Hiring a new City Manager, part trois

The Mt. Juliet City Commission met last night (in yet another called, special meeting) for the purpose of appointing a new City Manager.

They had interviewed four candidates last Friday.

D4 Commissioner Jim Bradshaw made a motion to appoint Jody Baltz, currently city manager in Tullahoma, TN. Nobody seconded his motion.

D2 Commissioner Will Sellers made a motion to appoint Keith Bergman, formerly city manager in Provincetown, MA. Mayor Linda Elam seconded his motion. After Commissioner Sellers spoke for a minute or two about the things he liked about Mr. Bergman, the mayor and commissioners voted. Sellers and Elam voted yes (to appoint Bergman), Justice, Hagerty, and Bradshaw voted no (loudly).

In the discussion that followed, Hagerty, Justice, and Bradshaw expressed their frustration about finding out certain details about candidates AFTER they had come to the city for an interview. Hagerty mentioned finding out about Mitch Moore’s problems in Athens, TN from the media while he was conducting the interview of Mr. Moore. Justice asserted that three of the commissioners do NOT remember being told by anybody about Mr. Moore’s having been sanctioned by the Athens city commission and he wondered why no one had reported to the commissioners about Mr. Bergman having broken state laws in Massachusetts and being chastised by then-governor Mitt Romney. Commissioner Sellers asked Commissioner Justice if he wanted to elaborate on what state laws were broken. Justice said he did not.

The upshot of this amusing stumbling and bumbling around was a decision to interview three more candidates out of the original twelve. Rob Schaumleffel, former city manager in Creedmoor, NC and Mark Henne, former city manager of Bluefield, WV will be two of the three.

Stay tuned, there’s sure to be more entertaining meetings to report on during the next month (or two… or three).

Incidentally, if you want to find out more about Mayor Linda Elam’s first choice to be the new city manager in Mt. Juliet, a number of interesting links are collected here: Mayor Elam’s first choice for city manager.



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