Mt. Juliet headlines

7-18-2007 Mt. Juliet News:

Mayor to propose vehicle emissions testing site

Mt. Juliet City Planner fired
Bobby Franklin says termination was expected

Stalled city manager search revived;
six more candidates pinpointed

Mt. Juliet mayor no longer in-house lawyer for Nashville real estate developer

And so it goes. . .




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3 responses to “Mt. Juliet headlines

  1. Biased

    It does seem that our local government could be a lot better, but before I jump to any conclusion I was wondering if there are any unbiased resources out there that could help me make up my mind. This one seems to be very biased and I am assuming it was created only to attack certain individuals.

  2. Publius

    I applaud your interest in getting more information about what’s going on in local government. City, County & State are not covered very well in the press, I’m afraid. As to finding an “unbiased resource,” good luck! Everybody’s got a point of view. The local press usually errs by telling city hall’s version of events – because that’s the easiest one to get.
    The folks who are working on this web site are trying to get the other side. Of course we have a point of view, but the purpose of the site has never been to attack certain individuals. Check out the resources here. Read widely, and make up your own mind. Fair enough?

  3. I like the content and would expect a site like this one to be somewhat biased. As far as I know this biased website may also be 100% accurate.

    Regardless, it is always better to have these resources than none at all. Finding this information the the city site is impossible.

    Keep us posted…

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