Hatton Wright has now been exonerated three times

Mr. Wright was charged with sexual harassment in April of 2006 by Sandy Dempsey. That complaint was investigated by Mt. Juliet police detective Michael Mullins and deemed unfounded (after the investigative report was reviewed by the HR Director, the City Attorney, and the City Manager). When Ms. Dempsey filed a lawsuit against the city in August of 2006, an attorney assigned by the city’s insurance company conducted another investigation, which also cleared Mr. Wright of the charge of sexual harassment.

Now, two attorneys have spent 160 hours interviewing 35 witnesses and, once again, Mr. Wright has been exonerated of the charge of sexual harassment. You can read the complaint and the investigator’s report here.

Mayor Linda Elam all but pronounced Mr. Wright guilty in her inflammatory comments at the end of the televised city commission meeting on April 9, 2007.

Mayor Linda Elam owes Mr. Wright a public apology.

Hatton Wright should be reinstated as Public Works Director.




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3 responses to “Hatton Wright has now been exonerated three times

  1. Lori Mofield

    Mr. Wright is not owed an apology by the Mayor or anyone else in the Mt. Juliet area. As a former victim of Mr. Wright, I can attest that although the forum for the complaint may have been incorrect as far as venue, the complaints were not denied nor disputed. It was merely stated that most points were outside of the “Sexual Harrasment” portion of the City of Mt. Juliet Personnel Manual. Mr. Wright is no longer with the city and it is my understanding, did not leave by choice and neither tid the City Manger and the Zoning Administrator. Spring cleaning has begun, but the deeper you go, the dirty it seems to become, attempt to find the facts and not a cover up by those who are employed by or paid by the City of Mt. Juliet.

  2. Publius

    It may be that Mr. Wright was not the easiest man to work for. But he was publicly accused of sexual harassment. The investigations show he was innocent. Apology called for.

  3. maleadnilton

    I agree Mofield! Just because a person’s actions don’t violate the particular regulation/ordinance at the time doesn’t mean that those actions aren’t morally or ethically questionable. I mean, just because the ethics ordinance wasn’t passed until after the offense took place doesn’t make the actions any more ethical right?

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