correcting the mayor, accusing the mayor

Well, well well.

As noted here earlier, the Mayor may have screwed up in her attempt to pick a fight with the county over funding for the JECDB. Somebody’s trying to do damage control now and restore funding for the JECDB. According to the agenda for next Monday’s meeting, acting city manager Sheila Luckett is sponsoring a budget amendment concerning funding for the JECDB. Apparently the mayor can’t bring herself to admit that she might have made a mistake.

Also on the agenda is a “discussion item” regarding an “ethics complaint.” Perhaps the one filed against Mayor Elam by former Mayor Kevin Mack?

Any radio free mt. juliet readers care to comment?



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One response to “correcting the mayor, accusing the mayor

  1. Mr Mischief

    So what wouldn’t the JECDB do that the Mayor felt slighted? This is her way, her way or the highway sort of speak, she retailates and then when her hand is called she claims thats not what she meant ect….. It is truly a time for a change. We need to take Mt Juliet down a better path. I believe that Mt Juliet deserves better than this closet liberal and her lackey.

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