Headlines from the Mt. Juliet News, The Chronicle, and the Wilson Post

from the Mt. Juliet News, Wednesday, 12/17/07

BOE, ACLU trial ends; judge could rule in January
[the plaintiff’s attorney called former Lakeview principal Wendell Marlowe (he’s now the principal of West Wilson Middle School in Mt. Juliet) as a witness; then the defendant’s attorney called him back to the stand as a defense witness. Plaintiffs were disturbed by “a lot of little things,” like the posting of the Ten Commandments and the distribution of Bibles by the Gideons. Horrors!]

Purchase of LHS land depletes funds to convert two MJ schools
Board will go to county for money

[When the new MJHS opens next summer, the old MJHS is supposed to be converted to become the new home of Mt. Juliet Middle School. The current Mt. Juliet Middle School will then be converted to become a new (as yet un-named) elementary school. Except that the $3 million dollars set aside to do the two conversions has just been spent to buy a 60 acre site for a new Lebanon High School. So the conversion of the two schools next summer looks to be in some doubt.]

from the Chronicle:

County squires agree to sell old MJES property
inside headline: City must pay for Curd Road if commission agrees to county’s deal
[County approved offer of land to the City of Mt. Juliet for $1,050,000 in cash and the city’s agreement to relieve the county of its offer to contribute $950,000 to the improvement of the road to the new Mt. Juliet High School. Anyone wish to predict whether the city will actually get the road to the new high school built?]

Bobby Hamilton Racing pulls out of MJ


from the Wilson Post, Friday, December 21, 2007:

MJPD Chief looks to retire in new year

from the Lebanon Democrat website :

Mt. Juliet police chief announces retirement
“Almost two years to the day after Winston Ted Floyd was sworn in as Mt. Juliet Police Chief, this 25-year veteran to the department has announced his retirement effective Jan. 18, 2008.” – You can read the rest of the story here. requires registration, but its free.

– Publius


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  1. common sense

    Since the city decided not to honor the letter that they wrote when Kenny Martin took the position he is in now, I wonder…

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