JECDB standoff continues

Lebanon Council rebuffs attempt to change JECDB makeup

see previous RFMJ comments:

June 18th Mayor cuts funding for JECDB
June 22nd Correcting the Mayor
July 3rd JECDB funding disappears from agenda
July 13th Mt. Juliet threatens to withhold funds

Wonder what she’ll do now?

footnote: The papers continue to incorrectly report on the composition of the JECDB board. They are mistakenly reporting that each city’s Mayor serves on the JECDB board and that the city councils of Watertown and Mt. Juliet each elect a second representative, while Lebanon elects two. The numbers are right, but Mt. Juliet’s City Manager serves on the JECDB board, not the Mayor. Mayor Elam is the elected representative of the Mt. Juliet City Commission. We’re sticking with our original speculation that this has a lot to do with why Mayor Elam has picked a fight with Lebanon, Watertown, and Wilson County.



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One response to “JECDB standoff continues

  1. Butch Huber

    Linda? Upset because the city manager has a seat she doesn’t? Are you kidding? You paint the mayor as though she is on a power trip. How could you? I know that it looks like she single-handedly fired the former city manager, former city planner, former zoning administrator, and forced the former Public Works Director to retire early, appointed the city attorney as her royal legal advisor, has appointed acting city manager as her enforcer, and effectively made herself czar of Mt. Juliet….I know it “looks” that way, but it was really all quite innocent. Besides, none of this would have happened if she were elected county mayor….everything that has happened to this city is really our fault! Perhaps we will have learned our lesson before the next election.

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