Hiring a new city manager, part IV

This series is going to rival Rocky Balboa before its all over, I guess.

Headlines in the May 30th Mt. Juliet News:

Commissioners ‘concerned’ over who to manage city
Commissioners start over in city manager search
With all those that applied, why bother with those of questionable backgrounds?

Note to the editor of the MJ News: Before criticizing the city commissioners for their inability or unwillingness to do google searches, you might want to practice using google to fact-check your own stories. The gay-marriage controversy in which Keith Bergman and Provincetown figured so prominently was in 2004, not 1994 (as cited in the MJ News). Click here for a sample of articles. Don’t feel too bad though, D2 Commissioner Will Sellers hasn’t figured it out either.

Back on topic. The next three candidates are  (if we can trust the MJ News): Mark Henne, city manager of Bluefield, WV; Robert Schaumleffel, city manager of Creedmoor, NC; and William Way, city manager of California City, CA.

Here are the demographics of the cities where these fine gentlemen are currently serving:

City                           1990          2000       10yr change

Bluefield, WV          13,139      11,451      -12.8%
Creedmoor, NC        1,506        2,232      +48.2%
California City, CA   5,955        8,385      +40.8%

Hmmm… once again, the Mayor has not been able to satisfy her self-imposed goal of finding a city manager with experience in a city “larger than or growing as fast as Mt. Juliet.” And, again, for the record – Mt. Juliet’s population is now over 20,000 and the city’s growth from 1990 to 2000 was 129.0%.

Google reports nothing terribly interesting about any of these three, unless you consider that Mark Henne has a double in Hollywood who worked as an animator on The Incredibles.

There is one intriguing tidbit about Mr. Way from California. He’s listed on this website as endorsing a Republican candidate to the California State Assembly. Probably not too terribly controversial in Kern County, CA which is home to Edwards AFB and the Mojave desert. Except that the City Manager code of ethics specifically forbids city managers from endorsing candidates for ANY elected office.

The fun continues…




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2 responses to “Hiring a new city manager, part IV

  1. amused

    I am completely amazed that you found the article about Mr. Way. If you are going to be accurate, fair and honest you may need to check into Henne, and Schaumleffel, you may be surpirsed of the controversey they caused in their time on the job. If you are going to report report fair, and honestly and all of the facts or none at all. Otherwise I like the website i find it amusing.

  2. Publius

    Point me in the right direction… I’ll be glad to try to complete the record. p.v.publicola@gmail.com

    Though I think at this point, both Henne and Schaumleffel have been eliminated from consideration.


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