Mission control to Foxes – you are now in charge of security at the henhouse

Fox Henhouse v3

On Friday the 13th, Acting City Manager Sheila Luckett and City Attorney Paula Flowers notified City Planner Bobby Franklin that his employment with the City of Mt. Juliet was terminated, effective immediately. Reason given: “for the good of the City.”

Story in the Lebanon Democrat.

Why would Linda Elam want to hire a new City Manager? Looks like she’s getting to run the City through Paula and Sheila without having to worry about annoying inconveniences like the City Charter.


PS: For those who wonder why the Mayor might want to get rid of the City Planner, I recommend you read the documents related to the censure of Mayor Elam.



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4 responses to “Mission control to Foxes – you are now in charge of security at the henhouse

  1. Old Timer

    I have lived in this area longer than Mt. Juliet has been a city. It has never been worse.

    It was pretty rough during the second term of David Waynick but not this bad.

    I wonder who will be left to run the city when Elam is finished destroying it?

  2. voter

    I agree city politics has never been worse. Where are the other Commissioners?? Linda’s post is only ceremonial. She has but one vote and leads the meeting. Are the others blind to what’s going on or is their silence that of approval?? Because their silence is so deafening I begin to wonder if we don’t begin to remove the lot of them!

  3. Butch Huber

    The more I learn about mankind the more I believe that we cannot avoid human polarization. There has been controversy since the time of Cain and Able. This will not change in our life-time. We are all entitled to our opinions, and I will defend your right to your opinion just as ardently as I will my own, however, we as citizens have a duty to one another, to all those who have come before us, and to all who will come after us to stand for what is right, just and true while we stand watch on this planet.

    The character of a person is defined when he makes a decision to do what is right regardless of personal feelings. Whether you believe the end result of what the mayor is doing at city hall is good, to support illegal and unethical practices is simply wrong.

    It is time for a thorough investigation into the activities going on in this city. For some time now, I have been assembling evidence of crimes committed people surrounding the events going on in the city. The evidence I have is public record, so you can access it as well if you know where to look. I have sent one complaint to the Governor, who sent the complaint to the TBI. However, I don’t have any reason to believe that the TBI has taken any action on my complaint.

    There are many more questions than there are answers, and with each answer I get, I have at least two more unanswered questions! The deeper I did the more I believe there is something sinister going on in this city. Read Rob Shearer’s deposition (It is listed on this website) and you will see that the mayor, according to Rob Shearer, forced his resignation under threat of financial harm. (If Rob were to be fired for cause he would receive no severance payment.) Rob Shearer’s resignation was acquired under duress and in violation of the state’s sunshine ordinance and therefor is null and void under the TCA (This is my opinion, I am not an attorney or a judge.) Further, I believe it is very clear that the mayor exceeded her authority in extracting a resignation from Rob Shearer, and having done so she committed official oppression, official misconduct and perhaps other violations of his constitutional rights as well as the TCA, City Charter, Ordinances of the city, and the Personnel manual.

    I believe that in order for the city to meet its obligations under the TCA, Rob Shearer must be re-instated as the city manager.

    I believe the city of Mt. Juliet is under attack by the mayor and possibly the city attorney. It is time to take actions to bring justice to the city. Regardless of which side of the issues you are standing on, if you are an American you must stand on the side of law and order, and you must stand for justice under the law. To stand for less would be un-American. Help me to force an investigation into the happenings going on in this city. Call your commissioner and fill his ear, show up at commission meetings and demand an investigation, write the Governor (He has an obligation to launch an investigation), and call the media. It may be time to clean house, but we must start at the top and work our way down.

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