Hiring a new city manager, part 8

Two candidates visit for interviews, one candidate withdraws.

The Lebanon Democrat/Mt. Juliet News and the Chronicle both have stories this week about the visits to Mt. Juliet by two more candidates for the position of city manager. Randy Robertson of Ashland, KY visited on Monday and Tuesday and James Lee visited on Thursday and Friday. The third candidate, Marlin Keel, withdrew his name from consideration.

For some inexplicable reason, both papers are reporting that Randy Robertson is still the city manager of Ashland, KY. He’s not. He was hired by Ashland in August of 2006 and resigned in March of 2007 (as was previously noted here on RFMJ). The first link reported by a google search on “Randy Robertson” and “Ashland, KY” is the story of the naming of the new city manager following Robertson’s resignation. It’s a mystery why the newspapers can’t do elementary research and fact-checking.

There’s no discussion of the reasons why Marlin Keel withdrew his application. He was apparently selected as a final candidate in this latest round along with Robertson and Lee. But we can speculate. Mr. Keel has been the city engineer since 2001. He’s worked with the members of the Mt. Juliet City Commission over the past six years. And he’s not crazy.



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