Headlines – Mt. Juliet News – September 12, 2007

Commission in fiery debate over ethics complaint
[this one alledges that the Mayor signed a letter she had no authority to sign]

Committee to investigate developer’s proposal for new recreation park
[should the City spend $2.1 million to purchase an additional 78 acres at the end of York Road?]

Developer apologizes for cemetery on Publix property
[the Publix Developer promised to leave an existing cemetery where it was when he asked the City Commission to rezone the property. After the property was rezoned, he went to chancery court in Wilson County and requested (and received) permission to move the cemetery]

[teaser for the editorial page:]
Divisiveness must end
[what in the world could this be about?]

[and on page 2:]
MJ community rallies around Patriot Day
This last article raises an interesting issue – hat-tip to Citizen Butch for pointing it out in a comment last week. Every article and press release about Patriot Day invariably begins and ends by pointing out that it was founded by Linda Elam. She clearly considers Patriot Day to be one of the major accomplishments of her political resume. But why is it ok for the Mayor to solicit donations and sponsorships for her event (Patriot Day) from developers and local businesses and NOT ok for the Zoning Administrator to solicit advertisements and sponsorships for her daughter’s beauty pageant? If it’s ok for the Mayor, then it should have been ok for the Zoning Administrator. If it was wrong for the Zoning Administrator, then it should be wrong for the Mayor. City Attorney Flowers recommended immediate termination for the Zoning Administrator. She’s been silent so far about the Mayor.

Discuss amongst yourselves.




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6 responses to “Headlines – Mt. Juliet News – September 12, 2007

  1. Glen Linthicum

    Do as I say not as I do! If you do not I will smear you and have you fired! Man, what has happened to our Commission? I feel for Ed and Ray (ok, ok and Jim too!). The hypocrisy of the Mayor and her mini me Will and do not for get Flowers is getting out of hand. It is time for change. Their defense that “Elam quickly pointed out the letter offering Martin the position in the police department was not a contract in her opinion. She also said the complaint alleges she violated the ethics ordinance. “[The ethics ordinance] was passed Sept. 26, 2006,” she said. “The letter was signed Sept. 9, 2005.” (Lebanon Democrat 2007). This is absolute nonsense. Therefore, I guess that if I murder someone prior to an ordinance forbidding murder, it is ok. Thomas Paine wrote “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

  2. Common Sense

    Let’s hope they use common sense and leave Feener to develop his own property. If nothing else, the city should buy the old MJES site and develop it themselves into a town center PARK. I know, the last thing the city needs to do is get into that…

    The idea of taking a piece of land that is at the end of a gravel road, next to the police firing range, and turning it into more ball fields is ridiculous when you figure the cost of devoloping the road and sewer to it. I’m not even sure the road goes as far as where the property is. It may be further down than the gravel takes you. If it were easily and inexpensively done, Feener would do it himself and make a killing on it. As it stands now, he paid $450,000 for the land a couple of years ago, and now he wants 2.1 million for it?
    Get real

    For the record, I have nothing against Feener, and his new house is amazing, but I don’t think we as a city should have to pay for it. If he wants to develop the old school site, go for it. If he wants to sell the York road property for what he has in it, or a little more, great, but the city should not buy it when he is making that much profit off of us. Maybe they did things differently in Florida, but OH lake ain’t exactly beachfront property. It’s nice land, but not that nice.

  3. Apolitical Observer

    Common Sense, amen to everything you said. Ray Justice is ably selling this nonsense plan to those who don’t bother to look into the details as you did, and Will Sellers is one of those. I haven’t seen Will this excited since Bergman came to town. I thought he was supposed to be a lot smarter than what he has shown us on this proposal.

  4. Apolitical Observer

    As Butch Huber pointed out, it’s not even lakefront. The city owns the lakefront property by his account.

  5. liberty

    I hope that everyone who is proposing (supporting) this has gone out and looked at the area in question. While turning 77 acres into 144 sounds good, it reminds me of the shell games that are illegal on the street. The only thing I see coming out of this is a property tax (like Lebanon) in order to pay for it. (I wonder if the tax and spend group has a hand in this.) This property needs a lot of improvement (additional millions) in order to make it a top notch facility like those in surrounding areas. It is not easily accessible by most of the community or our out of town guests. While our community is not huge, there are times that getting to that park will be a headache. We are looking at putting fall ball, football and fall soccer their at the same time. Has anyone tried to get in and out of CD park during football season? That is only a third of what it will be like. I am not against a new park or park improvements. I just think we need to be very careful how we proceed. Anytime governments of any kind are asked to help, they then think they have a right to tell you how to run your programs. Let’s take our time with this and get it right.

  6. Glen Linthicum

    I agree. While I think, it is time for Mt Juliet to create a complex like Moss Wright or Drakes Creek this is not the property for this kind of development. Surely, the Commission can find more suitable property for this kind of complex. The amount of monies needed for site and grade work, to create a sports park, would not be an effective use of taxpayers’ funds. We can do better.

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