Mt. Juliet City Commission violates its own rules (again) – UPDATED

We noted in a story last week, that the newspapers were reporting an upcoming debate on requiring sprinkler systems in all new residential construction. There was no way to tell last week from the city website whether or not the sprinkler ordinance was going to be on the agenda, because the City hadn’t posted the agenda.

The Mt. Juliet City Commission meets tonight – and the City still has not posted the agenda (as of 10:00 am). This is not just an inconvenience to the citizens, it’s a violation of the City’s own rules.

“The proposed ordinances and resolutions to be included on the agenda will be placed, in abbreviated caption form, on the City Web Site and caused to be placed on the Intermedia Cable Program by the Tuesday immediately preceding the meeting of the Board of Commissioners.” Resolution 5-99 passed on Feb 16, 1999.

Beyond keeping citizens in the dark (a favorite tactic of former Mayor David Waynick), the failure to follow their own rules means the City may have failed to give proper notice for the items on its agenda tonight.

It’s sloppy, it’s incompetent, and it betrays a cavalier attitude towards the rules. But then, all of that has been typical for this City Commission.

– Publius

UPDATE: Well, at least SOMEBODY is reading Radio Free Mt. Juliet! Sometime after 10:00am this morning, the City belatedly added a link to the agenda for tonight’s City Commission meeting. A “Discussion” of the Sprinkler Ordinance is on the agenda. So is a “Discussion” of the City’s Vision Statement (we note with interest that the Vision Statement discussion has been deferred twice).

Also of interest are agenda items G & H:




Correction to 2006-14 – Paddocks

Sponsor: City Manager Randy Robertson

(3/10/08 – Deferred one meeting)




Re-approve the purchase of the old Mt. Juliet Elementary School Property and donate 8 acres to the YMCA

Sponsor: City Manager Randy Robertson

Apparently, they’re still trying to correct the confused record on the Paddocks approval and they’ve realized that there was a procedural defect when they amended the YMCA grant at the last minute to increase the acreage from 5.5 acres to 8 acres.


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One response to “Mt. Juliet City Commission violates its own rules (again) – UPDATED

  1. Butch Huber

    Rules? What rules? We don’t need no stinkin Rules!

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