Headlines – Mt. Juliet News and Chronicle – January 16, 2008

Major retail development back on track in MJ
[Paddocks on Mt. Juliet Road. Major amendment to site plan approved by City Commission. Project has already lured Wal-Mart and Lowes. Gipson Group sent several lawyers and a biologist to explain why the change was made. Something about a wetland. Vote was 3-2 with Hagerty and Bradshaw opposed]

City Budget hit by ‘unanticipated’ debts
[We think they mean ‘expenses.’ “We have a lot of bills someone seems to have forgotten about.” – City Manager Randy Robertson. $600k for ROW for the new ramp from I-40 to Providence, $250,000 to TDOT for the retaining wall alongside the new ramp, and $600,000 to pay for the relocation of Horizon Concrete at the Beckwith interchange. We sympathize with Robertson. These projects were certainly obscure and well hidden.]

Commissioners outline goals for 2008: roads, long range planning, park land top priorities
[Ray Justice : roads, governmental infrastructure, police staffing, city finances and park land
Ed Hagerty: promote Edge City, recruit office parks to Beckwith Road area, establish good working Land Use Plan, increase property values for everyone
Jim Bradshaw: getting a handle on city finances, keeping tabs on road projects, more oversight on development, establish a farmer’s market

teaser for editorial
Some planning could ease the pain of long meetings
[The City Commission meeting last Monday lasted for four hours. . . and the sound is messed up on channel 3 again]

from the Chronicle:

Will MJHS be open for the ’08 year?

Shake ups and let downs for new biz
inside headline: Prologics development delayed, Paddocks back on track

Oh, and both papers had big front-page stories about the MJPD discovery of $42,000 worth of stolen goods in a Mt. Juliet apartment.




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4 responses to “Headlines – Mt. Juliet News and Chronicle – January 16, 2008

  1. Man of the People!

    That the concrete plant went in there in the first place is an outrage (this happened prior to the 2000 elections). Hopefully they’ll relocate it somewhere far, far away…..

  2. Common Sense

    Never thought much about it, and I have no idea why we have to pay to relocate it. Anyone have the scoop on the concrete plant relocation project? Is it for asthetics or something else because the interchange is open?

  3. Butch Huber

    I am sure they will put their heads together at this marathon retreat to:
    1) ensure that Rob Shearer is the scape goat for the current financial crisis,
    2) establish some quid pro quo deals to enable Elam to get her $20,000,000 legacy, ahem, I mean aquatics center,
    3) to develop a unified front to blame Rob Shearer for the increase in city property taxes. (They will say “if only he would have budgeted for these expenses we wouldn’t have needed a tax increase.)
    4) to vote on the interior designer they will use to put the finishing touches on the face lift at city hall.

  4. Butch Huber

    Oh my God, you’ve got to be kidding me! Have you read the Chronicle? Headlines: “Citizens shut out by city hall” If you haven’t read this story you should. (Common Sense, you can stop reading right here and jump to the end.)

    Folks, this is exactly the type of thing that I have been screaming about for over a year. These are the people who are going to the cabal, ahem, I mean retreat, err…um.., planning meeting.

    A citizen asks to see public records during working hours and he gets the run around, delays, misleading and inaccurate statements, has the city manager blare out in front of city employees that he is “tired of this” (I suppose what he is tired of is citizens holding city officials accountable) and that he is going to “put and end to this right now” (I guess that means that we are no longer going to have access to public information in the city of Mt. Juliet.), then, according to the article, the city manager and/or city attorney ask this man to visit with them in the city conference room where for a half hour he is grilled over why he wants the information (Keep in mind that the city attorney costs the city $200 per hour for her services.) (Also keep in mind that state law mandates that all public information be available to the public during normal working hours.) (Please imagine yourself in Mr. Storey’s place, imagine the city manager and city attorney interrogating you, being hostile toward you, grilling you, because you asked for information. For those of you who have never been in this type of situation I can assure you that this is an unsettling event to say the least.)

    What are they hiding? Now, let me see…the city finance director is leaving the city, this gentleman is looking for information from the finance director, the city manager is hot under the collar and is going to “put an end to this”, and the city is having serious financial issues. Hummm.

    Now, ask yourself; “are they hiding something from us?” Well, is it normal practice for the city to pay the city attorney to sit in a meeting while the city manager grills a citizen over why he wants public information and what he intends to do with the information once obtained? No, folks, they are nervous. But nervous about what? What don’t they want us to know?

    Folks, as far as I can tell, once they started grilling this man about why he wanted this information they were in violation of the law. I will say that again…they were in violation of the law. Let me say that another way…they were violating this man’s constitutional rights. I will say this again…they were violating this man’s constitutional rights. This is not new. They have violated my constitutional rights as well. I have requested information that I absolutely have a legal right to and the city attorney has rebuffed my request. They violated my constitutional rights. I will say that again….they violated my constitutional rights.

    Sorry for being so redundant, but you should be as hot as a fire cracker. These people work for us and they are violating our constitutional rights. The city attorney has obligations and yet she sits in the room and observes this interrogation and does nothing about it!


    Think about this for a minute….these people are going to be getting together in two days in a distant location where prying eyes won’t be upon them, where it will be easy to hold backroom meetings and conduct city business in secret! Does that make you comfortable?


    Don’t believe what you read concerning the commissioners’ position concerning this information. I informed them that I was not being supplied with information that I requested, information that is public record, and they ignored me…in fact, I filed a formal complaint that included this violation and was ignored…my complaint was illegally denied an investigation…check the public records (If you can) and you will see that what I am telling you is true! (To be accurate, Commissioners Justice and Haggerty voted for an investigation, Elam voted not to investigate a complaint against herself (Amazing!), Mini-me Sellers voted not to investigate (Amazing!), and Bradshaw voted not to investigate, not because the complaint didn’t have merrit, but because his constituents wanted all this mess to go away…(Don’t follow the law Jim, follow the votes, that is what a good politician does, right?))

    They are keeping things from you and from me. They are hiding things from public view. There are things that they don’t want you to know.

    Now how do you feel about these people going off together on this trip?

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