Commissioner Ray Justice apologizes again. . .

from the Chronicle of Mt. Juliet, January 9, 2008:

Commissioner Justice has a letter published in the Chronicle this week in which he says he apologizes for remarks he “allegedly” made. If he didn’t make them, of course, there’s no need for him to apologize. If he did make them, why does he qualify his apology by describing the remarks as “allegedly made?”

A little later in his letter, he says:

The fact is, I never said that any particular business on Lebanon Road was “trash”. However, I did say that there is some “trash” on Lebanon Road.

So, if you’re a business owner on Lebanon Road and you think Commissioner Justice was describing your business as trash, he wasn’t.

He was describing some other business.

Not yours.



– Publius


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One response to “Commissioner Ray Justice apologizes again. . .

  1. Man of the People!

    Apparently the commissioner ignored advice given as a comment on here to the effect that when you dig yourself into a hole, the best way to get out is to stop digging.

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