City Attorney’s conflicts: Several relevant stories from Nashville

First, from the CityPaper:

Suburban cities seek to settle sewer debt

with this relevant paragraph:

Besides satisfying the previous debts, the three cities, and seven other suburban Nashville communities, are seeking to negotiate new long-term sewer contracts with Metro, according to attorney Dewey Branstetter Jr., who is representing the group.

“The 10 [suburban cities that use the Metro sewer system] are drafting a letter emphasizing our efforts to meet and discuss the matter and get it out of the courts,” Mobley said.

This is relevant, of course, because one of the ten suburban cities that use the Metro sewer system is Mt. Juliet. And the reason this is a conflict is discussed in the following story:

And from the Nashville Scene‘s blog PithIntheWind

Can Holleman Have it Both Ways?

Wilson County insiders that I’ve spoken with have very nice things to say about Holleman, but are genuinely concerned about the above issues.

Are these concerns well founded or is his role in Metro government limited enough to render them moot?

And New2 weighs in:

The Westside Councilman With A Far East Flavor

Can you competently serve as both the City Attorney of Mt. Juliet and as a Councilman in Metro Nashville? Jason Holleman seems to be putting that question to the test:

This one is especially interesting, as Councilman Holleman has responded by email on the issue.

Just remember, you read it here first, folks!

– Publius



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4 responses to “City Attorney’s conflicts: Several relevant stories from Nashville

  1. Butch Huber

    I don’t see how being city attorney for one city and metro councilman for another is really any different than being city councilman for one city and commissioner of another.

    One of the city attorney’s duties is to advise the commission concerning any legal matter coming before it, how can he do that for the city of Mt. Juliet when the matter at hand concerns both Mt. Juliet and Nashville?

    I believe we have hired this attorney on a full-time basis…which means that we should own his time in full…meaning there shouldn’t be a conflict of interest that would cause him to not be able to do his job. I think it is an understatement to say that his position as a city councilman for Nashville creates a conflict of interest. If he were working for Murray County as a Councilman it might not be a conflict, but for Nashville?

  2. Butch Huber

    A friend of mine relayed a message to me that a lot of people have requested that my friend ask me to condense my posts.

    First let me say, I realize that sometimes I get a little long in the tooth…some might say…”ya think”!

    I will try to reduce the number of words that I use, but please understand, I probably have written three times as much as I have actually posted…in other words, you are getting the condensed version. However, I am conscious of your time, and I appreciate that you want to read my posts, but unless I get the full meaning across I don’t feel like I am doing what I am supposed to do.

    I will try to find a middle ground.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Glen Linthicum

    Aw Shucks Butch!

    I like to curl up by the fire and read one of your novels!! 🙂 It helps me sleep 😉

  4. Common Sense

    What is it you are supposed to do Butch? And what is it you are looking into again?

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