Hiring a new city manager, part 10

The Mt. Juliet City Commission held its second called special meeting of the week on Friday afternoon (Aug 10, 2007), and voted 4-1 to offer the City Manager’s position to Randy Robertson, retired Army major and former city manager of Ashland, KY. The offer includes a base salary of $108,000.

Vice Mayor Hagerty wanted to offer the position to Marlin Keel and voted against the offer to Robertson.

Mr. Robertson is said to also be a finalist for several other city manager positions. His response to the offer from Mt. Juliet has not been announced yet.

[update] Here’s a link to the August 14, 2007 story in the Lebanon Democrat. According to that story, Mr. Robertson has accepted the city’s offer and will start on September 24.




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2 responses to “Hiring a new city manager, part 10

  1. Butch Huber

    Do you have the address of Mr. Robertson? I certainly feel he should know what kind of mess he will be getting himself into. If I am correct, and I believe I am, once the dust settles in Mt. Juliet, I believe the city will have to re-instate Rob Shearer to his rightful position as city manager. That will give us “two” city managers. This city doesn’t need “two” city managers….although it would be nice to have “one” city manager.
    It is also interesting that the city has increased the base salary to $108,000 for the city manager position. I believe that only exceeds our current salary cap for city manager by around $10,000 – $11,000! I am sure Rob will enjoy the increase in salary when he takes back his position.

    Anyway, if you know how to get his address I would like it…is it public record? I guess it should be, shouldn’t it? To make sure that I don’t get charged with interfering with government operations, I guess I will have to make sure that he gets “all” of the public information and let him draw his own conclusions.

    If the city has to reinstate Rob, and they can’t fire a new city manager for one year without paying him for that year (A requirement under the TCA I believe), couldn’t this little episode the mayor caused end up costing the city $108,000 if they actually hire a new city manger “and” have to reinstate Rob? It has already cost the city a lot of money, I wouldn’t want it to cost us anymore.

    Couldn’t Rob sue the city if they don’t reinstate him, after all he did resign under threat of harm? A person cannot be held responsible for actions that he takes under threat of real and believable harm, right? I can’t help but think that the best course of action is for the commission to reinstate Rob and then all of them resign at once. Yes, I think that is the best option. I believe that “no” commission” would be 10,000% better than “this” commission, don’t you?

    I have lost confidence in the commission, I believe they should resign.

    I think we need a city slogan…”Reinstate and Resign!” I think we need bumper stickers and signs (great big signs, huge signs, massive signs, big bright neon signs, signs as big as a house, signs, signs, everywhere signs, signs in yards, signs along the roads, signs on buildings, signs on cars, signs on buses, signs on bridges, LED signs, and signs on people that all say REINSTATE AND RESIGN….remember
    “sign enforcement moratorium”, can you say “I made a huge mistake and now I want to…. ‘shift a little blame, do a little dance, get out of it, get out of it’…shift a little blame, do a little dance, get out of it, get out of it?” Perhaps we need a city rally. We could call KC and the Sunshine band and ask if they could perform our new song for us.

    To think we are about to waste $108,000 because linda didn’t get elected county mayor turns my stomach. Does the county have a recall provision? Perhaps we can get a recall and send her to the county. Have you heard of the peter principle? Are we there yet? Anyone?…Anyone?

    I copied this from an e-mail Linda sent me a while back…
    Thanks for contacting me, as I always value your opinion. Although I sometimes disagree with you, I do value your honesty. Many people don’t have the fortitude to speak “truth to power,” and I respect those who do.


    Wonder how she likes me now? If she respects people who speak the truth she’s gotta love me now, right?

    Butch Huber

  2. Tennessee Jed

    And meanwhile we sit in traffic.

    Miles and miles of traffic.

    While egos clash and small minds compete for attention and power, we sit in traffic jams and dream of how Mt Juliet used to be….

    Get over it. Get over yourselves.

    And get on with the business of the City.

    Enough already.

    We are sick of it.

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