Mr. Robertson ain’t from around here

Now y’all need to remember one thing about our new city Manager, Mr. Robertson. He ain’t from around here y’all. He grew up military, and he stayed military, and the military has its own ways of doing things. He just ain’t used to civilian life yet. One thing ‘s for certain, he sure ain’t used to Mt Juliet folks.

Besides, he probably don’t know that the citizens here forget that they don’t run the place anymore. It was ok when we was getting started being a city and all – when you is getting a city incorporated and looking for folks who live around here to do the big jobs themselves – to want to know everything about who’s done what and how money’s being spent. But now that we’re big time and all that, we have professionals to do all that stuff. We just need to remember that having citizens around all the time, nosin’ into stuff and stayin underfoot is tough, y’all.

And Mr. Robertson may just be trying to take us back to the good old days when Mayor Waynick and Dan Alexander ran a tight ship at city hall. Things got pretty sloppy under that Shearer fellow – he let folks just walk into city hall any old time, and that’s just not always in the best interest of the city, if you know what I mean.

Plus, Mr. Robertson here, has to answer to some pretty difficult bosses. Keepin them happy ain’t always easy neither. If he lets things get out of hand, they might come in there and bust him back down to private like, start taking stuff back, like take away his city vehicle or his comp time or decide that he don’t need that severance package or something like that.

Y’all know that over Christmas someone gave me a set of Hogan’s Heroes videos, and thinking about our city and all we’ve done seen change this last year, I just caint look at it all the same way no more. Mostly Col Klink. I mean, here he is just trying to run a good containment program, keep everything running smooth, and here he is stuck in the middle of a bunch of Americans who keep botherin him, wantin to know things, wantin to do things, and they keep findin out stuff that they just don’t need to fool with. And it aint a good thing when General Burkhalter rolls in in that big black car of his. Burkhalter ain’t exactly a patient man.

So as I was watchin over the holidays, I found myself thinkin of poor Mr. Robertson up at City Hall just doin his best trying to keep things neat and orderly (which reminds me, you folks that keep calling him Col. Spic ‘n Span behind his back, now just need to stop).

He’s just trying to do the best he can, y’all – bless his heart.

– Ernie


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