Mayor Elam votes not to investigate Mayor Elam

In its June 25th meeting, the Mt. Juliet City Commission considered an ethics complaint filed against Mayor Elam by former Mayor Mack. The complaint filed by Mayor Mack suggested that Mayor Elam had encouraged city employee Kathy Reitz to file a sexual harassment complaint against former Public Works Director Hatton Wright in order to avoid being fired. According to Mayor Mack, Kathy Reitz’s husband, John Reitz had called him and stated that they now felt they had been used by Mayor Elam.

Two city commissioners voted to investigate the complaint. Two city commissioners voted to dismiss the complaint as unfounded. Mayor Elam joined the two commissioners and voted to dismiss the complaint against her.

No conflicts of interest here. Move along. Nothing to see.

– Publius



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4 responses to “Mayor Elam votes not to investigate Mayor Elam

  1. Voter

    I guess our politicians do not know the meaning of recusing oneself from a vote that is a conflict of interest????

    It would be like Bill Clinton voting no on his impeachment.

    Pathetic. We need new ethics laws laying out voting guidelines by commissioners when the topic concerns them by name.

  2. Butch Huber


    I just recently received two separate phone calls from John Reitz. During the first call John said that he and his wife knew nothing about the Sandy Dempsey mediation date before Cathy Filed her Sexual Harassment Complaint against Hatton Wright. He said that it wasn’t until later that they found out what the pressure to get the complaint filed by a certain date was about.

    During the second call John Reitz told me to go ahead and ask him anything I want. I asked him how a six page writing, authored by his wife, Cathy Reitz, that implicated many people for being involved in many issues, ended up as a one page sexual harassment complaint lodged against just Hatton Wright. John Reitz responded, “Because the mayor told Cathy how to write the complaint.” John didn’t understand what I was asking at first, so I said, “John, I know that the mayor told Cathy “how” to write the complaint, but how did the complaint, which was about many things and many people, end up as a sexual harassment complaint against just Hatton Wright?” John, sounding as though he was a touch irritated that I didn’t listen to his first answer, said “Because the mayor told Cathy how to write the complaint.” Then, John was silent for a second, as if to be contemplating what I was really asking, then he said : “because Linda Elam told her what to write.” Folks, Linda has admitted to telling Cathy “how” to write the complaint she filed, but there is a very big distinction between telling a person “how” to write something and telling them “what” to write. John followed up the answer where he said that Linda had told Cathy “What” to write by saying to me; “You have read the six page report my wife wrote, where in any of that did it say anything about sexual harassment?”
    During this call John also said that when Kevin filed his complaint that he (John) was “swinging at everyone”….”I was angry and trying to protect my wife.” John said that “Kevin was right on track with what he stated in the complaint he filed.”

    Folks, what I am telling you about the conversation between John and I is true and I will testify to that in a court of law. Some of the words in what I have written may not be exact, but the essence of them is true and accurate. I am fairly certain that a tape recording of those conversations exist, so don’t be surprised if they show up in depositions.

    I am not betraying any trust between John and myself because he said that I could use what I learned from our conversation, that he is ready for everyone to know what happened. He is an open book.

