes the helm as MJPD chief
Nashville veteran sworn in as city’s fifth police chief

HAWC offers adoption of dogs rescued from raid
some of the 700-plus dogs from the Hickman County puppy mill are available here in Wilson County

TBI to investigate traffic stop
City Attorney confirmed that the TBI is investigating the actions of Police Cpl. William J. Cosby during an April 4 traffic stop

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5 responses to “Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News, July 2, 2008

  1. Larry Whitney

    When Wendall Marlowe pays back the Citizens of Wilson County the 6 months of pay he illegally collected while serving as a County Commissioner after he moved out of his district, then I would be willing to listen as to why he thinks he should be Mayor and fleece us.

    Until then, I consider him another crooked politician in it only to line his on pockets.

    Maybe as Mayor, Marlowe could appoint his son as Police Chief? He would have to wait until his son gets out of jail for beating to death the inmate a few years ago while his son was a sheriff deputy here in Wilson County. I always wondered how his son got that job as a deputy? Nepotism?

    Let’s deal with Marlowe with our eyes and ears wide open.

  2. Joe Fleenor

    I’m not voting for Wendell Marlowe for one reason, and one reason only — he gave me in-school suspension in 4th grade for saying damn.

    Just kidding “Mr. Marlowe”. Good luck!

  3. Butch Huber

    Story in the chronicle says the guy that was being choked by the MJPD officer is suing for $1.5 million. Man, we are going to end up with a hefty property tax just to pay back all of the lawsuits! Not that I don’t think that the lawsuits are justifiable, I don’t know one way or the other (I suspect Mr. Franklin will win hands down), but it isn’t looking good for the city right now.

    Chaos! That is what happens when the head is out of order. The commission can’t be out of control and expect the rest of the city to be in order…it just won’t happen. I think I have said that before.

    I wonder if the commission is ready to abandon the YMCA deal yet?

  4. Joe Fleenor

    I want to know why it says “Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News”. What’s up with that? Are they slipping RFMJ something under the table so they can have exclusive media rights?

  5. Butch Huber

    I guess, by the look of things, that the city manager must be leaving. The mayor is trying to pass a new ordinance or resolution that requires that the next city manager and chief of police live within the city limits. I take that as her hidden statement to the public that there will be a new city manager in the city soon. That’s how I read it anyway. (It appears to me that she isn’t real happy with the selection of the new police chief either.)

    Why would she want to pass such a measure? I don’t know. But I can give some hypothetical scenarios. It could be that she recognizes that there is no way that she is going to win the next election for Mayor, so her days in local politics are numbered. It could be that she is afraid that somehow or another the “Cabal” might win the next election, and thereby control the commission. It could be that she is concerned that if the “Cabal” were to take over the commission, they might want to hire back the person who was arguably the best, or certainly one of the best, city managers this city has ever had. If that happened, there is a real chance that the commission might direct him to launch an investigation into the mischief that has occurred in this city. Being the victim of some of that mischief, he may be inclined to ensure that the investigation is thoroughly conducted, you know, like the mayor wanted Hatton Wright thoroughly investigated. It could be that she is concerned about what that investigation might turn up.

    No matter, all the next commission has to do is reverse this action and they can hire whomever they choose. Isn’t it interesting to watch her try to manipulate the system on her way out?

    The city manager isn’t an elected official, he is an appointed official. The reason that elected officials have to live within the district that they represent is because they are put in office by the “VOTERS”. I agree, it would be “philosophically better” if the city manager lived inside the city, but living inside the city doesn’t make the city manager a better “Manager”, it might make his or her decisions have a personal impact on him or her in his or her private life, but it won’t make his or her “abilities” any better.

    Take for instance how hard it is now to get public information. I have been trying to get some information for quite some time now. I finally put in another request for information last Thursday, I still have not heard a word. Why is it that I don’t have this information? Is that because Randy lives inside the city? (I actually have no idea where he lives, but I assume that he lives in the city.) Rob Shearer would have had the information I am looking for to me in minutes. I wouldn’t have had to fill out a form, I would have gotten more information than I asked for probably. But Rob didn’t live inside the city. Perhaps, it would be better for us to insist that the city manager live “outside” the city limits! I mean, by what basis do they decide on such an arbitrary issue? Is it based on track records? I mean, they like to talk trash about Rob, but everything they come up with to try to tear him down ends up being a mistruth or an outright lie. Rob is a much more quiet kind of guy than I am, but if I were Rob I would have sued this city’s gills out. Then, I would have made them eat their words. So, if the requirement that the city manager live inside the city isn’t based on performance history, what will we base that requirement on…it can’t be about the voters, because voters have nothing to do with that decision…it can’t be because a city manager who lives inside the city will be more concerned about the city…Rob didn’t live inside the city and he led this city through the most aggressive growth cycle the city had ever seen and through one of the most aggressive growth cycles the state had ever seen. There is no basis for this measure other than to try to keep Rob out of office. I don’t know if Rob will ever be offered the Job, or even if he would accept if offered (However, it is a lot of fun watching them try to keep it from happening.), but they are wasting paper and time with this one, because the next commission will have the city manager of their choosing no matter what this commission does.

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