And now for something completely different . . .

You’re probably a political junkie if you’re reading this blog, so we depart briefly from local politics to offer you these two masterpieces of political video blogging:

Light Up! Its for the kids . . .

An Idea So Dumb Only Congress Could Think of It

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– Publius



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2 responses to “And now for something completely different . . .

  1. liberty

    Only here can something be taxed in to extinction and be expected to pay for a multi million dollar program. No, I don’t smoke. However, if it is legal then….
    I guess after smoking is elminated they will then move onto our delicious deep fried fat. And since we love to deep fry just about everything in the South, we will be unfairly targeted and in turn pay a higher percentage. After we all get healthy and put KFC out of business, who will be next? The gun industry? The “big car” industry? The free thought industry?

  2. Man of the People!

    I heard on an NPR show that Democratic Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd offered a ‘Chris Dodd Halloween costume’ for the kiddies online. Truth is always funnier than fiction, even outside of Mt. Juliet.

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