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elam hits the truth



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3 responses to “New Post [heh]

  1. Glen Linthicum

    Gives new meaning to the truth hurts eh!

  2. Butch Huber

    She and others better have more than a bag of magic tricks this time.

    Consider this: Commissioners flout the states sunshine laws and constantly violate them by sending e-mail back and forth to one another….

    Now consider this: Mr. Franklin, having been in charge of the city’s IT department while he was city planner…and planner being the operative word in the title “City Planner”…might have made sure that he had copies or access to copies of those e-mails that were sent back and forth between the commissioners and the mayor.

    Now, Consider this: If, and I have to say “If” because I don’t know whether or not Mr. Franklin made copies of city e-mails or not, but “If” he did, he could quite possibly have some very incriminating information on those e-mails.

    It is going to be interesting to observe what happens in Mt. Juliet over the next several weeks. Will Mr. Sellers turn on Linda? Will Linda say she didn’t say something only to have Mr. Franklin pop out an e-mail that proves otherwise? Will Ray stop trying to provide cover for Linda? Will Linda expose the skeletons in everyone else’s closet?

    And it appears the fun is not over…from one of the posts made on RadioFree it would appear that there are as many as three additional lawsuits coming or already here!

    This time the depositions won’t be done by an attorney who appears to be the attorney for the defense, but rather, will also be depositions for the plaintiff…wonder what kinds of questions might be asked in those depositions…I wonder what new things we will find out about.

    I wonder if everyone can get their story straight and if they will stick to their story under pressure. Who knows what Mr. Franklin has in store for them…but, having seen the writing on the wall in the months before they got rid of him I would put my money on Mr. Franklin having his ducks in a row. Oh, how I wish I were a fly on the wall when those depositions are taken!

    I bet they crack under the pressure and start ratting each other out left and right!

  3. Butch Huber


    How would one go about getting a copy of the lawsuit, or lawsuits, that has/have been filed?

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