    I will remind you that the mayor consulted with city attorney Paula Flowers regarding the complaint that Cathy filed and the mayor admitted to encouraging Cathy to file her complaint. The mayor admitted to telling Cathy how to file the complaint after speaking with City Attorney Paula Flowers. I will remind you that the six page writing authored by Cathy Reitz never made it to the hands of the city manager. I will remind you that Mayor Elam stated in a commission meeting that she was the person who decided not to give the six page writing to the city manager, calling it dribble. However, it wasn’t such dribble that the mayor and city attorney were not able to spend the time and energy to instruct Cathy how to write it as a sexual harassment complaint. I will remind you that the investigating attorney made that point that there was no sexual harassment involved and that the issues that were involved should have been filed under section 9 of the city personnel policy and not under section 14: sexual harassment. I will remind you that the city settled the lawsuit brought by Sandy Dempsey because “yet another complaint alleging sexual harassment was brought against” Hatton Wright. I will once again remind you of what I told you in the beginning of this post, that John stated that there was pressure to get the complaint filed by a certain date. I will remind you that the Mayor used this complaint to publicly humiliate Hatton Wright in a commission meeting. I will remind you that the mayor motioned, and the motion passed, to take the matter out of the hands of the city manager and put Paula Flowers in charge of the investigation. I will remind you that that motion, and subsequent resolution, was in violation of the law. I will remind you that the settlement in the Sandra Dempsey case cost the taxpayers more than $37,000. I will remind you that I asked for copies of the e-mail transmissions between the city attorney and the mayor regarding this matter and I was refused access by the city attorney who claimed attorney-client privilege. I will remind you that I pointed out to the city attorney the laws and statutes that guarantee me the right to the files I sought and that, according to law, she was not authorized to withhold them from me. I will remind you that she withheld them anyway. I do have a right to see them, I just will have to take the city to court to get them. I will remind you that since the six page writing was never given to the city manager he was deprived of the ability to do his job. I will remind you that since the mayor and the city attorney both somehow perceived the six page writing as being a complaint of sexual harassment they had a duty to take the six page writing to the city manager immediately. I encourage you to read the depositions in the investigations into the complaint against Hatton Wright. If you do you will see that Cathy Reitz met with the investigating attorney multiple times and each time she seemed to include more and more of what was written in her six page writing. From everything I have seen and heard it appears that Cathy was not interested in a sexual harassment complaint against Hatton Wright, but was rather concerned about a bunch of other issues. It was so obvious that the investigating attorney even commented about it in her findings. Go read them for yourself, don’t take my word for it, see if you believe that Cathy really wanted to file a complaint against Hatton Wright. Ask for a copy of the six page writing and read it for yourself. See if there is anything in that six page writing that would indicate to you that there was cause for a sexual harassment complaint against Hatton Wright. I am not excusing Cathy for filing a sexual harassment complaint against Hatton Wright. Either Hatton Sexually harassed her or he didn’t. If he sexually harassed her, which I don’t even believe that her own husband feels that he did, then he should be punished. However, if he didn’t sexually harass Cathy, and if she realized he hadn’t, and she allowed someone to talk her into filing a sexual harassment complaint, than she was wrong. Filing a sexual harassment complaint against a man is a very serious matter. The stigma that comes from such a complaint is hard to shake, even if it isn’t true. Once such a complaint is filed against a man he will forevermore be under at least some scrutiny in everything he does. If what John Reitz has said about the mayor is true, justice must be served. A man’s reputation has been harmed, he has gone into retirement over it, and the public has been harmed. We need to discover the truth, the whole truth, and we need justice.

    Folks, the truth is going to come out. Seeing what has been happening lately has given me great confidence that someday we will be made aware of the whole story. It will be good for the city when we get the truth. When future politicians run for office they will know that their misdeeds will be uncovered and they will be brought to justice.

  3. Uncommon Sense

    It is worth pointing out that the two Commissioners who voted to investigate the Mack complaint were Justice and Hagerty. The other three have some explaining to do at election time.

  4. Butch Huber

    Someone asked me earlier today if I had the original six page document that Cathy Reitz wrote. I do. The person I was speaking to said that it needed to be posted on Radiofreemj. I disagreed. That six page document has some very sexually explicit information about certain employees of the city. I don’t know if the information in the six page document is accurate or not, and I don’t think that it is proper to include it on this site because it would harm the accused if they are innocent. Considering that the mayor took it upon herself to withhold the six page document from the city manager we don’t know whether the information contained in the six page document is correct. We don’t know if it is correct or not because it was never investigated. I think it should be investigated; after all, that is what Cathy seemed to be trying to get to in the first place.
    The person who said that the document should be on Radiofree agreed with me once I shared some of the information contained in the document. The six page document is a matter of public record, and I feel that anyone interested enough to find the truth will go to city hall and request a copy for themselves.

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