Mt. Juliet threatens to withhold funds from JECDB

Mt. Juliet asks for more positions on committee

Headline, The Lebanon Democrat, Friday July 13, 2007.

Although the Democrat gets the details wrong. The story mis-states the make-up of the JECDB board by mistakenly assuming that each of the three mayors is represented on the board.

That’s not the case.

The actual composition of the board (as agreed to by all local governments when the board was chartered in 1989) is as follows: The County Mayor, The Mayor of Lebanon, the City Manager of Mt. Juliet and the Mayor of Watertown serve ex officio on the JECDB board. In addition, the Wilson County Commission elects four representatives, the Lebanon City Council elects two representatives, the Mt. Juliet City Commission elects one representative, and the Watertown City Council elects one representative. Mayor Elam is currently the board member elected by the Mt. Juliet City Commission.

Odds are, she’s more upset that the City Manager has a spot on the board and she doesn’t than she is by the fact that Lebanon has three spots to Mt. Juliet’s two.



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One response to “Mt. Juliet threatens to withhold funds from JECDB

  1. Apolitical Observer

    If the mayor’s actions make Bob Rochelle and Mike Jennings angry, there may be some merit to her position.

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