Ground Rules

Before the campaign season begins in earnest, we believe it is important to remind everyone of the ground rules for this site.

The purpose of RFMJ has not changed. It is to provide information to the citizens of Mt. Juliet. The City’s website provides only limited access to much of the important information about the government of Mt. Juliet. Many citizens will find it inconvenient and perhaps a bit intimidating to make a personal visit to city hall and a personal request for public documents.

This site does allow citizen comments – without a three minute limit. BUT, the “ground rules” are that posts should be focused on issues and facts. We’ve been perhaps a bit too lax in allowing posts which veered off into personal attacks. What readers cannot see, of course, are the dozens of posts which have been submitted, but not approved, because they were nothing but personal attacks. We’re going to be taking a closer look at all submitted posts.

So, a reminder, please keep your posts focused on the issues and on the facts.

The character of candidates and elected officials is a relevant topic, to the extent that it has a direct bearing on the way in which city business is being conducted.

The character of private citizens (whether they post here or not) is NOT a relevant topic.

The webmasters reserve the right (as they always have) to NOT approve posts, or to edit posts which do not adhere to the ground rules.

You are now free to resume browsing…

– Publius


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One response to “Ground Rules

  1. Joe Fleenor

    Boo rules! What is this, Mt. Juliet City Hall?!?!?

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