City Commission preview – 04/28/2008

Here’s the link to the agenda: 4-28-08 Agenda

The file is still in MS Word .doc format.

Of interest:




Amend Title 6, Chapter 4, Section 6-3-201 (g) (2) of the Mt. Juliet City Code Privilege Tax Levied (Hotel/Motel Tax)

Sponsor: Vice Mayor Ed Hagerty

(3/24/08 – vote was 2 – 2, Justice absent)

(4/14/08 – passed 1st Reading, 3 – 2)




Amend Ethics Ordinance – Board Members

Sponsor: Commissioner Ray Justice

(4/14/08 – deferred)

Item C is the much talked about amendment to the hotel/motel tax, so that the money can be used to purchase the old elementary school property from the county and give it to the YMCA.

Not quit sure still what Item D is about. Anybody seen the actual proposed ordinance?

Under new business, we have this:




Amend Title 1 – Board of Commissioners meeting times and order of business

Sponsor: Commissioner Ray Justice

Don’t know whether Commissioner Justice is following through on his plan to move citizen comments to the end of the meeting or not.

– Publius


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