Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle, March 12, 2008

from The Mt. Juliet News:

Commission super sizes land donation to YMCA; deal clinched
[deal clinched? Maybe, maybe not. Turns out there’s a little bit of TCA that doesn’t allow a city to increase the size of a grant between 1st & 2nd reading. When Commissioner Ray Justice sponsored an amendment to increase the size of the donation to the YMCA from 5.5 to 8 acres, according to TCA they should have started over again and treat last Monday nights ordinance as first reading. The deal can probably still be clinched, assuming three commissioners are still in favor of it, but its a shame that the Mayor (who is an attorney), the City Attorney (who is an attorney) and the other four Commissioners (none of whom are exactly rookies) still don’t understand how to conduct business properly at their meetings. The City Manager has some excuse. He’s never been a City Manager in Tennessee before. He’s only had a few months to pick this stuff up. Its a crazy idea, but they can’t even procedurally do it right]

And now Commissioner Justice is talking about using the remaining four acres on the old MJES to build a new police department. Wonder if the City of Mt. Juliet will ever build a road again?

Peace along railroad back on track
[the Quiet Zone is back on the table. Quiet Zone = the train NOT blowing a whistle at every grade crossing. All it took was a meeting with the RTA (the agency that runs the commuter trains) & the TML (who provide the City’s liability insurance) to sort things out. The new City Manager put this one on hold back last fall shortly after arriving when someone mentioned the word “liability” to him at a meeting in Nashville. One can understand why he would be concerned. The blame for dropping the ball rests squarely with the Mayor and her two allied Commissioners who decided to switch City Managers in the middle of the project]

from The Chronicle:

Old MJES  site approved for YMCA donation
[same story as above – the two newspaper accounts don’t differ much at all]

The City Commission did have two interesting “discussion items on their agenda: 1) a city of Mt. Juliet “vision statement” (we can hardly wait!) and 2) correction to an ordinance concerning Paddocks Plance (that two should be interesting). Both items were deferred due to the late hour.

– Publius


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