Mt. Juliet adds Easter Seals camp to park hunt

story from the Tennessean, Feb 01,2008.

“It’s kind of inconvenient for people to use it” as a city park, Vice Mayor Ed Hagerty said.

Mayor Linda Elam, who Hagerty said organized the trip, did not return calls seeking comment on the possible purchase.

Justice is part of a committee created last year to find land for new parks in the growing Wilson County city. He said the group has identified several possible park sites, including county-owned land at Division Street and North Mt. Juliet Road, as well as property in north Mt. Juliet on York Road adjacent to city ball fields.

By March, he said, the group could be positioned to move on one of those parcels.

“I don’t want to keep looking and keep studying” potential park sites, Justice said. “We’ve done all this studying, and all we have to show for it is pieces of paper.”

– Publius



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3 responses to “Mt. Juliet adds Easter Seals camp to park hunt

  1. Butch Huber

    Anyone who has been reading my posts knows that I am against government owned parks…not that I am against parks…just that I am against “government” owned parks.

    That having been said, I believe that the city needs to look for land that is centered within the twenty-year growth plan if we are going to invest a lot of money in yet another park. The Easter Seals land is a terrific piece of property…but shouldn’t a city park be located somewhere where it will at least one day be within the city?

    Here is a suggestion….find a map with an outline of the twenty-year growth plan on it…figure out dead-center of the map…begin from dead-center and work your way out looking for suitable property that the city can lock-up for a future city park. Rather than purchase the property now, Negotiate a favorable deal that gives the city first right of refusal and a five or ten year option-to-buy. Annex the property into the city limits…even if it is only that particular property that is annexed. If we are going to do this park thing it should be fair to everyone in the city…not just one district. Wait for the city to grow to a point where we can afford to purchase before we spend a lot of money.

    To the politicians…keep in mind that we are a small city that is only in the beginning stages of its growth curve…please don’t make those of us who live here now pay the price for those to come…we can’t afford what you are trying to do right now, but you seem bent on doing it anyway. It seems to be quite paradoxical to read where you are stressed over budget shortfalls and at the same time read about so much hype about building a park.

    It seems that we may be heading into a recession, one that is long overdue and that has been put off again and again by manipulation of the markets, and this recession appears as though it could be a particularly bad one. Now is not the time for government to embark in such frills…now is the time for government to batten down the hatches and become extremely frugal so that consumers can have as much money in their pockets as possible. Please don’t make bad choices and overburden the taxpayer. We are already hearing of county property tax increases, and I don’t think there are many people in Mt. Juliet who really believe the city government isn’t moving head-long toward raising our property tax rates…the Bush tax cuts are not a lock for being extended…if the city, county and country all raise taxes at the same time what will it mean to the tax-payer?Please look beyond your own special interests and carefully consider the future, including economics, before you make an investment.

    I can’t encourage you politicos enough to think outside the box. I am certain that there is a way that you can obtain or secure the land that you need today without overburdening the citizens…you just have to be creative.

  2. Paul Deyo

    The Easter Seals property has the same problems that the York Road (Feenor) property has. It is no where near the geographical center of the city and is not a good location to achieve the stated goal of providing more ballfields. It is a better property than the Feenor ‘rock pile’ (this description provided by the former owner) but it is also even farther away and more expensive.

    The State of Tennessee parks representative who spoke at city hall recently saw our greatest need as a central, regional park. Characteristics of such a park outlined by her would include good road access and a central location. This is what we should be concentrating on, properties currently being discussed don’t cut it. By all means we should accept any donated land or land we are permitted to use without cost, but let’s not end up with a property tax to pay for a remote rock pile and the accompanying huge development expenses.

  3. Glen Linthicum

    Well said Paul!

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