Headlines – Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle – October 17, 2007

Quiet Zone may hush horn blasts
[“obnoxious” Music City Star train whistle may be hushed by Christmas. . .]

Safe passage for new MJHS has stalled
TDOT reveals monies to help pay for other part of road projects
[But have no fear… Vice Mayor Hagerty has been attending meetings with TDOT
AND Commissioner Justice is putting together a magic packet for the Wilson County Commission.
This is the same project which the newspaper reported was “resolved” in its August 29th issue, quoting extensively from Mayor Elam and Commissioner Justice.]

City officials say lights in construction zone timed properly

Sight to behold next week on Lebanon Square
Mayor Fox to push MJ Mayor Elam in wheelbarrow

Editorial: Why have ordinances when builders change plans
[hmm… Builders have been submitting one idea in order to get approval from the Planning Commission and City Commission and then building something else. Sounds like the Public Works Director and the City Planner need to be working more closely together – oh, wait, the City doesn’t have a Public Works Director or a City Planner. . .]

from The Chronicle:

County squires hear more dam news
[the editor just couldn’t resist any longer, I guess. . .]

You might want to change your commute route
[this leads you to a story apparently based on a press release put out by the city. Its the same story, word-for-word, as the City officials story in the MJ News]




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5 responses to “Headlines – Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle – October 17, 2007

  1. liberty

    Had to comment on the “dam news”. The first thing I thought of was Jay Leno’s “Headlines” segement on the “Tonight Show”. Then, I thought, maybe that’s how I feel about the news most days myself.

  2. Common Sense

    I keep waiting for Butch to put up his dam posts.

  3. voter

    Dam I wish I would have said that 🙂

  4. Butch Huber


  5. Butch Huber

    Kinda quiet, isn’t it? I have purposely avoided posting for a while to let those people who accused me of hi-jacking this site have some time and space to post. Curiously, not much has been said. Cat got your tongue (Fingers)?

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