Kevin Mack throws his hat in the ring once more

Story in the Lebanon Democrat

The Party\'s Over



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4 responses to “Kevin Mack throws his hat in the ring once more

  1. Butch Huber


  2. Tim Stewart

    Kevin Mack brought on board a city planner and many others who was completely unqualified for the positions they were given. The city of Mount Juliet had to pick up the tab for the follies of these individuals. Kevin Mack thought managing a pizza delivery was qualification to run our town. Mount Juliet deserves better a mayor with better judgment than this.

  3. Voter


    You might want to look at the post on “someone had a vision. . .”

    Would you rather have someone with all the right degrees (but who can’t do the job) or someone who gets the job done?

    Mack got the job done.

  4. Butch Huber


    I don’t think you have your facts straight.

    What did Mt. Juliet look like before Mack? What did it look like after Mack?

    All of the progress you are seeing right now is a result of what Kevin and the team he brought on put in play, Tim.

    The commission hasn’t put anything in play, but that isn’t the extent of it…they have done a great job of screwing up what Rob and Bobby had put in play after Kevin left office. These folks have practically destroyed the momentum of this city. Don’t let what you see going on fool you…go look at Brentwood and Cool Springs…that is where our momentum would have taken the city had we stayed on track. We can get back on track, and maybe even catch back up, but it will take real leadership.

    Tim, do you think maybe Kevin learned a thing or two while he was in office? Be fair.

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