Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle, 2/20/08

Commissioners to consider official proposal to purchase former MJES site; dedicate land to YMCA
[What’s the difference between a proposal and an “official proposal?” Co-sponsored by Vice Mayor Hagerty and Commissioner Justice, we guess. The City would spend $2 million to buy the site and then donate half of it to the YMCA. And Vice Mayor Hagerty is co-sponsoring?]

Special census could bring city up to $500,000 annually
Participation is key

[The state distributes shared-tax dollars with cities on a per capita basis, based on the latest census, or special census. Its about $100/person]

Reception pays tribute to Ted Floyd’s distinguished service to city

Inside, page 11
Commission nixes Prologics request for industrial zoning

Don’t miss the editorial. About half of it (with no headline to clue the casual readers in) discusses the proposed land purchase/YMCA donation.

from The Chronicle:

Manager says former MJ attny altered ordinance
Really? From the quotes in the article, it sounds like the City Manager and Mayor Elam are STILL trying to alter the ordinance. The Mayor is quoted as saying that her condition AND the minutes should have read “up to four.”

“Elam said that she pulled the April 20, 2006, minutes of the city commission in which the original ordinance was drafted, and it read that the City would receive up to four acres, not eight. She claimed that someone on City staff had changed the ordinance to read eight.”

The Mayor is wrong. She is, once again, playing fast and loose with the truth. The minutes say “up to eight acres,” and the ordinance says “no less than eight acres.” Both versions of the condition agree that eight is the number. But the Mayor wants the ordinance trashed & shredded, and she apparently wants to rewrite history as well. The difference is not between four and eight. The difference is whether it was “up to eight” or “no less than eight.”

“A City staffer, from our research, there was no City staffer involved,” said City Manager Randy Robertson on Friday. “It was an attorney connected to the City somewhere over the course of a couple of months, and somehow the ordinance got changed.”

The Attorney referenced by the City Manager was the City Attorney at the time, Leslie Newman, who was in attendance at the April 2006 meeting. She was not “connected to the City for a couple of months,” she was the City Attorney from December 2004 to January 2007. She left to be the State Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance in Governor Bredesen’s second term cabinet.

– Publius



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5 responses to “Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle, 2/20/08

  1. Glen Linthicum

    I remember it as being 8 acres. What is going on over there? Why has it gotten so out of control?

  2. Common Sense

    Glen, someone on the city staff might have changed your memory! Be careful, Elam might order Luckett to trash your memory and vote in a new one!

    If it were not so messed up, it would be comical. If it’s not one thing, it is another. Between the lawsuits and the ethics, I think I want to move to Gladeville…

  3. Glen Linthicum

    I don’t think Gladeville is far enough!! 🙂

  4. Common Sense

    You’re right. They will try to annex it next when someone wants to sell enough land to build a park or a YMCA, and then I would need to move again.

    I have no plans to move of course, and they need to be held accountable. That is unless thirty days go by…

  5. Butch huber

    This place is a zoo!

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