Headlines – Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle – October 10, 2007

ROW acquisition complete
Phase II North Mt. Juliet Road widening can get underway
[except it can’t – as the TDOT spokesman is quoted in the story saying, “the project is not funded for construction at this time”]

Reception welcomes Robertson to MJ
[Welcome to Mt. Juliet, new City Manager Randy Robertson]

Ford zeros in on zoning issues
[a profile of the new Mt. Juliet Zoning Administrator, Isabelle Ford]

Mt. Juliet passes ban on open burning
. . . In other city business, each city commissioner appointed two nominees to form a committee to further investigate the feasibility of the Feener proposal to sell land to the city for a recreational park. . .
[ah, hope springs eternal in the bureaucratic heart – when all else fails, appoint a committee]

Olive Garden eager to showcase food, atmosphere in Mt. Juliet
[and not a moment too soon!] 

From The Chronicle:

City welcomes new manager Randy Robertson

Open burning banned

Positive step toward sign ordinance changes

Inside story, on page 2
Without the fireworks, MJ business gets done
Squires pass ban on open burning

But the unintentionally funniest bit is this juxtaposition: new city manager Randy Robertson is quoted on page 4, commenting about the city commission meeting, “This is a class act.” Then, on page 7, in the continuation of the page 2 “MJ business gets done” story, Commissioner Ray Justice offers the following eloquent, classy argument on a matter of zoning along Lebanon Road: “It’s beginning to look like Dickerson Road out there. I’m just waiting for the hookers to show up.”

“I’m just waiting for the hookers to show up.” – Commissioner Ray Justice

Yep, a real class act.




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4 responses to “Headlines – Mt. Juliet News and The Chronicle – October 10, 2007

  1. Darth Rogue

    (Long time reader, first time commenter)

    D0es anyone have any insight as to why TDOT is dragging their heels on funding the N. Mt. Juliet Rd. widening project?? I know Providence is the golden child right now, but come through N. Mt. Juliet Rd. to get there at the wrong time of day and it could literally take half an hour to go the four miles.

  2. Butch Huber

    Darth Rouge,

    I am not sure why you haven’t gotten any response to your question. I don’t know why TDOT is dragging their feet. I do know that I was driving down Mt. Juliet the other day and almost ended up in an accident because of backed up traffic.

    I was behind a green Jeep headed north. I crested the hill that is about two tenths of a mile south of the high school. The driver of the Jeep was not able to get stopped and she rear-ended the vehicle in front of her. That bump caused a four car collision.

    Luckily for me, I was able to get stopped, but had I been going any faster…I would have been next. The problem, according to a police officer, was people turning in to and out of Charlie Daniels park. He said that until the road is widened the problem will just get worse. I am not sure how widening the road will help that situation because the problem is that we need a light at that intersection.

    What happens is one car stops because of traffic issues of some sort, then the next guy has to stop, and then the next and on and on. The problem is that when you crest that hill, as the traffic backs up further and further, you have less and less time to stop until someone simply can’t get stopped in time and then…wham!

    While I was trying to help the people involved in the accident I came to realize just how bad the traffic really is…man, it was nuts! I was amazed at the amount of traffic.

    As I understand it, TDOT controls whether or not there is a light at Charlie Daniels Park and Mt. Juliet road…and they have determined that it isn’t warranted. Obviously, nobody on the study that was done on this issue lives in Mt. Juliet. Anyone who lives here who has ever tried to get out of Charlie Daniels park going south or ever tried to get into Charlie Daniels park from the north would have a different opinion about the need for a light there.

    Sorry, I can’t answer your question..but I can attest to the need to fix the problem. Again, I believe the city needs to take a collective breath and address the concerns of those who already live here before any more developments that would contribute to existing problems are approved.

    Butch Huber

  3. Bobby Franklin

    Darth Rogue asked why it is taking so long to widen N. Mt. Juliet Road between Division and Highway 70. No one else has answered so I will.

    The short answer is money – or lack of it. There are 354 cities in the State of Tennessee and 95 Counties. There are truly more legitimate needs statewide than available road building money. TDOT is stuck with the daunting task of dividing those limited funds appropriatly each year.

    Mt. Juliet has been blessed with an abundance of road projects since 2002. You will not find a city this size in Tennessee with more state funded projects in the last 5 years.

    TDOT did place 2 million more dollars of funding in their 2008 budget to relocate the utilities on N. Mt. Juliet Road. That was the best we could get given all the other ongoing projects.

    I had been advising the City Commission to build the Eastern Connector now given the delay on N. Mt. Juliet Road. It would be great if there was another north / south connector open prior to tearing up N. Mt Juliet Road – especially since the High School will be open next fall.

    Some of the City Commissioners tried to convince the public (and themselves) that former City Manager Shearer held the N. Mt. Juliet Road project up because all of the right-of-way had not been aquired. That was not the case. ROW aqusition has nothing to do with TDOT’s funding schedule.

    I hope this helps,

    Bobby Franklin

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