Hiring a new City Manager, part deaux

The City Commission interviewed four candidates for the post of City Manager this past Friday.

Why four and not five? Well one of the top five (Rob Schaumleffel of Creedmoor, NC) did not return phone calls from the City seeking to arrange the interview. One of the alternates, although contacted, did not show up for the interviews. So, the City Commission interviewed four candidates this past Friday.

Jody Baltz, City Manager, Tullahoma TN
Mitch Moore, City Manager, Athens TN
Keith Bergman, former City Manager, Provincetown MA (retired April 2007)
Richard Clark, former City Manager, Jefferson Hills PA (resigned October 2006)

Baltz and Bergman are also finalists for the open City Manager position in Columbia, TN.

Moore was all but eliminated from consideration this past Friday when two Commissioners (Justice & Hagerty) expressed surprise at learning that he had been placed on probation by the City Commission of Athens, TN for failing to disclose the downgrading of the city’s fire protection rating to the Commission.

The Mt. Juliet City Commission has called a special meeting for Thursday, May 24 at 6pm to consider the appointment of a new City Manager.

Stay tuned.



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