Special Meeting Called for 6/11- notice dated 6/11

AGENDA: “to discuss retention of the City Manager”

From the City’s web site:

6-11-08 sp to commission2-2.doc


June 11, 2008

Mayor Linda C. Elam

3005 S. Waterford Ct.

Mt. Juliet, TN 37122


Commissioner Will Sellers City Recorder Sheila S. Luckett

2520 Port Kembla Dr. 2425 N. Mt. Juliet Road

Mt. Juliet, TN 37121 Mt. Juliet, TN 37122


Commissioner James Bradshaw City Attorney Jason Holleman

1305 Rolling Meadow Ct. 2425 N. Mt. Juliet Road

Mt. Juliet, TN 37121 Mt. Juliet, TN 37122


Commissioner Ed Hagerty Commissioner Ray Justice

3700 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd. 308 Park Glen Drive

Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 Mt. Juliet, TN 37122





JUNE 11, 2008 7:00 PM

Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 6-20-208, City Manager Randy Robertson hereby gives written notice that a Special Meeting of the Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners will be held on June 11, 2008, at 7:00 PM at City Hall to discuss retention of the City Manager.




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18 responses to “Special Meeting Called for 6/11- notice dated 6/11

  1. Lori

    Wasn’t this the same meeting announced at the end of the BOC meeting on Monday 6/9?

  2. Chris Sorey

    Yes, it is the same meeting, and that is just the spin put on most of what is posted on this site.

  3. Sorry for the confusion folks. The notice of the June 11, 2008 Special Meeting, linked above was dated June 11, 2008. The date on the notice appears to have been in error, as we have been informed that it was mentioned at the end of the June 09, 2008 City Commission meeting and printed in the Wilson Post. Notice of the meeting was NOT printed in the Lebanon Democrat, but is mentioned in the story in today’s Chronicle.
    – Publius

  4. Butch Huber

    I have a lot to say about last night’s meeting, but I will only mention one thing right now. When Mr. Robertson came to Mt. Juliet, the city commission voted to raise the salary cap on his position from (I believe) $97,000 up to $108,000. That represents an increase in just that one position of $11,000. Remember, we are not talking about the starting point of that position, we are talking about the “CAP” of that position. So not only did Mr. Robertson come to Mt. Juliet at the top of a position where it traditionally took three years for a person to max out their position, they raised his cap by 11.39%. Now, nearing the end of his contract with the city, they are trying to raise his income to $125,000 (without a cola for this year, but with a two year contract.), a more than 11% increase this year and a 14% increase the next. Folks, this raise would give his position an increase above cap of just shy of 32% in three years! But what about the rest of the 100 or so employees of this city, how are they treating them? They are honoring them by not paying the full CPI over the past two years and allowing them to remain 11%+ behind their contemporaries in other comparable markets. Just two years ago the commission gave the employees a 3% raise, not a COLA, a raise. By the end of this next fiscal year they will have effectively taken away about 65% of that 3% by not paying the full COLA.

    One man gets a 32% raise over two years while the rest of the employees get a 1.85% reduction in pay. Fair? Is that looking out for the rank and file? Doesn’t that create an atmosphere of elitism?

    I will be back with more on this subject, but for now I will stop with a question. “Mr. Robertson came to Mt. Juliet having just left his first job as city manager after only six months on the job and they crashed through the salary cap to bring him in. After six years on the job and after having ushered in the most explosive growth this city has ever seen, after having dazzled the rest of Tennessee with what can be accomplished in a small city when you have a plan and a vision, the Commission was absolutely adamant that they would not give Rob a raise. Now that Mr. Robertson has been on the job for less than a year, they are again shattering the salary cap to try to keep him here. Do you think the commission is being fair and balanced in their approach to do their jobs or do you think they are wielding their personal agendas and operating as if this is a personality contest?”

  5. Titus Pullo

    Linda Elam is dead politically.

    The failure in her hand-picked city manager hire is proof positive she does not have the brains to lead a growing city like Mt. Juliet.

    She is just biding her time to run for county executive again anyway, and she will lose to either Mae Beavers or Terry Ashe.

    Unless of course Elam hangs around and decides to run for Mae Beavers seat. A closet Democrat in the 17th District Senate seat. Ouch, Mt. Juliet!

  6. Nathan Clariday

    Is Dedman not going to run again? I have been hearing several conflicting talk about that subject.

  7. Lex Luther

    I herd Don Fox and Terry Ashe is gonna run.

  8. Nathan Clariday

    I have heard that too.

  9. Nathan Clariday

    Anything of interest happen at the city meeting monday? I was out of town and don’t want to buy a dvd.

  10. Nathan Clariday

    Why don’t they have a live feed of the county commission meetings?

  11. Lex Luther

    They don’t want you to see what is going on, besides; the bright reflections off all the bald heads fogs up the camera lens !

  12. Unknown Soldier

    Kevin Mack running for Mayor?

  13. Nathan Clariday

    I have heard that.

    A person named Brydalski is running against Justice

    and I have heard Marlowe is going to run against Hagerty

  14. Unknown Soldier

    Does that mean Kevin Mack would bring back Rob
    for city manager since Randy is leaving?

  15. Butch Huber

    Unknown Soldier,

    One can only hope!


  16. Joe Fleenor

    Has anyone announced that they’re going to run for Mayor? Is it a foregone conclusion that Elam is seeking re-election?

  17. Butch Huber

    Kevin Mack is running for mayor. I hope Linda does run against him, that would be hilarious to see. Bradshaw has stated that he is interested in running for mayor, but that he would have to wait to see who else is running.
    If anyone wants to beat Mack they better pack a big lunch. He led this city through the most dramatic change of practically any city in the state. Obviously, he didn’t do it alone, he had Rob and Bobby to work with him behind the scenes, but he sure did a good job keeping things going in a positive trajectory at the commission level. What has this commission accomplished? Nothing!
    Linda’s history is going to play out very loudly in this election if she gets in the race. I am going to very much enjoy seeing her have to answer for her actions.
    I have written page after page after page outlining what she has done to make this city an embarrassment. When people start really tuning in to the issues starting in August the past will come back to haunt her like a ghost. I sure hope she runs, but I am guessing she won’t. There will most likely be some sort of excuse as to why she won’t run. Politically, the best thing she could do for herself is to drop out of the political scene for a while and then try to get back into the game later on, in a different venue. But then again, she does have a very big ego, she might think she can beat Kevin. We’ll see.

  18. Lex Luther

    I hope Elam runs. Its time to see if the girl who woke up on third base can really hit a triple.

    There will be heat, right over the plate.

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