Bobby Franklin hired as new City Manager in Lakewood

Headline from today’s Nashville Tennessean:

Lakewood hires former Mt. Juliet planner as its city manager

The City of Lakewood approved hiring Bobby Franklin as its new city manager by a 4-1 vote Thursday, said Mayor Jeff Thompson.

Franklin was the city planner for Mt. Juliet from 2001 to July 2007. The hiring comes after Lakewood’s commission voted to remove Ronnie Pugh as its city manager last September.

Pugh was voted out because the board was not satisfied with performance standards being achieved. Pugh has defended his tenure as Lakewood city manager.

Franklin was fired from his position as city planner in Mt. Juliet in July 2007. Franklin claims the firing was politically motivated and believes it was not justified.

“I had no reservations whatsoever,’’ Thompson said of Franklin. “We called people he listed as references and people he didn’t list and I was impressed with his background.’’

Franklin’s planning experience in Mt. Juliet and drive to modernize Lakewood is why Thompson supports the hiring.

“I had been working as the right hand man to the city manager in Mt. Juliet and I wanted to try and step up and try my hand and use what I’ve learned and see if I can make a difference out there,’’ Franklin said. “I’ll work hard for them.’’

Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Franklin!

– Publius



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4 responses to “Bobby Franklin hired as new City Manager in Lakewood

  1. Ray

    Congratulations, Bobby.

  2. Butch Huber

    You have got to be kidding me! That’s just wonderful! Well, That’s just great! Oh happy day! *$(#^@&$*(%@! Now, instead of Mt. Juliet being the fastest growing city in the state, Lakewood is going to be the fastest growing city in the state. Instead of Mt. Juliet getting a tremendously disproportionate amount of state funds for roads , “Lakewood” will be getting all the funds! ($#%&$**#^) Now, instead of Mt. Juliet getting all the grant money, “Lakewood” will be getting all the grant money. ($^#*$^^$*&^…$$$$). Now, instead of developing in Mt. Juliet all the developers will all want to build in “Lakewood”, where there is someone they can trust! ($&#*&^%@*($&#%)
    I bet in just a few years “Lakewood” will be the Belle Meade of East Nashville!

    I can hear people talking about it now: “Have you seen what has been going on in “Lakewood”?, “That is the most quaint city, it has…. and there is a….and just down the street they put in a…and the city is right there on the lake and they put in a….and it’s right there on the lake and along the lake there are bunch of restaurants where you sit and look out over the lake and watch the boats, and they have a park there at the lake where you can take your kids and sit and talk as your kids play, and you can…. and the housing transformation is amazing! Land values there have tripled! I am sure that in just a few short years we will be calling “Lakewood” “Lacbois”, like it was a French or something. “Lacbois, the Riviera of Middle Tennessee”! I can only imagine the type of retail we are going to see going in along Old Hickory Blvd and along Old Hickory Lake! Lacbois is going to be stealing “our” tax dollars! Now I know we are going to have a property tax! Thanks a million, “Bobby”!

    This is like rubbing it in our faces, isn’t it? What? are you going to go and “show us what we could have been”? Way to go…Bobby! Feel better now?! *%($*#(#*&$! ? Does this mean I am not going to get my Cheese Cake Factory?

    Bobby, You know I am only kidding you. I haven’t seen the numbers yet, and I know you are a great negotiator and all, but I am still quite confident that Lacbois got the better end of that deal. Congratulations, thanks for what you accomplished for us while you were here. Please don’t be “too” hard on us, Bobby.

    P.S., I really do want my Cheese Cake Factory…you think you could work that out?

    P.S.S. There is a quaint little place you might want to visit in Baltimore…its called “The Inner Harbor”. Just a thought.

  3. Sonny Griffin

    Congratulations and good luck, Bobby.

    Lakewood’s gain is our loss.

    For example, Providence is one of the classiest developments I’ve ever seen and I know you had a lot to do with it.

    I also know your ability to work with other governmental agencies in obtaining grant money, etc.

    Thanks for all you did for us, Bobby.

  4. Glen Linthicum

    Congratulations Bobby! Good Luck in your new position!


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