Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News, June 11, 2008

Marlowe seeks District 2 seat
Except he’s not running for District 2, he’s running for District 3 (currently held by Ed Hagerty, who has not announced his plans yet). There is also an announced candidate for District 1 (currently held by Ray Justice), Jonathan Brydalski. Commissioner Justice says he is running for re-election.

Mt. Juliet claims title as largest city in Wilson County
Lebanon – 24,812, Mt. Juliet 25,234

MJNews joins the worldwide web, launches site this week
Which is a copy of the Lebanon Democrat site, and not all of the names have been changed. Still, we welcome them to the neighborhood.

MJ Commissioners hash city budget
Additions include better pay raises, three police officers, and more.
Great line: “The budget knife whittled away at the fund balance during a marathon meeting Monday night . . .”

City cuts deal with CPS Land to overcome debt
First line: “The City of Mt. Juliet hopes to cut a deal with CPS Land . . .” So, which is it? Have they cut a deal? or do they HOPE to cut a deal? The land in question is the ROW for the new ramp from I-40 to Belinda Parkway.

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5 responses to “Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News, June 11, 2008

  1. Larry Whitney

    Marlowe may be running for District 2 even though he does live in District 3. After all, this is the same man who illegally kept serving in his County Commission spot for 6 months after moving out of his district there.

    To the best of my knowledge he did not repay to the taxpayers the salary he illegally drew for those 6 months.

    Also, I question his ethics. As a County Commissioner he never did recuse himself from votes on pay raises for his primary job, that as an educator. I am not saying that educators do not deserve raises, I am saying that Marlowe should not have used his elected position to vote on issues that benefit himself financially in his un-elected position. That would be like Elam working for developers and her voting on issues related to those developers. Both cases they should have recused themselves from those votes.

    Haven’t we had enough questionable ethics in this town???

    Be careful of this guy.

  2. Lex Luther

    I don’t know Marlow but couldn’t vote for him anyway because I am not in District 3.

    I do think he was a school principal prior to being elected to the County Commission. Those who voted for him should have known about that possible conflict of interest.

    Elam did not work for a Mt. Juliet developer when she ran for Mayor. The voters never voted for Elam knowing of her conflict of interest.

    But you make some good points Mr. Whitney.

  3. Bobby Franklin

    The actual revenue in Mt. Juliet’s 2003-2004 budget was 5.2 million. The projected revenue for this year’s (2008-2009) budget is 10.4 million. I wonder how many of Tennessee’s 347 cities can boast about doubling revenue in just 5 years?

    It is safe to say that Mt. Juliet does not have a revenue problem.

    In February of this year Mt. Juliet doubled its debt with a 10 million dollar bond issue.

    This budget’s beginning fund balance is 1.5 million and the projected year-end balance goes down to 1 million.

    In summary, we have a city that has doubled its revenue in five years, doubled its debt in one year, and decreased its fund balance 50 percent in just one year.

    The City of Mt. Juliet has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. And who’s fault is that?

  4. Joe Fleenor

    That’s one of the best comments…

    “…we have a city that has doubled its revenue in five years, doubled its debt in one year, and decreased its fund balance 50 percent in just one year.”

    Thanks for putting it all into perspective Bobby.

  5. Sonny Griffin

    I agree, Joe.

    Bobby also asks the question. “And who’s fault is that?”

    In my opinion, it is not Rob Shearer.

    It is not Randy Robertson.

    It is the current City Commission.

    Who else can be blamed for this?

    What can you expect to happen when you have city commissioners that give back $950,000.00 to the county which was offered to the city for improvements to Curd Road so that our young folks could get to school safely.

    What can you expect when the commissioners use this money intended for road improvements as a credit against a $2,000,000.00 purchase of the old elementary school property along with $1,050,000.00 of taxpayer money so they can give most of the land to the YMCA?

    What can you expect when the commissioners decide to hire a developer to build a $2,000,000.00 state of the art animal shelter at taxpayer expense?

    What can you expect when the city commission wastes so much time talking about parks and recreation and land deals when they should be expending all their energy and resources on the widening of North Mount Juliet Road and the Eastern Connector? Parks are great. They are a luxury. Roads are a necessity for public safety and transportation.

    That wasted time has cost the taxpayers of Mount Juliet and Tennessee millions of dollars already in rapidly increasing road building costs due mainly to the oil (asphalt) price explosion.

    We need to put our money where it does the most good. IT’S THE ROADS STUPID!!!

    But like I say, what can you expect from this commission?

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